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Trauma quantum crystal

Trauma quantum crystal

Trauma quantum crystal
Genre SFBattleComedy
Author Hayato Aoki
Publishing company Kadokawa Shoten
Publication magazine Monthly boy ace
Label Tsunogawa comics ace
Announcement December, 2010 issue - November, 2013 issue
Announcement period From October 26, 2010 to September 26, 2013
The reel number All seven volumes
Template - notebook
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"Trauma quantum crystal" (トラウマクオンタム) is a Japanese comics work by Hayato Aoki.

Table of contents


The original serialization work that the author of the start is the first than December, 2010 issue for the first of the work (Kadokawa Shoten) of the 16th anniversary of "the monthly boy ace." (as for the previous serialization work Komi empty is of Macross F) according to the book the genre "after school high tension gag action." I move a story basically while being a school comedy while interlacing an SF battle. Besides, parody of a robot animated cartoon and the special effects work, a lot of hommage are used many for the net slang by the hobby of the author famous comics and animated cartoon in a product again.



Defense hand (the Oracle Guardian) of the time

Oracle messengers who Oracle is granted to 久音, and fight against Coe lye JAL. The Oracle is an appearance such as the watches. A person gives team name without permission in spring, and other members say, "it is nerdy" and deny it. It can travel time when only a human being finding time unmanageable stopped and can treat negative Oracle. Therefore I have the unpleasant characteristic that I power up so as to use it if I spend time idly. Furthermore, it is reverse hero constitution to be weakened when the member is expected all together. It is likely that the physical ability is strengthened at the time of the Oracle motion. I do not hesitate to use it relatively in general life either. The ostensibility is hiking club

