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Shot (tank)

Shot (tank)

ש וט(Sho't)
Shot Kal-.jpg
Performance specifications
Full length 7.60m
Overall width 3.39m
Overall height 3.01m
Weight 53.5t
Suspension method Holst man method
Speed 43km/h
Action distance 450km
The main battery L7 105mm tank gun
Vice-armament Common: 7.62mm M1919 machine gun×1(Coaxial
The first half year: 12.7mm M2 heavy machine gun *1 (anticraft)
The latter period: 12.7mm M2 heavy machine gun *1 (coaxial), 7.62mm MAG machine gun *2 (interpersonal), 60mm trench mortar *1

Armor 152mm
Engine Continental AVDS-1790-2AC
With V-twelve twin turbo
Air-cooling diesel

Crew Four people
I display a template

The shot (Hebrewוט‎(Sho't)) is the name of the tank attached for センチュリオン made in the U.K. which Israel remodeled. Large repair is carried out for the purpose of the smooth use in the desert zone in the Middle East and reinforcement of the ability for battle.

"The shot" means the "whip" "wrath of Heaven" in Hebrew, but the direct origin comes from the next one paragraph of "Nahum".

A whip. The sound of the wheel. The horse which gallops. The tank which flies, and runs.
ק וֹ‏לשוֹ‏טוְקוֹ‏לרַ‏עַ‏שׁאוֹ‏פָ‏ןוְסוּ‏סדוֹ‏הֵרוּ‏מֶ‏רְכָּ‏בָ‏המְרַ‏קֵדָ‏ה — "Nahum" Chapter 3 Section 2 [1] (as for the Hebrew by he:צנטוריון#שוטמטאור)

I may be called "Ben-Gurion" for Israeli Prime Minister Hatsuyo, but this is the name that the western media added, and "a shot" is an official name in the IDF inside.

Table of contents

I it until センチュリオン introduction

I collected the scraps of the M4 shaman who became a surplus with end of World War II in the Western countries, and Israel Defense Forces (IDF) just after the founding of a country regenerated it and I did it and directly introduced AMX-13 whippet tank still made in France and I planned the modernization of the one by one armored force and fought against a force by First Middle East War and Second Middle East War by producing the M50/M51 supermarket shamans who replaced the main battery with the thing which made CN-105-F1 105mm tank gun for 61-caliber of CN-75-50 75mm high muzzle velocity gun /AMX-30 for AMX-13 a short gun barrel each. However, the heat reinforcement of the M4 shaman already reached the limit and the armor defence had the lack pointed out since the age of World War II, but the wearing of the increase armor did not always go as we want from a problem in the weight and was not in state that it was predominantly desirable for Israel inferior to the Arab countries in the quantity of human resources.

The neighboring Arabic countries introduced an in sequence new tank like Syria and Egyptian T-54 medium tank and T-55 medium tank, IS-3 heavy tank, Jordanian M47 Patton /M48 Patton / センチュリオン medium tank from the Soviet Union or the United States, and what I could not be opposed to at the repair tank degree of which the M4 shaman was obvious. Therefore Israel Defense Forces introduced M48A1/A2 from the United States and introduced センチュリオン which I made a surplus as compensation to make a contract to purchase the new model tank which cooperated with the development of the new model main force tank chieftain between the U.K. in 1963, and was made from it in the U.K. army, and large quantities introduced used goods センチュリオン which I still made a surplus by update from each European country such as the U.K. or the Netherlands to chieftain and Leo paletot 1, and the number of the possession finally reached it than 1,000.

Military service of the shot

Expectation and disappointment

It was センチュリオン which it expected as a tank very much after the war in the first generation which Israel introduced for the first time, but it became clear that there were various fatal defects for use in the Middle East in センチュリオン designed assuming a military manoeuvre in Europe when it cast it into the actual fighting in a skirmish with Syria in Golan Heights.

