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Love actuary

Love actuary

Love actuary
: Love Actually
Supervision Richard Curtis
Script Richard Curtis
Production Kan Dan Kenworthy
Tim B station wagon
Eric feh Lunar

Performer Hugh Grant
Liam Neeson
Colin Firth
Emma Thompson
Alan Rickman
Roller Linnie
Bill Nye

Music Craig Armstrong
Photography Michael Coulter
Editing Nic Moore
Production company Universal pictures
Studio diOka null
Working title films
DNA Films

Distribution Flag of the United States of America Universal pictures
British flagJapanese flag UIP
Exhibition Flag of the United States of America 2003November 7
British flag November 21, 2003
Japanese flag 2004February 7

Running time 135 minutes
Production country British flag The U.K.
Flag of the United States of America The United States of America
Language English

Production costs £ 30,000,000[1]
Box office £ 36,238,777[1] British flag
$59,696,144[2] Flag of the United States of AmericaCanadian flag
$246,942,017[2] World flag

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The romantic comedy movie of the U.S. and British collaboration that "love actuary" (British: Love Actually) was produced in 2003.

Table of contents


On the stage of London of Christmas, I create various love stories of 19 men and women by Grand Hotel method. It is a first supervision work of popular scriptwriter Richard Curtis.


David (Hugh Grant) of the British prime minister whom I took office as newly is young, and the looks is good, too and is single. However, I fall in love with one of the secretaries, slightly a bit big Natalie (Martin マカッチョン) at first sight and do not concentrate on work.

It is anxious that son Sam (Thomas Sangster)-in-law did not speak at all, and Daniel (Liam Neeson) who lost a dearest wife does not become. However, the reason why Sam did not ask depended on the unrequited love for the most popular girl not death of mother at school.

Jamie (Colin Firth) of the writer who has been robbed of lover by a younger brother goes to the cottage of the south Buddha to heal grief. Therefore Portuguese Aurelia (Lucia モニス) working as a maid understands neither English nor French, but the two come to be attracted triggered by a certain case.

Harry (Alan Rickman) who ran the company lived with children of wife carene (Emma Thompson) of the person of steady and three happily. But Mure (ハイケ マカッシュ) of the subordinate came to put him under approach suddenly.

Sarah (roller Linnie) working for the company of such Harry has love feeling towards Carl (Rodrigo sun fatty tuna) of the co-worker since entering a company during two years seven months. However, words of the confession do not come out to immature Sarah to rack courage.

A rock singer of the dotage that Billy (Bill Nye) arranges a song of former durability into Christmas song, and is going to serve as a comeback. A radical, vulgar remark of Billy assuming the air of a star disturbs the world though Joe (Gregor Fischer) of the manager continues selling it desperately and.

Close friend Peter (キウェテル イジョフォー) of the mark (Andrew Lincoln) of the painter held a wedding ceremony. Juliet (キーラ knight lei) that a partner of Peter is a beautiful woman. The mark that I talk only to Peter though I bless a close friend and put on a cool air toward Juliet. Juliet worried to make friends with the close friend of the husband somehow, but there was the secret that did not want to be known to her on a mark.

Because the inside of the head is indecent with a girl, working youth Colin (Chris Marshal) of the catering is full. I leave it alone in Wisconsin without his who is updating the career when there is not her feeling a limit for the pickup of the cold British partner, and minding that a friend stops it to aim at United States daughter.

John (Martin Freeman) and Judy (Joanna page) who played the stand-in of the love scene felt joy in the consideration being able to photograph the scene that became awkward by a few conversation happily. They who became close gradually fall in love.

What kind of ending do nine stories reach on the stage of Christmas?


"Love Actually" took two words of the beginning of opening narration "love actually is all around" (in fact, there is love everywhere) of this movie.