Tokito spring person (with time father spring)
The chief character of this product. A tenth grader.
It is scouted by 久音 what can work in stopping time, and it is for a negative Oracle errand.
Fall into SF novel "Milky Way aretalogy" in the days of a junior high student, and suffer from average two disease; "a man "Lord" became famous as the guy that felt sick who called a woman" with "a young lady" (フロイライン), and was just lonely, and did it with depression even after thereafter entering the high school; because lived a life, meet the condition of the negative Oracle trainer.
Because average two disease leaves a trail, I strangely make an affected remark, and it often occurs that I am frowned upon that a parenthesis says and names it, but the adjustability to the battle with a situation and the enemy who are non-daily because of the world where I longed for so far is still high. With a fight to hold its ground as high-level Coe lye JAL partner, I predict the ability of the partner from a slight remark, and the quick wit works, too. It is biting for the captain of student council whom a character is covered with.
On the other hand, there seems to be the admiration in a normal school life-like thing and is jealous of so-called fulfilled people in real life openly and I am alone and am enthusiastic about an event and may race. In addition, the name of fashion clothes helped Rico put on "the Saint clothes (ワロス) of the virginity seat."
I vomit, and there is グセ, and, as for what vomit by the biting words and pressure of 久音 and the fuse, it is in a fixture. In addition, I am weak in a car and the splatter, too.
So as that to seem to be able to study, and a classman in particular belongs to seven sets to gather in an entrance into a school of higher grade class, but is called while the results fall down after coming to have Oracle; a Kudoo reason "already mere fool."
I look serious and it is スケベ and is going to look in the underwear of the girl in the time when it stopped, and a body lies at full length without permission in a room when I stole into the room of Kudoo, and instinct often shakes off reason.
The Oracle "a war mallet (メテオライトフォール) of the light to drill". A pattern appears when I exercise it, and the hammer with the wedge is produced in the air when I put power. Chastity attacks the hammer.
The size of the hammer controls it by power to put. It was able to be formed only at the maximum at first, but learned addition and subtraction among fights.
I connect a formed hammer to a pattern and can fight. In this case power rises than I begin to merely shoot even the same size.
Power was high, but had that I did not turn to one to one pointed out by captain of student council after there were difficulties such as タメ or the hit precision until motion because jujutsu of a person was unripe in spring.
When I destroyed the meteorite which approached the earth, I was dumped in national live broadcast though tension went up and confessed it to Kudoo.
All the family ever died by an accident, but have the past prevented by power of the deoxynear of Kudoo (the person in question does not have the memory at all).
Two folds round mallet (dual light fall) to drill
The skill to drive a wedge in 初撃, and to crush an enemy with the second hit.
Mallet (satellite fall) of the light to cover the sky
The skill to attack around an enemy with the hammer which I mass-produced consecutively.
War mallet (Valkyrie fur lane) of the soul to lead
The bold move that had キモオタ where I came across in Akihabara initiate me. I let I take in Coe lye JAL, and メテオライトフォール take off (guessed that ascetic practices time was considerably useless by discount comics). While I use this skill, it becomes the figure like the captain of the ship. At this chance I take the behavior to let "you go, exceed ... star Sea" and image ships such as "all ship - - - - discharge".
逆崎久音 (さかざきくおん)
The heroine of this product. The girl who grants Oracle to negative Oracle messengers, and fights against Coe lye JAL. A tenth grader. Poverty milk. The point that knew the person is seen in several places, but the details are unidentified in spring.
I am very arrogant by malicious language. I classify a feed and sanctions (I jump, and there are many kicks) into the bad paste of the member and often fold a heart by violent language. On the other hand, it is beaten, and there is a weak place and if a partner is too aggressive, I cry and apologize and feel deep indebtedness to fresh water of the foster parenthood.
I am in a position to lead a member by the fight with Coe lye JAL.
I like cats unexpectedly and own a lot of clothes of フリフリ, and there is the one side like the girl, too. When the uniform adds a frill and enlarges the sleeve, the remodeling that is ガーリィ is given.
I seem to shrink from a way of useless human being of the daily member and I watch the pretty animation of the state cat as soon as I come home and calm down and I carry out activity that it is like so-called "自治廚" in 2.ch and display stress. I cover 2 ちゃんねらーであることは (it comes out in the male camp).
It is a girl (terrier) and the acquaintance who handed Oracle to captain of student council, and it is indicated that it is the master of ceremonies of the story.
The Oracle "the time (deoxynear) to swallow all." A huge wall clock appears when I exercise it and can return time by the power of the clock at any time. I can exercise at least seven or eight times and can rewind it by a unit at time (from the lines of the person, it may go back up in spring on around 1st from half day).
Because only an Oracle messenger does not forget the time when I came back even if time is returned with this ability avoiding the injury of the friend, I am used that a point reads the development of the battle and does it, and to take the first move. The battle ability is nil in it having possibilities to be said that it is the ability that is チート, but a look-ahead being meaningless for an enemy Oracle trainer, and there not being considerably battle ability and the body reinforcement ability in deoxynear in itself. Furthermore, I cannot recover when I win in the state that received damage because I cannot return time.
The fruit is a childhood friend of the people in spring. I received Oracle from the fresh water which I happened to pass by and prevented an accident using deoxynear in spring when the family of the person had died by an accident. But I lose all "a past" in compensation for negative Oracle and become the body of the having no relatives (I was warned when I received it, but even it selected that I saved a person in spring). Therefore, the person does not remember Kudoo in spring. The design that holds goodwill in a person in spring although I was stirred up by the most end game grandly.
Princess bank Rico (ひめぎし Rico)
A negative Oracle errand. It is Kazu and a classmate in eleventh graders.
Very tall (with the description that is taller more than anyone else in the member including a boy) big breasts. I braid my hair in a ponytail in the area of right sideburns.
I was born in the martial arts home that spread out from generation to generation of "a true feelings princess bank style" and was brought up as the next present head of a household strictly, but a younger brother was born at the age of 15 years old, and a load of the succession was taken down.
Thereafter I fell into a girls' comic and TV in reaction at a stretch and came to long for "girls' comic-like love" and "I had you protect it" and was weak in-like シュチュエーション and have come to have character that it got crushes easily. But, the setting was hardly made use of.
Demeanors are usually careful with a graceful Japanese woman style probably because of the breeding of the old family, too. I speak an honorific even in person and 久音 in spring of the lower-grade student.
I have rejection when I touch the thing like the girl probably because I lived life that I am manlier than a man, and blood was special constitution to begin to blow, but it is in mystery constitution to make a gal when I touch the thing which seems to be a girl by 久音 and training (bad paste) of the fresh water this time later. In 久音 saying "a character keeps moving slightly"; ツッコ まれたことも. In addition, there is no sense because it was far from the life like the girl. Even if this becomes a gal, it is similar and names Saint clothes (ワロス) stylish clothes.
A spear and the shield that the Oracle is huge. I did not understand the name till the last. I may fight only with a spear. It is likely that the size of the spear is changed freely to some extent. I carry Kudoo on my shoulder and move whether the reinforcement degree of the physical ability is above Kazu.
闘槍連撃 (two Plato break)
Combination 技 with Kazu. Rico meets the enemy that Kazu let you vanish.
Kazuya Baba (ばばかずや)
A negative Oracle errand. A second grader. I am called "Kazu" from a friend.
The man that the tooth which did a burr like the shark which always does bandanas is characteristic.
The fool who speaks "what is 7*4?", and is far beyond imagination. It is often that tension does paste and a behavior only for force highly.
I do not notice approach of Rico at all and go to the gyoza shop on a date (the person did not notice), and there is the place that is unreasonable every love.
However, the desire to want to be popular is strong with a person equally in spring.
Is played with among the members; a character. When I do not matter really, I receive a feed (assault). Damage concentrates on buttocks for some reason.
The Oracle "戦則闘技" (atto- random arts). I strengthen it in fencing gloves and furniture. Only fencing gloves and furniture either can let you appear, but are usable at the same time if they use two Oracle. I power it up later in "戦則闘技, 改" (atto- random arts, worth).
I often fight with Rico and the combination of the close combat type in the same way probably because I am light and am suitable for close combat among members most quickly.
Front of the head fuse (つきしろひなわ)
A negative Oracle errand. A twelfth grader. A build small-sized with cat eyes.
A super-sadist as the demeanor is soft, but introduces myself with "the favorite thing tormenting gun and another person."
It is counted with person, Kazu by "3 fools" and often lets you make fun of person and Kazu in spring and promote bad paste in spring. Oneself may get on let you promote it, being carried away, too. In addition, as for the property of negative Oracle "which I powered up by a waste of time errand", his idea was found out in the beginning.
I was physically weak and repeated hospitalization and release by nature until I obtained Oracle. Therefore the person "who was not able to spend time effectively" more, only he "finds time unmanageable" is near. In addition, all the adhesive plasters which faces have come off when in a condition to be able to fight. In now when I became able to go to school by an effect of the Oracle, there are friends commonly, too.
It is the strongest among members. カズとリコのコンビで手も足も出なかったコーアクジャルを一方的に追い詰め、無傷で勝利するほどの実力者。
日笠真水(ひがさ まみず)
A negative Oracle errand. メンバーが通う高校の養護教諭。 常に眼鏡と、胸元を開けたシャツの上に白衣を着ている。
田中健次(たなか けんじ) / 生徒会長






山田大地(やまだ だいち)
清原灯矢(きよはら とうや)
 白光牙連剣 (びゃっこうがれんけん)




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