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Arpad ヨー

Arpad ヨー

Flag of Hungary.svg In this item, I transcribe the name in excellent family name order in Indo-European languages style, but may transcribe it into ヨー Arpad according to custom of the Hungarian zone.

Arpad ヨー (Árpád Joó, from June 8, 1948 to July 17, 2014) [1] is a Hungarian leader, a piano player.

Birth of Budapest. To mother who was a pianist from childhood of the music learned the basics, and received special education in Kodaly music school founded at the age of 6 years old. I opened the piano recital at 9 years old, but I continued learning the music afterwards and I entered a school of higher grade at the House of list music via Bartok music high school and received Jozsef Gat, pearl カドシャ, discipline of Zoltan Kodaly. I win the championship at list = Bartok international piano contest held in Budapest in 1962 and appear for Montreux music festival in 1964. I studied in Juilliard School of New York in 1967 and I won the championship at Franz List international piano contest held in Boston and got a scholarship to the Indiana University. I learned conduct with Igor Markevich in the Indiana University and commanded [marriage of Figaro] of Mozart in San Diego in 1969 and came to be active as a leader. From 1973 through 1977 of Knoxville symphony orchestra, from 1977 through 1983 successively hold the top leader of the Calgary Philharmonic orchestra orchestra 1983 in command of Brabant orchestra from 1988 through 1990 Spanish broadcast symphony orchestra acted as a top leader. I established a European symphony orchestra in Budapest in 1998 and acted as a top leader by oneself.

I die in Singapore.


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