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Aritatsu Ogi

Aritatsu Ogi

Aritatsu Ogi Football pictogram.svg
The name
Katakana Common reed ant Tatsu
Roman letters OGI Aritatsu
Basic information
Nationality Japanese flag Japan
The date of birth (1942-12-10) 1942December 10(74 years old)
Hometown Chidacho, Hiroshima-shi [1]
Height 178cm [2]
The weight 74 kg [2]
Player information
Position FW/MF/DF
1958-1960 Hiroshima University attached high school
1961-1964 Chuo University
Club 1
Year Club Participation (score)
1965-1976 Toyo Kogyo 163 (57)
Representative career 2
1963-1976[3] Japanese flag Japan 62 (11)
Supervision career
1977-1980 Toyo Kogyo
1. I am limited to a domestic league match. As of November 12, 2012.
2. As of November 12, 2012.
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Aritatsu Ogi (おぎありたつ, December 10, 1942 -) is Japanese former soccer Japan all-star representative, leader. Chidacho, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima (existing Shizhong District) native place [1].

Existing Hiroshima Football Association's chairperson.

Table of contents


Is one of the excellent players representing (the mid-1960s and mid-1970s) in the 40, Showa generation; nobody [4] of the star player with Kunishige Kamamoto, Ryuichi Sugiyama, Teruki Miyamoto at the time.

The active play era is a forward, the all-rounder whom both a halfback (midfielder) and the fullback (defence) played afterwards. It is played an active part as a leading player of the teams which achieved 4 straight victories in Toyo Kogyo (forerunner of Sanfrecce Hiroshima) by the first Japan soccer league (JSL). In addition, I achieved full participation by the Tokyo Olympics and the Mexico City Olympics as a representative from Japan in 1964 and contributed to bronze medal acquisition in Mexico.

As for Toyo Kogyo Era, played mainly as MF, and, in the game maker which had high physical ability, and made full use of a long pass, was said to be the master hand of a place kick and the PK again [5]; [6] [7]. It was marked when I never stretched a ball from the partner team to Ogi [8]. Played as DF in the representatives mainly, and was in charge of a mark of partner FW with the comfortable physical ability [5]; [6].

In addition, I was known as an intense player of the tempers and, by the strength of the competitive spirit and a steady effort, I wrestled by physical training seriously and built up a tough body [5]. It is said that the joke "that the guy might convert to a weightlifter" was whispered. An anecdote, "Koshiro controls it if a pot book goes berserk, but nobody is suppressed if Koshiro goes berserk" remains.


Young one-year term

The parents' house a wood shop [1] [9]. In 2-year-old summer, I am bombed in Chidacho near the center of an explosion [1]. A pillar and the pillar who fell down make a gap and are saved with an older sister with mother [1]. I enjoy soccer in the elementary school days attached to Hiroshima University. Because Hiroshima Carp was just born, I come to love baseball and have fun of baseball because the body was weak [1]. I joined the rubber-ball baseball club when I entered a school of higher grade to a junior high school attached to the immensity and protected it everywhere in the infield and the outfield [5].

When advance to the very large attached high school in 1958, join the soccer club because there was not baseball club in those days [5]; [10]. The immensity attachment at the time was 3 years senior, and Kenji Onitake, Haruo Oshima were 2 years senior, and Yosuke Niwa was 1 year senior, and and others were, and thereafter paths of Yasuyuki Kuwahara, Kensei Mizote, Funamoto good luck were in の golden age and the times to be able to call it after the war that led Ken Naganuma and others in Takayuki Kuwata, Sonkyo Nomura, the same class immediately [1].

When a back strongly lengthens when I advance to the high school, and several seniors graduate, I catch a regular from a first grader and I participate in the 37th whole country high school football championship as a halfback (midfielder) and am a runner up (1-2 Yamashiro). Even the national polity is a runner up during two years (0-1 Urawa municipal institution). The quarterfinals defeat (0-1 Akita commerce) of the thing which participated in a national high school football championship in the 39th at time of the third grader, and was thought to be a favorite. However, I am chosen as one of the meeting aces [5]. The national polity, a championship and the four times participated in a national convention in high school days, too, but there is no national championship [1]. In addition, strong team Lokomotiv Moscow of the Soviet Union visited Japan and would face all Hiroshima selection forces at the time of high 3 in Hiroshima Municipal Stadium in 1960 and was chosen as the member of all Hiroshima soccer all-star teams which included the member of society in spite of being a twelfth grader and participated on the way from the latter half [11]. I am estimated as a boy wonder in some media [12]. In the same year, I was picked by Shunichiro Okano representative use to lead in Asia and participated in AFC use championship 1961 [5].

