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Masakazu Mimura

Masakazu Mimura

Masakazu Mimura
The real name Masakazu Mimura (みむらまさかず)
Nickname みむ, Mimura っち, ball craftsman
The date of birth (1967-06-08) 1967June 8(49 years old)
Hometown Japanese flag JapanTokyoSumida-ku
Blood type Type A
Height 167cm
Dialect Unavailable (common language)
The last educational background Takanawadai Senior High School attached to Tokai University
Native place Horipro
Group name SUMMERS
Companion Kazuki Otake
Style Comic dialogueConteFeed
I stand and am located The right
Office Horipro
Activity time 1988 -
The same period Hosei TsukiteiTakahiro AzumaTension
Current representative program Complicated SUMMERS 2
Uchimura SUMMERS

Past representative program A of A-like X silver of the money
Sanctuary of sanctuary / adult

Spouse  Married
Pupil Unavailable
Receiving a prize career
Prize for 2003 Golden arrow prize entertainment

It is a Japanese comedian, and Masakazu Mimura (see irregularity Masakazu, June 8, 1967 -) is in charge of a feed of comedy duo SUMMERS. Honna is Masakazu Mimura.

TokyoSumida-kuA native place. Horipro position. Takanawadai Senior High School graduation attached to Tokai University. As for the hobby, the special ability, it is done math in the head liquor, swimming, baseball, surfing, reading.

Table of contents


Kazuki Otake and the combination organization that are the classmate of the high school in July, 1988. It is belonging to real name "Masakazu Mimura" and, in 1989 of the next year, begins activity as combination name "Bacardi". I appear for a comedy live of Horipro and I am sluggish afterwards and spend time of the obscurity for a while though I come into the limelight as a hope of the Kanto comedy world expectation without after a debut.

Because a third party is hard to read in 1997, it is changed the name from the real name by "Masakazu Mimura".

For 2,000 years, "the feeling of the naan is excellent a variety program yes newly." I confront sea gravel fast friendship (existing Cream Stew) by a plan of (TBS system) and am defeated. I am made to change my name from a combination name to "SUMMERS" as a punishment game.

When went to Hiromi and the Egyptian location in variety program "ヒロスポ!" (TV Tokyo Channel 12 system) in 2000, poison sees the meat of the rabbit, and Mimura ate with の form in suppertime, but after that Mimura was as costarring NG with Hiromi (the relations with Otake of the companion were good, and Hiromi was when Otake and Noritake Kinashi of the friend went to drink it, but when Mimura was, did not call Hiromi, and Kinashi cared), but there is the intermediation of Kinashi that is neither common friend beforehand in Hawaii aspect heap having drunk the insistence on better work that is strong for Hiromi with the dissatisfaction for the reaction, dissatisfaction to the strength of the hit to oneself who is a feed than before; and on March 31, 2014 of the broadcast even if "may laugh; is confession in the thing that Hiromi disliked by a speech in the king size of grand finalea thanks". Furthermore, when I drank a plan of the LONDON HEARTS of the March 3, 2015 broadcast with the で Chihara youth when "I gave it such two people", Chihara who heard the above-mentioned story called Hiromi, and Hiromi was sincere, and the first costarring in 15 years took thought of Mimura there and I promised that I worked together last and, as for the fate, was dissolved [1].

In 2003, I win a prize for the 41st Golden arrow prize entertainment.

The special program which was broadcasted in January, 2005 "a festival of the laughter win the championship at a combination with Naoki Tanaka (Coco Rico) in (TBS system) in the dream match '05"; is acquisition for prize money 5 million yen.

In January, 2006, I appear to a movie "peanut" of the Teruyoshi Uchimura (ウッチャンナンチャン) supervision.

In January, 2007 special program "the history in front of sky is championship by appearance, a combination with Ken Shimura (the Drifters) in (TBS system) in festival the dream match '07 of the laughter". By the third broadcast, Mimura became the second championship.

If "a naan limit material battle makes the イロモネア laugh yes, in December, 2010, participate in 1 million yen SP" as combination "Sannai art" with Teruyoshi Uchimura; is acquisition for 1 million yen.

In September, 2015, I play the leading part in movie "Uchimura SUMMERS THE MOVIE angel".


I might occasionally give a childish response for a younger student, and the episode "that which "Yoshida became the tight curled men's permanent by the plan of the program [2] forcibly" scribbled on a bag of Louis Vuitton of Kosugi" was talked about from black mayonnaise [3].

It is a middle-aged spread tendency and suffers gout [4]. I am compared to Otake with "body "Humpty-Dumpty" such as the eggplant (apparition of a living person horse) of the tray". [the source required] because devote the life again though is such a figure, and damage the ligament of both knees, is said to be "knee がぐっちゃぐちゃ" [4].

Teruyoshi Uchimura who was the supervision of the movie "peanut" talks about the episode "that a performance exceeds Mimura at every take, and it is final first to have been "baseball やりてーなー" and lines to talk about pensively, and cried in the tension of the usual feed" with "baseball やりてっ!" and talks with "the type that it is unusual that a performance grows up in a movie of the one" [5]. On the other hand, the lines presentation in the cheat sheet becoming exceptional was carried out in the drama in drama "Akiko Wada murder case", and there is the aspect that lines memorizing is bad [6]. I have won the championship at all-stars Thanksgiving Day of the spring of 1998 [7].

I update several degrees by the plan of the TV program per day now including Twitter. The notes about work and the private life are often found, but I grieve over social conditions, and comment to encourage a person in the same profession is occasionally taken up in a news site [8].

I disliked Hiromi, but was reconciled [9].


"P" When it was heard charm of Mimura, の emcee Teruyoshi Uchimura tells,, "in fact, senility is what, and と thinks as for Mimura though I am said to be" "a Kanto's best feed" [10].


A thing of all independent Mimura as follows, appearing. The appearance program as the combination refers to an article of SUMMERS.

Variety program


The past

The news, sports

TV drama

Radio program

Net delivery

  • Of Masakazu Mimura zero it; [11]!
  • Ogre Mimura (April 28, 2016 -, Hulu) [12]


Theater animated cartoon


  • The part of es (in 2001 SEGA) Keiichi Mukai



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