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Autumn in Germany

Autumn in Germany

The GSG-9 member who enters into hijacked Lufthansa Boeing 737-200 type machine "Lantz Phu Tho", and freed a passenger returns at cairn Bonn airport from Mogadiscio

The popular name of a series of terrorist incidents that (autumn in Germany, Deutscher Herbst) had West Germany of late 1977 in autumn of Germany.

The German Reds (Rote Armee Fraktion, RAF) kidnapped federation of German manager's chairperson Hans = Martin Schreier (Hanns-Martin Schleyer) in September of this age and hijacked a Lufthansa machine with Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in October. Special Forces entered into a hijacking machine, and the RAF executive committed suicide in succession behind bars and, as for Schreier, as for these cases that I invited a discovered shocking ending to dead, was greatly reported a ream at night day after day in media. The West Germany society shook in fear by the postwar largest terrorist incident and political crisis.

The word "autumn in Germany" comes from movie "Germany (Deutschland im Herbst) of 1978 by the supervision of liner Werner Fassbinder and Volker Schlondorff and others in the autumn". This movie described this case with the pictures which talked about history of Germany such as a commentary and the discussion of a series of cases and the case by the debater of the news film which conveyed a social atmosphere, various situations, the socialism before World War II.

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In RAF which caused many terrorist incidents, Andreas Burder and Ulrike Meinhof and others center member was arrested in the spring of 1972, and it seemed whether you were destroyed by what was confined in prison by the シュタムハイム prison of Stuttgart. However, I met you with the behind-bars "first generation" and told media and supporter and others by the statement while Klaus croissant (Klaus Croissant) and Siegfried Haack (Siegfried Haag) of the Red Army troops sympathizer performed invitation and the training of the successor of the organization and the member of "the second generation" that it was in lawyers.

The RAF first generation performed a large-scale hunger strike many times behind bars, and a member of the RAF second generation woke up kidnapping of politician Peter ロレンツ (Peter Lorenz), West Germany Embassy occupation case of Stockholm in succession again in 1975.

Assassination case of Siegfried boo back and Yul gene ポント

Federal Public Prosecutor General Siegfried boo Bach (Siegfried Buback) was assassinated in Karlsruhe on April 7, 1977 by RAF member. Boo Bach was shot with an automatic by the motorcycle which came from behind when it was a red light and stopped during movement by car and died with driver and bodyguard and others.

On July 30, 1977, president Yul gene ポント (Jürgen Ponto) of Dresdner Bank was shot dead by the men and women who visited in front of home of tn. オーバーウルゼル in the suburbs of the Frankfurt アム mine. As a result of having failed that ブリギッテ モーンハウプト (Brigitte Mohnhaupt) which was a member of RAF, Christian クラール (Christian Klar), three people of ズザンネ Albrecht (Susanne Albrecht) kidnapped ポント, this case happened. ポント was the godparent who was sister of one of the practice criminals Albrecht.

These cases were curtain raising of a series of cases to happen in autumn.

Autumn of Germany

Hans = Martin Schreier kidnapping

"A co-man dough corps" of RAF was a cairn and, on September 5 when the shock of this case did not cool down, attacked Mercedes-Benz which Daimler-Benz director Hans = Martin Schreier who acted as federation of German manager (BDA) chairperson, Germany industry alliance (BDI) chairperson got on. Four people of two police officers who was behind contracted driver, bodyguard, bodyguard in total were shot dead, and, as for Schreier, it was imprisoned abduction by the rented apartment of the suburbs of cairn.

Schreier put an important point into financial world activity in the people who competed for the seat of the president in Daimler-Benz from the end of 1960s and was the person who was regarded as a main enemy from the left camp because I showed a strong manner with TV as a face of the managements in a student movement, the labor movement that got up in the West Germany whole land in 1968. Was strong, being connected with the person from past record called the high-ranking officer of bodyguards, German maintenance politics was controversial in former Nazi party members. Schreier was forced to to give a statement to demand the release of the RAF first generation member who was behind bars from the Helmut Schmid Administration.