Because dispersion world became large, and hit precision decreased at the long distance as for the 20 pounds gun of the main battery remarkably rapidly, it was the main battery which was inadequate for long distance bombardment round in the Middle Eastern desert which the view opened in comparison with Europe and was the serious problem that could not overlook the bombardment from a long distance for basics and the Israel Defense Forces tank corps which did it. It was the gasoline engine which improved the Merlin engine for the plane, and the me tear engine made in Rolls-Royce Ltd. which original センチュリオン carried was at great risk of the ignition explosion in a property to use the gasoline for fuel, and a long-time mobile operations action did not always go as we want because it had a very short flying range with around 100km.

It was an inappropriate design, and a transmission and brakes were scorching when I exceeded a dune of the rapid desert of the incline without several degrees, and the air filter of the engine was clogged up in sand and woke up overheat, and the engines part such as brakes or the transmission lacked in mechanical reliability for luck in the Middle East remarkably, too. Furthermore, the point that the point of operation and the maintenance was different from conventional M4 shaman in bought the bad reputation of the crew and the maintenance man. Therefore, I refused boarding to センチュリオン in the tanker of the Israeli military and was the disposal that people in hope of the boarding to a shaman appeared one after another.

In this way, it was センチュリオン which was inadequate for the battle doctrine of the Israeli military and use of the Middle East, but there was not the choice unless I had already bought a majority and continued use of センチュリオン in Israel of the lack of funds. Fortunately, because センチュリオン was designed on the occasion of a design having big room to be available for future modernization repair, called it with "father of Israel armored forces", and the Israel Tal general who participated in Mel hippopotamus development later decided to deal with センチュリオン in what various modernization repaired.

Repair and actual fighting

It was to replace the main battery with new L7 105mm tank gun from a conventional 20 pounds gun that was performed by the repair of the センチュリオン tank in the beginning. Because originally this tank gun was developed as the new main battery of センチュリオン, the almost same deployment was possible in a gun turret of センチュリオン (a shot and name). Because this main battery did not have expansion of the dispersion world that was extreme at the long distance (to become clear in later war), and T-62 much less T-54/55 had armor accomplishment ability and the destructive power that even partners were enough for, the replacement to the L7 105mm tank gun of the main battery of the shot was pushed forward at a fast pace. I solved the problem of the reliability first of all by performing the thorough training of the crew and the maintenance man and the shot kept heat of the L7 105mm tank gun alive and made an outstanding performance in Six-Day War in 1967 with M50/M51 supermarket shaman and M48 Patton.

By this war, Israel gave large military gains to occupy Golan Heights and West Bank, Gaza Strip, Sinai Peninsula, but I was in a position disadvantageous diplomatically and have begun to plan the military weakening by the Arab countries cutting off Israeli weapon supply by exercising "oil strategy" to prohibit the oil export to the country which supplied a weapon to Israel. At first because France decided an arms embargo to Israel in 1967, and the U.K. decided an arms embargo to Israel in 1969, the sales contract of the chieftain was broken, and the Israeli chieftain who fell into the hands stopped to only two cars and was not in condition at all to be able to apply it as a force. Therefore, Israel starts the development of the domestic tank Mel hippopotamus of 重装甲, the defence serious consideration same as a chieftain and repairs T-54/55 which introduces M48/M60 Patton (refers it to マガフ when I call M60 M48 in a mass) more from the United States to maintain the force of the interval before the mass production system being set, and did 鹵獲 in チラン 4/5 and will perform the further repair of existing M48 and shot.

The second repair

Repair was performed until now around a problem and the engine region which had been done, and, besides, drivenness improved the mechanical reliability and maintenance characteristics in the desert zone drastically this time because the gearbox replaced product made in original U.K. Rolls-Royce Ltd. me tear gasoline engine with Allison CD850-6 made in the United States to product made in United States Continental AVDS-1790-2A diesel engine same as M60 Patton. An engine louver of the body rear top surface became the shape that was almost that of M60, and, as for the shot that this engine was replaced with, an air filter of the same type was equipped with on the fender, and the posterior body was expanded by upsizing of the gearbox and the addition of the fuel tank.

