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Surprise Daisy

Surprise Daisy

Surprise Daisy
Genre Girls' comic
Author Most wealth Kyosuke
Publishing company Shogakukan
Publication magazine ベツコミ
Label Flower comics
Announcement June, 2007 issue - November, 2013 issue
Announcement period From May 12, 2007 to October 12, 2013
The reel number All 16 volumes
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"Surprise Daisy" (でんげき Daisy, Dengeki Daisy) is a Japanese comics work by most wealth Kyosuke. I published it serially in "ベツコミ" (Shogakukan).

Table of contents


Even if "there is anything, I protect you"……The email from a mystery person called DAISY (Daisy) reaching the cell-phone that I got the support of the heart of Teru Kurebayashi who lost the only blood relationship, older brother from an older brother. One day in 照 acting as a manservant of member of bad blond school affairs, Yu Kurosaki by an unexpected coincidence.

However, this atrocious man, real nature of Kurosaki was DAISY…….


Central figure

Teru Kurebayashi (くればやしてる)
The eleventh grader who there is not it, and a relative is poor, but is clean, and is right. The results are the top, but are stupid. Without a blur, I can remember all the textbooks in a short time if I become serious. It is 156cm with black long hair. An A-cup. I am right-handed in O-type. I do not change from the figure of the junior high student so that the school swimsuit of the junior high school is worn. The dish proudly proud as for the housework is siomai. I send thought to Kurosaki. The music box which I should have lifted up to DAISY on the day of the typhoon resounds in the room of Kurosaki and is convinced that real nature of DAISY is Kurosaki. However, I pretend not to know the real nature and tell Kurosaki a lie.
Yu Kurosaki (くろさきたすく)
24 years old. 181cm tall. Type AB. A left-handed person. It is Lolita complex with blond hair. I am often called "incompetent Rais" from Michiko, but, in fact, am strong in a quarrel. Considerable heavy smoker. When 照 acts as a manservant, I do mahjong called the dirt baldness of the PC gaming. I dislike tomatoes. The member of school affairs of the school same as 照 is a temporary figure, and I follow 照 so far, and the real nature is support of the heart and DAISY where it was. I release 照 as a manservant and seem to do it, but it is the nearest and watches 照. In addition, I think of 照 very carefully. The hacker who exterminated the systems of administration of the school at school. The name is known as DAISY a steering wheel name. However, when it protects 照 to perform a crack of a PC. The name DAISY comes from it from the name of the bomb called the daisy cutter not the name of the favorite flower of 照. In addition, I am weak in the reading and writing of the kanji because I hardly go to the school and almost supplemented the necessary knowledge by self-education.
Michiko Onizuka (おにづかりこ)
30 generations. Type A. I work as the counselor of the school same as 照. The person who knows 照 and the circumstances of Kurosaki. It was the lover of the older brother of 照. Because I crossed 奏一郎 and 祐 and a team when older brother, 紅林奏一郎 of 照 was valid, I may talk about Kurosaki in 照.
Honna is Masuda. The manager of "the cafe Western food field of flowers." I am scared when angry. I surround a bandana and I wear an apron and wear glasses. There is a connection with Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
Number of Ando plus (Kazuma that how about bean jam)
The chief director of the high school of 照. I am called Andy. It is super-masochistic in an older brother and Kurosaki of 照, former co-workers of Michiko. I like being hit by a small place and a dark place and a girl.
However, I pretend to be a super-masochist, and there is the part which is S.

Classmate of 照

Kiyoshi Hasegawa (Hasegawa Kiyoshi)
Is the same as 照; a scholarship student. I wear glasses. 162cm tall. I hacked, but a hacking act comes out and is threatened who it is, and it is used by the company where an older brother of 照 worked for to know the truth. When a strategy ends in failure, mouth seal じの 為 or a life is aimed at and is helped in Kurosaki. I joined the member who followed 照 to hear a series of circumstances than a master afterward. At the same time it became manservant 2 of Kurosaki.
Haruka Sawaguchi (Chiharu making noise)
A classmate of 照. When have a look, is physical education society system, but the position is fine art club.
Reina Ichinose (いちのせれな)
The captain of student council of the school in 照. I hated the very sight of a poor person and a scholarship student including 照. I privatized the system of administration of the facilities of the school and I did not publish ID to the student who did not like it and did it. The state that went out with Mr. Arai and an in danger person, but changed a thought to 照 by persuasion of 祐. 152cm tall.
Kako, Ken, 良, May
The fool who becomes senile in classmates of 照.
Other classmates
Most are stupid and call 照 "a leader".


紅林奏一郎 (Ichiro whom a palm complies with if I come)
An older brother of 照. Age at death 28 years old. 172cm type A

It was a system engineer of genius during the lifetime. I worked by 祐 and Michiko, a master, the team where Ando was. However, the team is dissolved after his death and asks 祐 to become DAISY. The real intention is still mysterious. A lover of Michiko. 照曰 く, "the favorite older brother whom a smell never loses in fools"

Masumi Takeda (cook it and finish a lump)
A former fellow worker of DAISY. After resignation of Mr. Arai, I became a temporary lecturer of the information management. It features it to speak persistently one-sidedly that I seem to be able to work and cannot do it. I aim at the software of the older brother of 照 and I hire a professional thief corps and look for software, but am not found. A crime report email is found afterwards by DAISY. I take a matter of the hacking and I am going to threaten you, but am turned down flatly adversely. And I succeeded in the thing that I checked by an outcome, carrying again of the thing which disappeared, but the desired software was not found in the school of 照 once.
I repeat a behavior getting like the family of Itaru Kurosaki recently.
I keep a Japanese midget Shiba called Kaoruko and dote.
Mystery person (the mystery pitch a camp hit)
The person who gave 清 an order to start the seizure of the cell-phone of 照.
False DAISY (imitation Daisy)
An impostor of DAISY. I am going to entrap 照 and Kurosaki.
Chiharu Mori (forest Chiharu)
Former staff of the school in 照. The true criminal of the false DAISY case. It is a beautiful woman with big breasts. I am dressed in nature, but am malicious.
The true criminal of the false DAISY case. A friend of Chiharu Mori. Put on food on the cap deeply; called "ひひっ" smile a characteristic smile.
Because I kissed 照 forcibly, it is refused to her.
Tetsuya Arai (and there is a fault luster)
Former staff of the school in 照. It is used and is concerned with false DAISY case.
Relationship river Hideo (みどりかわひでお)
A university professor. I am concerned with a past of 祐. It is already the deceased.
Keisuke Miura, Yuki Miura
It is a co-worker from a sword bridge electric equipment of Kurosaki, 奏一郎 and Michiko. (Chapter 39 message)

Bibliography information

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