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Karate Kid

Karate Kid

The American film that "Karate Kid" (an original title: The Moment of Truth / The Karate Kid) was produced in 1984. The sequel was made, too.

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There are 3 products growing up through the karate that a boy had a Japanese-person tell me and 1 product which a girl learns equally, remake version that descended.

As for the part of Miyagi, an offer was given at first by Toshiro Mifune, but Noriyuki pat Morita was chosen because Mifune declined it.

Being the cat foothold that assumed close combat and the scriptwriter of this product learn Goju Karate for many years, and the karate of the in a play knows that it is Goju Karate from model "征遠鎮" shown with what I taught to a performer, the karatist of the family name called Miyagi having existed, Part 3.

The stage moved to Beijing by "Karate Kid" for remake of 2010, and it was a story to learn the chinese martial arts that were different from the karate at all from a Chinese.

The title of the opening (the scene of the moving) when it was shown a theater in Japan is The Moment of Truth. I am replaced with The Karate Kid afterwards in DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

Karate Kid


Daniel is mother and two livings. I will move on account of the work of mother just when I always grieved when there is not a friend in shy boys.

I can make the new friend called Freddie in the new world and will go to the party by an invitation of Freddie. Therefore I fall in love with the girl ant of the rich person at first sight and become the reciprocal affection immediately, but chef de file Johnny of the gang where I happened to pass by accidentally sees an ant and a state of Daniel and picks a quarrel with Daniel furiously and beats up Daniel. Johnny was an ex-boyfriend of the ants and was the champion of the boy karate championship. Because Daniel boasted, "I do karate" to Freddie, the Freddie and others lose amiability, and they leave the cause of Daniel for the excessive weakness of Daniel.

Thereafter Daniel comes to resemble Johnny in fierce bullying from karate companions. Meanwhile, only an ant and Mr. manager Miyagi of the apartment contact Daniel kindly. Daniel who tried revenge to Johnny and others at the night of the Halloween party encounters beating adversely. Miyagi who appeared defeats Johnny in no time out of nowhere while consciousness of Daniel assumes it light-headedness. In fact, Miyagi was the empty-handed master who had the war experience.

And as a result of having turned on a dojo studio and the talk of Johnny, I will touch the end by a boy karate championship two months later, and Miyagi undertakes a coach of Daniel. However, the exercise only as for the trivial routine duties such as waxing and the painting. However, an exercise to see at a glance only for trivial routine duties was special training to master empty-handed movement.


Official title Actor Japanese dubbing
Software version Asahi National Broadcasting version
Daniel Larue so Ralph Macchio Takeshi Kusao Yutaka Mizushima
Miyagi Noriyuki pat Morita Atsushi Ii Akira Kume
Ant Elizabeth Shue Fumiko Osaka Yuko Sasaki
Johnny Lawrence William ザブカ Eiji Hanawa Yoshitada Otsuka
John crease Martin kob 西凜太朗 Ben Hiura
Bobby Brown Ron Thomas Jun Fukuyama Kennyu Horiuchi
Dutch Chad McQueen Hiroto Torihata
Lucille Randie spatula Seiko Fujio Yoshiko Fujita
Tommy Rob Garrison Takashi Onozuka
チャッキー Frank bust ABBA Ron

※The privilege disk which recorded a dubbing version produced for TV to 3 items including the Asahi National Broadcasting version dubbing (approximately 93 minutes) of this product is attached to "dubbing foreign film theater" series "anniversary complete edition Blu-ray of the Sony Pictures entertainment release of the 30th anniversary of original" "Karate Kid" separately from a main volume disk of the Karate Kid series.

Karate Kid 2


Daniel who won the championship at an empty-handed championship at the last of the previous work receives critical news of father of teacher Miyagi and leaves it with Miyagi to Okinawa.

However, I had just arrived and it is a rival of Miyagi and meets Sato controlling Okinawa. In fact, there was fate for a long time among Sato with Miyagi, and Sato proposed a duel to clear itself from it. However, Miyagi continues declining a duel. One Daniel met a local woman called Kumiko, and it was attracted each other, but it continued being disturbed by a pupil of the sugar, and thought was not readily confided.

Meanwhile, it is reflected on a strong measure to kill the field of the village completely because sugar lets Miyagi fight a deal. Miyagi who cannot throw that the people of the village are in trouble decides it in fighting a deal, but, triggered by a tornado at a certain night, two regain relation. However, at the time of typhoon, the pupil of the sugar that men were smashed will fight a deal with Daniel.