The investigation by the police got closer to a black hole of Schreier many times, and one of the investigators was over for wide swing without information reaching it by lack of cooperation with the investigation headquarters of the hometown Police and the Federal Police although it was said to the place that visited the room where Schreier was for an inquiry after all.

Lufthansa 181 flights hijacking case (Lantz Phu Tho case)

When Peter ロレンツ was kidnapped in 1975 two years ago, the West Germany Government accepted the release demand of the RAF member, but showed a strong posture without being going to accept the further release this time. RAF caused a case more and was going to pressure the government and woke up the hijacking of the Lufthansa machine by cooperation of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) which was a joint struggle.

On October 13, four members of the PFLP hijacked Lufthansa 181 flights (Boeing 737-230 type machine, Lantz Phu Tho, Landshut, crew passenger 91 people in total) toward Frankfurt from Parma デ Majorca and landed it in Rome and required release and 15 million U.S. dollars of 11 members of RAF for the West Germany government. Lantz Phu Tho passed through Larnaca, Bahrain, Dubai. However, the permission of the landing did not go down the point from no airport of the Arabian Peninsula from Dubai and it took off from Dubai on October 15 and landed at Aden forcingly.

On the morning of October 17, Lantz Phu Tho landed at Mogadiscio, Somalia. The corpse of the Yul gene Schumann (de:Jürgen Schumann) captain executed after Aden takeoff against a hijacker in a plane was thrown away on the runway. Hijackers extended a deadline of the RAF member release later on morning of October 18, the following day on the daytime of the same day, but the West Germany Government had already decided the solution to situation by the military power and let Delta Force GSG-9 adhere after a hijacking machine all the time from Larnaca. Prime Minister Schmidt got permission to let GSG-9 enter into a hijacking machine by negotiations with Somalian supreme power person Mohamed シアド Barrah. On the early morning of October 18, GSG-9 member entered before an opportunity one hour of the deadline ago and brought hijackers under control instantly. All the crew passengers were freed safely except that one and crew alone of the GSG-9 member got injured, and the one except three killed among hijackers was arrested.

"Execution" of behind-bars death and Schreier of the RAF executive

Victim monument of the Schreier kidnapping-murder case in the cairn

Three people of the executive committed suicide at a report of the hijacking failure among RAF members confined in prison at シュタムハイム prison of Stuttgart in that evening behind bars. グドルン エンスリン (Gudrun Ensslin) hanged itself, and Jan = curl ラスペ (Jan-Carl Raspe) committed suicide with a handgun with Andreas Burder (Andreas Baader). Of the thing which stung a chest with a knife as for the イルムガルト mailer (Irmgard Möller) four times more was treated without being able to commit suicide.

When the Netherlands was to Belgium more, the criminals who imprisoned Schreier moved from a cairn, but they received the news of these three behind-bars death and left Belgium and shot Schreier dead in the inside of car that moved to France. His corpse was discovered in a trunk of Audi .100 left in Mulhouse on October 19.

The post

The investigation for the death case of the RAF member at the シュタムハイム prison was carried out, but it was concluded that their death was suicide formally. It was said that their lawyer handed carry-on Burder and others it secretly how a handgun was brought into the most severe prison in Germany. However, I insist on the mailer that survived at this verge later when their "suicide" was execution not to depend on law, and the objection for the investigation result continues being still submitted, too. On November 12, Ingrid Schubert (Ingrid Schubert) accomplished hanging oneself among the RAF members of the シュタムハイム prison more.

When the West Germany Government did not make a deal with the terrorist at all afterward, after a Lantz Phu Tho hijacking case, I gave a statement. Although it became the abandonment without being able to rescue Schreier, prime minister Helmut Schmid at the time was appreciated by the decision of this plunge case.

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