College student days

I catch a regular from annual in 2 in 1962 when I join the large soccer club during entrance into a school of higher grade with Kuwahara in Chuo University in 1961 [5]. It is Yoshitada Yamaguchi, Hirotsugu Mizuguchi for Kuwahara, a younger student for a senior of the same generation in Mutsuhiko Nomura, 片伯部延弘, Ryuzo Okamitsu, the same period. I achieved 4 crowns of the Kanto University soccer league match / east and west student king / eleventh intercollegiates / Emperor's trophy in 1962 and recorded the pennant race undefeated record [13]. I had in particular anything to do with Furukawa Electric which the final by the 42nd Emperor's trophy all-Japan soccer championship prepared Takeshi Naganuma, Ryuzo Hiraki, Saburo Kawabuchi, Masakatsu Miyamoto, Mitsuo Kamata, Tsukasa Hosaka and a representative from Japan, and aimed at three ascendancy [5].

Activity of this time is accepted and takes root in Takeshi Naganuma representative A to lead [5]. On June 9, 1963, I achieve a representative debut by Germany youth international match to Spain. I got a representative regular in the camp just before the Tokyo Olympics [5]. It was MF where I added the tenth to by the Tokyo Olympics, but I was given the work that a man-to-man marking did the ace of the partner mainly and carried out all game participation and I decided a winning goal by the group league game with Argentina and, for 1,964 years, contributed to a meeting last eight advance [5]. If it was tall for 177cm and those days and was powerful, with an outstanding characteristic, I was nominated as a leading player of the representatives by デットマール クラマー [14]. The throw-in that 38m gave up was one of the attack patterns of the representative [14].

Toyo Kogyo

I came back to Hiroshima of the hometown, and Koshiro who graduated from Chuo University in 1965 entered Toyo Kogyo (existing Mazda) while there was the invitation from many teams and joined the football region [15].

JSL begins with this age, and Toyo Kogyo called the person from Hiroshima [note 1] hardly develops aggressive soccer by strong unity and passwork of the length and breadth inexhaustibility including Director Yoshiki Yamazaki, general manager Minoru Obata, Manager Yukio Shimomura [6]. I distribute the first meeting 12 wins 2 and win the championship at the undefeated record. Win 23 straight victories on a meeting in the second in the next year, and the team boasts of invincibility, and establish the monumental achievement of the league 4 straight victory until 1968; of five times most in the history in JSL27 time won the championship. Furthermore, I built 3 degrees Emperor's trophy conquest (1965 .1967 years .1969 years) and golden age [6].

Koshiro shows power in that as an axis halfback of offense and defense [6], and I am converted to Manager Shimomura in 1970 by a sweeper (sweeper). I win Japanese annual MVP Prize passing to the second of 1965 and 1970. A 1966 league leading scorer (defeat 14 PK10) [6]. I acted as a captain at Toyo Kogyo from 1971 through 1976 [10].

Olympics in Mexico

Japan performs the energy saving strategy that I put together in thin highlands, Mexico of oxygen by the Mexico City Olympics in 1968 and I put a sweeper behind 4DF and protect it with five - six and acquire a bronze medal by a strategy to keep the swift attack of Kunishige Kamamoto, the Ryuichi Sugiyama combination alive [6]. Koshiro sent high quality long feeding to a front as a center back in that on activity, the attack side [6]. I was known as a master hand of the PK, and, as for the league leading scorer of JSL2 age eyes, ten of them were PK in 14 points for 1,966 years. Kick PK, and even an international match is infallible, and there was not the thing that read the movement of the partner goalkeeper skillfully, and fail [1]; [6] [16].

When the number of the participation of the international match puts 213, the house international A matches together to 11 scores, C match by 62 games participation, 39 gets a score. This is Kunishige Kamamoto, a number next to Tadashi Teru Miyamoto in Mexican Olympics generations. It was called representative from Japan history, the strongest game maker [1].

The post

Put a player carrier away in 1977 and take office as Director at Toyo Kogyo. With poor business results of Toyo Kogyo which was a parent company by the influence of the oil crisis, the team was declining from the heyday, but I achieved entering A class with the league match fourth place just after the assumption of office after a long absence and succeeded to rebuild Emperor's trophy runner ups temporarily in 1978, the following day. After the retirement, I just worked in Toyo Kogyo / Mazda and dealt with soccer instruction again in a local soccer classroom.

I came back to the soccer world after retirement at the age limit again and acted as a Japanese soccer league match commissioner until 2007. I play an active part as a coach in Koi Hiroshima more City than 2003 at a junior high school [17]. In 2005, I received a trace of Sonkyo Nomura and took office as Hiroshima Football Association's chairperson [18].

