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とっぱら - ざしきわらしのはなし ...

とっぱら - ざしきわらしのはなし ...

とっぱら - ざしきわらしのはなし ...
Support model Windows2000/XP/Vista
Sales agency Caramel BOX strawberry taste
Genre Pro-よーかい fetish healing adventure (love adventure game)
Sale date

September 26, 2008 (the first edition)

November 23, 2008 (normal version)
Rating Adult
Character name setting Impossibility
The number of the ending 9
Save file number 10*10
Screen size 800*600 16bit
BGM format PCM sound source
Character voice Woman full Boyce
CG mode Available (PC)
Music mode Available (PC)
Recollection mode Available (PC)
Message skip Available (PC)
Automatic mode Available (PC)
Remarks The picture book of the first edition privilege common usage "The Monkey and the Crab"

The adult game that "とっぱら - ざしきわらしのはなし ..." was released than caramel BOX strawberry taste on September 26, 2008.

Table of contents


The story that the chief character who can see a ghost regains daily life through the contact with beautiful woman ghosts. I seem to be 1995 from remarks in a product in the generation of the work stage.



As a result of having quarrelled with the room child who possessed the Itsukaichis in a slight thing when I am young, a room child leaves Itsukaichi Keiji who can look at the ghost by nature, and the Itsukaichis declines. Furthermore, three months ago, the parents who went out by privately-owned car die in an accident, and the most of the property that there remained it are carried away by a relative.

To Keiji who was in the bottom of such a misfortune, I have begun to move again at time of Keiji who stopped because the beautiful shadow of a ghost, the shadow woman to appear to a man of the bachelorhood appeared…