It was equipped with a new fire control device shop gun stabilizer and continued receiving improvement such as replacing the cupola with a type to have the mechanism that could view the outside without the car head exposing the head to the outside a car in what I fixed in the state that opened a hatch like it of マガフ a little without cease afterwards.

In Fourth Middle East War of 1973, マガフ was spent mainly by a battle with Egypt in Sinai Peninsula and the hydraulic oil of the gun turret turning device caught fire by 9M14 マリュートカ of the Egyptian forces infantry unit vs. tank missile and RPG-7 and was burnt down and suffered a lot of damage, but, by high basic design of the viability such as the shot establishing the partition in a various tools box and a side skirt of the gun turret right and left both sides side region having played a role as the emptiness armor and each division, and preventing damage expansion, the damage remained in a relatively minimal thing. This 戦訓 is made use of in improvement of the マガフ tank series later. The shot was at war with T-54/55 and T-62 of the Syrian military in a battle with Syria in Golan Heights mainly and left the battlefield called "the valley of tears" which became the graveyard of the tank of both militaries. The shot completely wiped out the disgrace in the Israeli military called "the good-for-nothing who reliability was low, and was inconvenient" at the beginning of introduction, and it was in this way the foundation that センチュリオン in itself was estimated as a masterpiece tank.

A retirement and reproduction

Prototype of the domestic tank (Mel hippopotamus) which I remodeled the shot into

Israel started the development of the domestic tank of the earnest wish led by General Tal in the 1970s. As a matter of course, as for the design, a shot would be performed by an example and the first prototype remodeled the shot and was produced. I followed storage space and a side skirt, the Holst man suspension that served as hollow armor, and I added original invention including the front placement of the engine there, and domestic production tank Mel hippopotamus was completed.

Although I handed over the position of the main tank, the shot attached ブレーザー explosion reaction armor (ERA) of the new development to a gun turret and the body as HEAT bullet measures like マガフ, and the smoked discharger (smoke flare discharge machine) was equipped a gun turret with by the appearance of the Mel hippopotamus, too. I equipped the mount for the searchlight of the upper main battery manta with a remote control-type 12.7mm M2 heavy machine gun and was equipped with a 60mm trench mortar in a cupola for the car head of the upper gun turret and the hatch for the loading hand in 7.62mm FN MAG machine gun and the gun turret right side surface region by one and strengthened interpersonal fighting power and participated in intervention (re-Operation of 1978 Tani and peaceful strategy of Galilee of 1982) to Lebanese intestine war of the twice.

In the last, the shot retired from active play, and the position of the reserve duty tank left this strategy to マガフ, too, but the points where the defence to an anti-tank weapon and mine was high were bought and I was repaired by ナグマショット / ナグマホン / ナクパドン armored personnel carrier or Puma battle military engineer car after having removed a gun turret and could yet continue use in the front line and was cast into Lebanon invasion in 2006.


Shot me tear
Sho't Meteor
About the model that carried a me tear gasoline engine of センチュリオンシリーズオリジナル, I was referred to a shot me tear regardless of an original form (Mk.3, Mk.5, Mk.8) in a mass. The vehicle which I replaced with an L7 105mm rifle gun includes the main battery. It was this state in the Six-Day War of 1967.
Shot Cal A (aleph)
Sho't Kal Alef
With the model that I replaced with Continental AVDS-1790-2A diesel engine and Allison CD850-6 made in the United States each, replacement was started in 1970, and, in addition to an L7 105mm gun, the remodeling of all cars completed an engine and a transmission in 1974. At the time of the Fourth Middle East War of 1973, a shot me tear was mixed with shot Cal aleph (I refer to the order of battle in the Fourth Middle East War.) .
Shot Cal B (Bet)
Sho't Kal Bet
I repair a gun turret turning device. The appearance does not change with shot Cal aleph.
Shot Cal C (ギメル)
Sho't Kal Gimel
I transfer an engine exhaust pipe in the body top surface, and a smoke flare discharge machine, the machine gun for the loading hand are equipped with by a gun turret. A hatch for the tank head became the improved model and did it in the state that I floated some whole hatch on, and it was the structure that could inspect the neighborhood while protecting the head of the tank head. The vehicle equipped with ブレーザー ERA exists, too. As for the vehicle spent at the time of re-Operation of 1978 Tani, a peaceful strategy of Galilee of 1982, it is thought that most were these states.
Shot Cal D (ダレット)
Sho't Kal Dalet
The type that replaced an F.C. device of shot カルギメル with matador FCS same as Mel hippopotamus. The vehicle which attached heat radiation materials for the cooling (thermal jacket) to a main battery gun barrel exists. Repair began in about 1984 and was fully deployed 1980 年代終 わりごろまでは.