In 2006, I enter the Japanese soccer palace [19].

Brief career history

  • From 1958 to 1960: Hiroshima University attached high school
  • From 1961 to 1964: Chuo University
  • From 1965 to 1976: Toyo Kogyo
  • 1976: Toyo Kogyo coach (※ additional post)
  • From 1977 to 1980: Director at Toyo Kogyo
  • As of 2005 -: Hiroshima Football Association's chairperson

Personal results

Domestic meeting individual results
The year Club Uniform number League League match League cup Open cup The period total
Participation Score Participation Score Participation Score Participation Score
Japan League match JSL cup The Emperor's trophy The period total
1965 The Orient JSL 14 9 -
1966 The Orient JSL 14 14 -
1967 The Orient JSL 12 5 -
1968 The Orient JSL 14 5 -
1969 The Orient JSL 13 6 -
1970 The Orient JSL 14 2 -
1971 The Orient JSL 14 1 -
1972 The Orient JSL1 part 14 4 -
1973 The Orient JSL1 part 18 4
1974 The Orient JSL1 part 9 1 -
1975 The Orient JSL1 part 18 5 -
1976 The Orient JSL1 part 9 1
The total Japan JSL1 part 163 57
The total total 163 57

Personal title

  • Japanese annual MVP Prize (foot bowler of the Year): For 1,965 years, it is 1970
  • JSL leading scorer: 1966
  • 11 people Prize a year excellent JSL (best 11): For 1,966 years, it is 1972 in 1971 in 1970 in 1969 for 1,968 years for 1,967 years

I it in a representative career

Participation meet

several games

  • International A match 62 games 11 score (1963-1976) [3]

Representative from Japan International A match Others The period total
Year Participation Score Participation Score Participation Score
1963 1 0 6 2 7 2
1964 1 0 11 3 12 3
1965 2 0 9 2 11 2
1966 7 2 10 6 17 8
1967 5 3 18 4 23 7
1968 3 0 21 1 24 1
1969 4 0 17 3 21 3
1970 13 2 15 0 28 2
1971 5 2 12 2 17 4
1972 8 2 11 4 19 6
1973 5 0 7 0 12 0
1974 6 0 14 3 20 3
1975 0 0 1 0 1 0
1976 2 0 0 0 2 0
The total 62 11 152 30 214 41

several scores

# The date The site War-torn country Score Result Game summary
1 December 11, 1966 Thailand, Bangkok   Iran 3-1 Victory The Asian Games
2 December 17, 1966 Thailand, Bangkok   Thailand 5-1 Victory The Asian Games
3 September 27, 1967 Japan, Tokyo   The Philippines 15-0 Victory Olympics qualifier in Mexico
4 September 30, 1967 Japan, Tokyo   Taiwan 4-0 Victory Olympics qualifier in Mexico
5 October 3, 1967 Japan, Tokyo   Lebanon 3-1 Victory Olympics qualifier in Mexico
6 August 8, 1970 Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur   Indonesia 4-3 Victory Merdeka meet
7 August 8, 1970 Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur   Indonesia 4-3 Victory Merdeka meet
8 September 27, 1971 Republic of Korea, Seoul   The Philippines 8-1 Victory Munich Olympics qualifier
9 September 27, 1971 Republic of Korea, Seoul   The Philippines 8-1 Victory Munich Olympics qualifier
10 July 18, 1972 Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur   The Philippines 5-1 Victory Merdeka meet
11 August 4, 1972 Singapore   The Philippines 4-1 Victory Beth Tuscan meeting

Coaching record

The year Position Club League match Cup war
Order Game 勝点 Victory Draw Defeat JSL cup The Emperor's trophy
1977 JSL1 part The Orient The fourth place 18 42 9 2PK 勝 2PK loss 5 Qualifier defeat The quarterfinals
1978 JSL1 part The Orient The sixth place 18 34 7 3PK 勝 0PK loss 8 Qualifier defeat Runner up
1979 JSL1 part The Orient The sixth place 18 33 5 4PK 勝 5PK loss 4 One round The quarterfinals
1980 JSL1 part The Orient The seventh place 18 15 6 3 9 The quarterfinals The quarterfinals


Explanatory note
  1. As ^ main player paths of Yasuyuki Kuwahara, Ryuzo Okamitsu, Takayuki Kuwata, Yoshinobu Ishii, Kazuo Imanishi, Hiroyuki Kuwahara, Yosuke Niwa, Funamoto good luck. In addition, Michihiro Ozawa and Ikuo Matsumoto from Tochigi.
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