Chief character
Itsukaichi Keiji (いつかいちけいじ)
Human being (height: 172cm)
Tokie school third grader. Called "see it ogre" (けんぎ) who can look at the ghosts by nature have ability.
Because I split with the green of the room child who possessed the book's house of the Itsukaichi house where he lived in after a quarrel in childhood, thereafter I was attacked by a chain of the misfortune (I think). Therefore I dislike overall ghost now.
The parents died by a traffic accident three months before a main volume after it had a series of misfortune and have lost most of the left property to a relative.
When I split with green after a quarrel, Keiji did not know that Midori was a room child. I am taught thing of the room child and that I knew a ghost by Kiyoshi later and am after.
There is a crest of the fortune-telling somewhere of the wearing thing of the main heroine. I place it in the point. In addition, refer to a link for the details of the fortune-telling.
A beautiful shadow (see it, and smell it) (a voice actor: Samoto 0.2%)
A ghost: Shadow woman / fortune-telling crest: Inui (けん) Sleeve of ・ plain clothes (height: 163cm B: 85W: 58 H: 85)
The shadow woman who appeared to Keiji overnight. Because it possesses not only Keiji but also his house, it is not appeared by a house when not with him. I excel in the housework public, and the existence is a good housewife definitely.
It is a hobby I pull up a pillow after observing a sleeping face of Keiji slowly and carefully, and to wake up. I loved TV admiration and snacks after housework was over and was angry seriously when I had snacks stolen by Yukiko.
Even if a dish is almighty, I do not seem to like only the crab and brace oneself up when Keiji saw the swamp crab which I got from isolah saying "it is all right because it is small".
The figure that the green half of the body which there wanted to be with him together all the time because I came to like Keiji transmigrated. By unreasonableness, I needed the time of several years when I transmigrated to be stable as a shadow woman. Refer to Yukiko for the remaining half of the body.
When it is one's fault, I worry about the misfortune that fell on his body while I stayed away from Keiji for transmigration and perform forbidden art at the expense of oneself at last.
Yukiko (Sachiko) (a voice actor: Kimura あやか)
A ghost: God of plagues / fortune-telling crest: (loss) Pattern (height: 152cm B: 73W: 54 H: 72) of ・ round fan
The green god of plagues who took over the position of you of the room child. Because it possesses his house not Keiji, her influence does not extend when he moves to it. I can go out of the house possessing you unlike a shadow woman alone, but cannot leave it so in the distance.
In fact, green was tied to a god of plagues that the half of the body which protruded when I transmigrated was about to disappear to the shadow woman and I lived in the house of Keiji after parents died in an accident after I wandered various land from place to place and possessed you.
I assume a defiant attitude after having been caught in a place to be in the attic and come to turn up magnificently and come to eat at a dining table to the dish to make of the beautiful shadow.
Misfortune of Keiji is the cause of the energy, and spirit disappear to be inversely proportional when Keiji feels happy. In addition, when I take a bath and wash a body, "power to cause 疫" wearing falls into the body, and Yukiko is in a condition that a human being caught cold.
She whom Keiji came to like thinks, "he becomes unhappy when there is oneself" and I restore a beckoning cat (I was handed, and the details refer to the item of the ear wave from an ear wave) which Keiji broke before and, in the last situation of her route, am going to expel oneself by the power. Is it the side effect? で she changed from a god of plagues to Fukugami.
Is it a person reason, age? は 51. I seemed to be born in the year when first Japanese television transmission began in.
Shallows texture (せおり) (a voice actor: Fukai fine weather flower)
A ghost: Bridge-guardian goddess / fortune-telling crest: (believe) ・ gourd (height: 165cm B: 81W: 57 H: 86)
The bridge-guardian goddess who settled in Shino Bridge. A rumor "to part when I pass by a couple" spreads, and the Shino Bridge will be called it by another name called "parting Bridge" under the influence of her. I love comics and read the thing of every genre. A kick is given as soon as I am angry (the hand sometimes appears). In old days of Kojiro, the Sun-Goddess who was a fiance "demanded it of people", and I was rejected by a goddess from によって male deity to write a change (it seems to be strange), and I thought to bear a grudge against it, and it was a bridge-guardian goddess. When money is necessary, she works as a fortune-teller at a street corner, and she makes money to be able to take the human figure.
Shallows texture (瀬織津比売). One of them of 祓戸大神 (ハラエドノオオカミ) born from the purification ceremony that I performed when Italy wicked Nagi God returned at the time of country bearing a child from nether world four. I am known as "God who drains various disaster, crimes, impurity from the river into the sea".
Another name: Suzuka honorific title of a Japanese god (Suzuka Gon gene)
There is it in the relationship of the old friend with 磐長媛 coming out to the Fujihana route, but does it with a weak point. The age should be the top than Fujihana and 磐長媛 when I think from the myth which caused it.
Generally, I insist when I do not do it together because it is different from "a bridge-guardian goddess of Uji" who is famous as a bridge-guardian goddess.
The Chizuru beauty (ちづみ) (a voice actor: Kaneta まひる)
A ghost: ? / fortune-telling crest: Detached room (り) ・ broach (height: 146cm B: 69W: 54 H: 71)
I jumped at it while calling Keiji "master". It is like the incarnation of some kind of animals, but you may lose most of the memory probably because I considerably overdid it when I make an incarnation and do not know it. Existence to be able to be called the natural enemy of Yukiko to bring it to Keiji when I find a mascot. In addition, I am always hungry probably because I use the power for it (search for mascot).
In fact, when Keiji was young, by an incarnation of ツチノコ which I protected, I noticed his personal accident and was going to help him with a method (I collect mascots) for her.
Shirasawa Saku night (しらさわさくや) (a voice actor: firewood Izumi)
A ghost: 白澤 / fortune-telling crest: (mix) ・ hat (height: 167cm B: 94W: 60 H: 88)
白澤 where I appeared after the death of the old woman from a bill of the business prosperity that the old woman of the predecessors in the family line storekeeper worshiped every day at the Shirasawa store close to the Tokie school. She can look even at the common human being to be able to take the figure of the person, but is not sure whether the figure is the same that Keiji sees it. I wear a cowbell and an apron, the hat of the cow design and, for big breasts, am called "cow ねーちゃん" by the bad child of the mouth. A number of "398" is on the label attached to the bangle of her left arm, and it is thought that I express "it blooms". In fact, it was that purpose that her prediction that was the matter of the similar ghost not 白澤 (くだん) was vague.
You must eat human things to eat commonly probably because you become substance as a human being. It was vegetarianism, but, in big eaters, Keiji was surprised at the quantity of the dish provided under the pretense of snacks.
Fujihana (father) (a voice actor: Aoyama connection)
A ghost: Nine foxesKilling stone) / fortune-telling crest: ・ hair slide (height: 166cm B: 89W: 59 H: 89)
妖狐 which came out of a long sleep. It is said that I am dedicated by wisteria bath Shrine, but is different from an enshrined deity (磐長媛) written down to the history of the Shinto shrine. In addition, it seems to be different from Inari God in the precincts. I mind past own act and am making an effort if possible in good 妖狐, but spend every day absorbed in a hot spring because I do not know it what I should do for the present. As a result, it became the trauma to have let 誑 (たぶら) lent the man and perform an evil deed, and a man became hard for me to deal with while I was blockaded for a long term by a killing stone. Inarizushi is a favorite.
Fujihana oneself introduces itself as the person in front of the beautiful seaweed. However, there is the opinion that the figure which I showed when the front of the beautiful seaweed changes and escapes was two golden furs, and there is the viewpoint with the distinction with nine golden furs which pretended of the wicked woman, too. The neighborhood is talked about as a story of Kiyoshi in products. In addition, a tail of Fujihana is two of them.
Isolah (is, and shave it) (a voice actor: a glassy surface of water)
A ghost: Kappa / fortune-telling crest: (feel) Area (height: 150cm B: 72W: 55 H: 72) of the chest of ・ clothes
The kappa of the childhood friend of the chief character. I did not meet the chief character as these past ten years. A cucumber is a favorite. There was no male and female difference in a kappa and took the figure of the boy to play with Keiji of the childhood before, but came to take the figure of the girl after having witnessed it when he grew up and contacted with a woman.
Because construction of the industrial waste disposal ground began in the upper reaches of former Kikawa who made the home, and fear of the water pollution came out, I disappeared.
A Mizuhara ear wave (みずはらほなみ) (a voice actor: 安玖深音)
Human being / fortune-telling crest: Gon (ごん) Necklace (height: of ・ plain clothes 160cm B: 82W: 54 H: 81)
The third grader of the Tokie school. It is the director of local history Research Department, but the part is reduced to it with a ghost meeting for the study by her ghost, apparition enthusiast. Originally, probably because of the family who did a Shinto shrine, the imitations of some mediums are possible. In addition, I see it and can feel a ghost to be a little although it is not an ogre. For example, in the place where a beautiful shadow serves tea, a teapot loosens without permission and seems to pour tea into a teacup (other human beings who are in the place seem to serve tea for a common person to match the consistency of the phenomenon that occurred).
In addition, there is a large hammer (hammer) which I used though a large metal mallet crushes a killing stone for some reason in the storehouse of her house.
As for the ornament of the beckoning cat which the itinerant Buddhist priest of her relative performed a prayer of, as for the bill, it is an item to give fatal damage for both beautiful shadow, Yukiko to Yukiko.
A main heroine only human being character. Although there is it by other handlings not independent indication by the scene replay, I try the H scene hard with three times.
Assistant character
A bell (bell) (a voice actor: firewood Izumi)
A ghost: 鈴彦姫
ミドリ(みどり) (声優:佐本二厘)
A ghost: 座敷童
風野 三郎(かぜの さぶろう)
The third grader of the Tokie school. 郷土史研究部副部長。 飄々としている。 その名前から穂波は彼が「風の又三郎」ではないかと疑っているが、圭治が見たところ「普通の人間」とのことである。 両親はおらず、妹も家出したとのことで、目下一人暮らしを謳歌しているようである。 様々な種類の本を読むのが趣味。
五日市 喜善(いつかいち きぜん)




