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Atsushi Kimura

Atsushi Kimura

Atsushi Kimura (come irregularity Atsushi, May 21, 1963 -) is a Japanese rock musician, music producer. I am good at Locke who is an Irishman and am in charge of a base at guitar vocalist, poetry music, time. Blood type type AB, the guitar to use willingly are telecasters.

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Brief career history

  • I am born as the eldest son of the leader having the character of the downtown area in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo. A Western music lock was hammered in to stand for a neighboring elder brother since the days of a primary schoolchild and I watched the band of techno and the flat in live houses of Asakusa and was brought up. A sled is not correct though I enter the Japanese design technical school to be a building designer and quits a local municipal senior high school after graduation. Master 五十嵐利昌 of the cafe "borastriped mullet island" of Ayase introduces in the connections of the program production company Co., Ltd. Hata studio of Minamiaoyama in a place costing plastic pula worrying about the future. Therefore I came to act as a radio program director since the age of 19 years old unexpectedly. By the way, it was the place of the important campaign of the major recordmaker, and three regular customers of the borastriped mullet island did a director in those days in spite of being the production company where the Hata studio was small.
  • However, music gradually became the long-cherished hope when born Locke spirit was not settled as for the person, and a band moved into action behind the back of the boss. I formed "Panic Button" (panic button) with Hiroshi Nakahara (drum) who was the friend since the age of the junior high school than 1983 and created the original piece of music influenced by a British Irish lock, sound of North Europe, and afterward this band determined his musicality.
  • I leave Hata studio in 1990. I select that I become a manager following a building company of father and am active as a rock musician. It was Koenji "Show Boat" Kichijoji "Be Point" Shibuya "TAKE OFF 7" in Asakusa "liaison" in the stronghold and, besides the recording in the 蟠龍寺 studio which I knew in Hata studio, appeared in LIVE activity, Shibuya "eggman" annual "John Lennon Forever" with a regular every year.
  • However, was in going to the rock of the defense in about 1997; cannot stand; Panic Button dissolution. It is an Irishman led by the member to have formed like a rite of passage•It was hommage "LENS" to a lock. LENS was dissolved as the topic that was temporary with a PC magazine [1] of Nikkei BP and 祥伝社 and the alternative staging of the thing that it was did not see completion by an experimental picture and photograph in the band which was main by the activity in the net.
  • I form music produce unit "Copernicus" in 2000. I show abilities as a music producer at the same time to become the godparent of the Venn Tyne label. In addition, I participated in U.S. MP3 .com with Katsuhiro Niiyama who acted as a base in Panic Button and LENS, and it might be in J-pop section and Holiday chart in NO.1 by having performed the music delivery in the net positively.
  • I came to be in charge of sound produce of Mitsuru Arai who went in and out of the studio before long, and it was a chance to bring about the hit at 1 million pieces at the future a CD this thing that I served producer sound of "1,000-like", and it was the firm foundation as his musician [2]. Furthermore, I make use of the career of the radio program director and produce many net radio programs and progress.
  • I fell sick on a stage in 2008 and was misdiagnosed with "pancreatic cancer" and went to モデファイ (remodeling) of the withdrawal guitar temporarily. I form "The C-52's" triggered by the music charge of the railroad program of NHK in 2009. A godparent is a program producer, but this is a travesty of American band The B-52's and steam locomotive C52 of the illusion.
  • In 2012, I was engaged in new CD production of Yasuyo Yamaki of former butterbur sprout and acted as the supporting member of the concert by the flow.

I make activity and the sound design as the rock musician main now. In addition, sensitivity of the direction that I made use of the experience of the vocalist of the self in has big trust from singers [3].


CD (album)

  • "Push My is Panic Button(1986)."
  • "Grass and GO" Panic Button(1988)
  • "Color ONION" Panic Button(1993)
  • "Green chair" Panic Button(1995)
  • "Band•Chronicle Panic Button(1998)
  • "Lens guerrilla" LENS(2000)
  • "Ghost•Masters Panic Button(2004)
  • "That daughter is mer Male id" Paella brothers(2009)

Radio program production

  • "The Beatles•Song book DJ: Tatsundo Hirota (revolver) FM Osaka /FM Hiroshima /FM Nagasaki
  • "BOYS STATION" DJ: Naomi Kawashima FM Yokohama
  • "Mouthful jockey DJ of Yumi Kojima:" Yumi Kojima Fukui Broadcasting
  • "キューピースーベニールノート" DJ: Carmen FM Osaka
  • "Such thing of Miho Morikawa" or DJ: Miho Morikawa FM Osaka
  • "Another pop music" DJ: Kennyu Horiuchi Nishinippon Broadcasting / Shikoku Broadcasting

Net radio program

  • "What of Watch Tower is"; is DJ: Cormorant fishing Australia (Watch Tower)
  • "MUSE A GO-GO" TAKESHI the rendes-vous & KANAN
  • "Welcome to Mander land of Mitsuru Arai" and appears: Mitsuru Arai
  • "My classical music appearance of KUNIKO:" Kuniko Fukushima
  • As for "the ECN school, after school, it has just begun" and appears: Hitoshi Copernicus

I appear on television and it

  • MX-TV "Tokyo Boy" 2002.1.20
  • NHK synthesis "SONGS" 2007.12
  • NHK - synthesis "Eco earth 2008" 2008.5.3
  • 2008.10.24 that NHK-BS2 "goes the highway てくてく trip - eighty-eight holy places in Shikoku"
  • NHK-BS2 "Shibuya DE ど ... is 2009.5.2, too"
  • NHK-BS1 "trip to special feature Japan wooden construction station building" 2009.8.15
  • 2009.10.10 that NHK one segment 2 "talks about railroad Festival - Tomohiro Sekiguchi trip"
  • Asahi National Broadcasting "wide is scramble" - human being drop - 2010.3.10
  • NHK-BS1 "Japan Railway Journal" 2015.4.18

Musical piece offer

  • The truth form Teruko "times of the bond" (song of NHK "highway てくてく trip - Sanyo Expressway" ending theme)
  • The elegant moon "dream of the trip" [4] (NHK song of theme "going the highway てくてく trip - eighty-eight holy places in Shikoku")
  • Taguchi lily "walking girl" (song of NHK "highway てくてく trip - sunlight, Oshu Highway edition" ending theme)
  • Manabu Morita "GONE MUSIC GONE"

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