Derivation type

The self-run type many multi-launching rocket launcher that put the pipe-type 4 multi-launching launcher of the 290mm rocket bomb on the body of the shot.
The thing from the body of the super shaman exists, but this is the trass type that a launcher put a cosh together. I am updated now in MLRS, and both are excluded from the active equipment.

ナグマショット armored personnel carrier
The armored personnel carrier which removed a gun turret of shot Cal, and established the sealing up-style strength of an army room, and could board it, and did ten foot soldiers. The vehicle equipped with ブレーザー ERA exists, too.
Because I could get it on and off only from the upper body unlike アチザリット which repaired T-54/55, there was much use in the military engineer corps.
By the way, "Nagmashot" is the coined word that put "Sho't" meaning "Nagmash" and センチュリオン where I connected an initial of "Noseh Guysot Meshoryan" meaning "armored personnel carrier" in Hebrew with together.

ナグマホン (display vehicle)
An improved model of ナグマショット.
Repair such as equipping it with a tempered glass bulletproof board belonging to it on the reinforcement around the hatch for the pilot, upsizing of ブレーザー ERA of the body, the equipment for smoke flare discharge machine, the body side skirt reinforcement, the strength of an army room is performed. I am used for the peace and order maintenance duties such as indifada suppressions in the autonomous Palestinian areas mainly.
The vehicle equipped with roller for the mine disposal exists, too.

ナグマホン doghouse
ナグマホン doghouse, slat Armour equipment type
The foot soldier battle car which I installed a box-shaped battle room called "Doghouse" (doghouse) in on the battle room of ナグマホン.
I am called "ミフレシェット" (in Hebrew the will of "the monster") from the strange appearance. I am used for the peace and order maintenance duties such as indifada suppressions in the autonomous Palestinian areas.
There are the thing for two and the thing for four in a battle room and can fire the FN MAG machine gun of two orders - four orders each from the battle room. Furthermore, the battle room vehicle equipped with slat Armour outward exists.
There is the vehicle using all steel King Chakravarti for the Mel hippopotamus probably because I cope with weight gain.

The armored personnel carrier which added third generation composition armor on the basis of ナグマホン, and strengthened a defence. As for this, peace and order maintenance in the autonomous Palestinian areas and the southern part of Lebanon is the main duty.

Puma battle military engineer car
The battle military engineer car which repaired shot Cal, and was made.
Suspension is changed to the thing of the shape like Mel hippopotamus Mk 1/2 (start ring and 履帯 remain shot Cal). There seems to be more number of the production than a series of ナグマショット and, other than street fighting, is used in the open battle area. There is the example that repair such as being equipped with remote control camera and remote control-type machine gun, slat Armour was carried out late in the 2000s. The design that there is the vehicle which attached a box-shaped battle room like ナグマホン doghouse.
Other than a vehicle equipped with roller and ドーザーブレード for the mine disposal, derivation type such as the types that attached the launching device of the explosive carpet for the mine disposal to the body rear exists.

Appearance work

One scene in the Israeli military tank that made a sortie against Lebanese intestine war is drawn. The appearance of the vehicle is reflected for the first time at the last scene, and it is revealed that it is a shot.


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