  • シナリオ:由比 雅雪・なたけ・南方 かなか
  • キャラクターデザイン・原画:アマクラ
  • CG監修:南 幸紀
  • CG制作:夕燈 とび・柳・かやか・天乃 アト・南 幸紀
  • SDキャラクターデザイン・原画:クロサキ
  • 背景制作:草薙(KUSANAGI)
  • 背景差分制作:神威 光司
  • ムービー制作:神月社[Mju:z
  • プログラム:綾河・なかまる・電柱一家
  • スクリプト:由比 雅雪・なかまる・綾河
  • デザインワーク:デザインワークショップ スクアドラ
  • キャスティング:まつぬま ひろゆき
  • 音声収録:まつぬま ひろゆき・一戸 良平・西村 光平
  • セールスプランニング:河原 慎一郎・小山 秀一
  • セールスプロモーション:村 敏彦・加藤 伸也
  • 販売営業:仕入販売部(ホビボックス株式会社)
  • 広報:はむこ
  • WEB広報:さじたひかる
  • デバッグ:株式会社デジタルハーツ・キャラメルBOXスタッフ
  • Special Thanks:銭取・ごきち・エノモト・もび子
  • エグゼクティブプロデューサー:倉崎 克之・渡邊 憲博
  • 制作協力:ホビボックス株式会社
  • ディレクター:カヴ


音楽:Funczion SOUNDS

  • OP:あたしらしく!(作詞:キャラメルBOX 作・編曲:上上上 歌:MAORICA(Marica+榎津まお))
  • ED1:rebirthday eve(作詞:キャラメルBOX 作・編曲:上上上 歌:Marica)
  • ED2:とっぴんぱらりのぷう(作詞:キャラメルBOX 作曲:Marica 編曲:BB 歌:Marica)


  • オリジナルサウンドトラックCD「『とっぱら』オリジナルサウンドトラック」(2008年9月26日発売)
  • ミニゲーム「とっぱら〜だんじょんのはなし〜」(コミックマーケット75で販売された「激福袋」に封入)
  • とっぱら〜ざしきわらしのはなし〜オフィシャルファンブック (彩文館出版 ISBN 4-7756-0378-7


  • 初回版恒例の絵本「大きな少年少女世界名作の森シリーズ」は「さるかに合戦」。
  • 音声ボリューム設定で再生される以下のセリフは、これまでのキャラメルBOX各作品のキャッチフレーズである
(凡例) セリフ(作品名)〜話すキャラ
想いを乗せた言葉に宿る「魔法」の力の物語 ――(BLUE)〜ミドリ
しろがねの夢に抱かれた時、残されたものの為に少女が咲かせた ―― ひとひら。(めぐり、ひとひら。)〜美影
僕たちは夢と同じもので織り上げられている ――。(あえかなる世界の終わりに)〜イソラ
私の恋は、世界を救う ――。(終末少女幻想アリスマチック)〜瀬織
これは、小さな恋の七不思議 ――(うつりぎ七恋天気あめ)〜千鶴美
  • 恒例の「なかまるコマンド」でちょっとしたお遊びシナリオを見ることができる。やり方は、タイトル画面でキーボードから「nkmr」と入力。


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