Official title Actor Japanese dubbing
David Hugh Grant Junpei Morita
Harry Alan Rickman Kinryu Arimoto
Carene Emma Thompson Tadashi Takashima Luo
Jamie Colin Firth Inside many Kazuhiro
Daniel Liam Neeson Yasuyoshi Hara
Juliet キーラ knight lei Saori Yumiba
Sarah Roller Linnie Kaori Yamagata
Curl Rodrigo sun fatty tuna Miki Ichiro Sana
Natalie Martin マカッチョン Yumi Toma
Billy Mac Bill Nye Nachi Nozawa
Rufus Rowan Atkinson Hiroshi Iwasaki
オレーリア Lucia モニス
Mure ハイケ マカチュ Mina Meguro
John Martin Freeman Narita sword
Colin Chris Marshal Hiroshi Kitazawa
Mark Andrew Lincoln 室園丈裕
Sam Thomas Sangster Makoto Tsumura
Judy Joanna page Mie Sonozaki
Peter キウェテル イジョフォー Kusu Onori
Girl friend of Jamie シエンナ guiro Lee Eriko Hirata
Carol Ann Elisha Cuthbert
Harriet Shannon Elizabeth
Bernie William ワダム
Carla Denis Richards Mayumi Yanagisawa
Stacy Char ミルセヴィッチ
Tony Abdull サリス Mizuki Saito
The President of United States of America Billy Bob Sohnton Yasuyoshi Hara
Carol Claudia Schiffer Rie Ishizuka
Nancy Julia Davis
Terence Frank Mu Lee Satoshi Sasaki
Pat Jill フルード Sayuri Sadaoka
Joe Gregor Fischer Akihiko Ishizumi
Microphone Marcus ブリッグストック Eiji Ito
Pat Jill フルード Sayuri Sadaoka
Annie Nina ソサーニャ Village bamboo is blue
アント Anthony マクパートリン Takayuki Kondo
Terence Frank Mu Lee Satoshi Sasaki
Dick デクラン Donnelly Katsunuma period justice
Joanna Olivia Olson
Leonard DiCaprio Katsunuma period justice
Kate Win's let Yumi Toma
Chris Miki Ichiro Sana
Carter Akihiko Ishizumi
Dop Iwao ten thousand Taro
Parkinson Satoshi Sasaki
エレノワール Sayuri Sadaoka
Mary Village bamboo is blue
Michael Mizuki Saito
Stacy Mayumi Yanagisawa
Jeannie Mie Sonozaki
Geena Rie Ishizuka
Gavin Hiroshi Iwasaki
Trench Eiji Ito
オウレリア Mina Meguro
DJ Hisao Egawa
Mayumi Yanagisawa
Iwao ten thousand Taro

  • The appearance of other voices: 岡珠希Yuria FujiiOkubo Shotaro宮本侑芽Moeka Hirano
  • The Japanese edition production staff: Direction: 簑浦良平, translation: Nakamura Kuse, adjustment: はたしょうじ, recording: An AC studio, production charge: 乃坂守蔵 / Yokoyama きむ (AC create production part Co., Ltd.), Japanese edition production: Universal Studios Inc. /AC create Co., Ltd.
    • The Japanese dubbing was not recorded in Blu-ray Disc, but was included in new publication Blu-ray of the release on June 24, 2015.

Sound track

  1. Jump - (girls ARA udo)
  2. Toe lost in you - (sugar Babe's)
  3. The trouble with love is - (Kelly Clarkson)
  4. Here with me - (Daidoh)
  5. Christmas is oar around - (Billy Mac)
  6. Turn me on - (Nora Jones)
  7. Song bird - (Eve Cassidy)
  8. スウィーテスト good-by - (Marron 5)
  9. ホエアエヴァー you will go - (calling)
  10. Sea イット through - (Texas)
  11. Light and shadow of the youth - (Joni Mitchell)
  12. White Christmas - (Otis Redding)
  13. Take me as eye アム - (Y Cliff John Feat. シャリッサ)
  14. Christmas of lovers - (Olivia cage loss)
  15. God only no - (beach Boys)
  16. Love is all - (Linden David hall)
  17. Sam Times - (Gabriel)
  18. Glasgow, theme - (Craig Armstrong) of the love
  19. Theme - (Craig Armstrong) of the PM love
  20. It is a theme of the love from Portugal


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