Official title Actor Japanese dubbing
Software version Fuji TV version
Daniel Ralph Macchio Toru Furuya Kazunari Futamata
Miyagi Noriyuki pat Morita Hiroo Oikawa Akira Kume
Kumiko Tamlyn Tomita Mika Doi Maya Okamoto
Sugar Danni tortoise kona 中庸助 Chikao Otsuka
チョーズン Yuji Okumoto Shinya Otaki Setsu Taniguchi
Yukie Nobu McCarthy This island Aiko Sumie Ozawa
Father of Miyagi Charlie Tanimoto 丸山詠二
Ichiro Earsenio Sony Trinidad Atsushi Ii Masaaki Tsukada
Taro Mark rice with hashed beef
Toshio Joey ミヤシマ
Crease Martin kob Akio Otsuka

※The privilege disk which recorded a dubbing version produced for TV to 3 items including the Fuji TV version dubbing (approximately 93 minutes) of this product is attached to "dubbing foreign film theater" series "anniversary complete edition Blu-ray of the Sony Pictures entertainment release of the 30th anniversary of original" "Karate Kid" separately from a main volume disk of the Karate Kid series.

such as the stage

  • "Okinawa" where the second product is a hometown of Miyagi is a stage, but is photographed in the United States and Philippines without performing a location entirely in Okinawa, Japan (the town considered to be Naha is thought to be Little Tokyo of Los Angeles).
  • As a matter of course, I am out of a considerable historical verisimilitude research partly because the United States says Okinawa (Japan) that I looked at.
    • The standard of living and the style of people are the 1950s. The fashion music playing in that purpose or downtown is rockabilly. However, on the other hand, the above-mentioned car and some household appliances are the latest models at the time of the photography. In addition, I can occasionally see paper money, but a thousand-yen bill of Soseki Natsume published at the time of photography is slightly seen almost in the scene where a follower of the later sugar beats vegetables to with a greenback.
    • An advertisement handbill of the real gold that Kunie Tanaka becomes an image model if indiscriminate in the downtown is completed.
    • The village becoming the stage exists in a US base (considered to be Kadena base during a drama). Sato grasps all the land, the rights of the village, and the cultivated crops and vegetables are purchased at a cheap price unfairly by followers of the sugar (the farm co-op which should intervene does not exist in Japan of the reality including Okinawa).
    • It is a child that the place of refuge at the time of the typhoon beats a fire bell promoting refuge in an air-raid shelter dug during the Great War in a high place (girl).
    • By the festival of the village, all the villagers possess a toy drum for some reason.

Inside story

From the shower room of the main volume beginning to a crease and a descent of Miyagi, it was photographed in a previous work in a plan of the last of the previous work. However, production judged that a movie should be finished with a smile of Miyagi and has been cut. I used it for the beginning of 2 items.

Challenge of the Karate Kid 3/ last


After the last karate championship, in the cobra society, the state without the student continued for nine months. The poor crease relies on the president Terry silver of the person of waste industry that is the fellow soldier of the Vietnamese times. I call microphone Burns having a nickname with an anti-traditionalist of the karate together that the silver makes up its mind to retaliate for Miyagi and Daniel who drove the crease of the close friend into the ruin and defeats Daniel by the next karate championship.

On the other hand, I presented a bonsai shop, but Mike is going to send Daniel on a meeting, and, as for Daniel, a shop is ruined by Miyagi. Daniel keeps teaching of Miyagi and continues declining participation, but decides participation at last to protect a bonsai of Miyagi for the harassment of the escalating microphone. とこらが, Miyagi cannot teach the karate for the game. That wirepuller silver comes over to teach karate to defeat Mike there.


Official title Actor Japanese dubbing
DVD, BD version VHS version Fuji TV version
Daniel Ralph Macchio Takeshi Kusao Katsumi Toriumi
Miyagi Noriyuki pat Morita Atsushi Ii Akio Tanaka Akira Kume
Jessica Robin ライヴリー Rumi Ochiai Sakiko Tamagawa Yumi Hikita
John crease Martin kob 西凜太朗 Yosuke Akimoto Shigeru Sasaoka storehouse
Terry silver Thomas Ian Griffiths Toru Okawa Yoshitada Otsuka Unsho Ishizuka
Microphone Burns Sean Cannan Toshi Shimada Narita sword
Snake Jonathan Avildsen

※The privilege disk which recorded a dubbing version produced for TV to 3 items including the Fuji TV version dubbing (approximately 93 minutes) of this product is attached to "dubbing foreign film theater" series "anniversary complete edition Blu-ray of the Sony Pictures entertainment release of the 30th anniversary of original" "Karate Kid" separately from a main volume disk of the Karate Kid series.

※Jonathan Avildsen of the part of snake is a son of director John G Avildsen.

Karate Kid 4


One day Miyagi will take charge of high school girl Julie. However, she lost parents early, and she has finished getting rough out of loneliness. Miyagi opens the heart that was about to be shut of Julie through karate. Meanwhile, a violence group alpha elite seasons it with width at school, and Julie will challenge you to a duel with them.


Official title Actor Japanese dubbing
Julie Pearce Hilary Swank Kotono Mitsuishi
Miyagi Noriyuki pat Morita Wheat person
Eric Chris Conrad Tomoyuki Morikawa
Doe cancer Michael Ironside Takehiro Koyama
Ned Michael Cavalieri Wataru Takagi
ルイーザ Constance towers Hino カチコ
Priest Gym Ishida

Karate Kid (remake version)

TV animated cartoon


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