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Special equipment machine soldier Holbach

Special equipment machine soldier Holbach

Special equipment machine soldier Holbach
Genre Robot animated cartoon
Animated cartoon
General manager Masami Annou
Supervision Ohba Taro Kotobuki (chief director)
Series constitution Shigemitsu Taguchi
Character design Osamu Kamijo
Mechanic design Katsumi Itabashi, Nobuyoshi Habara
Music Masahiro Ikumi
Production Fuji TV, reed production
Broadcasting station Fuji TV affiliated station others
Broadcast period 1983October 7 - 1984July 6
The number of the stories All 36 episodes
Template - notebook
Project Animated cartoon
Portal Animated cartoon

"Special equipment machine soldier Holbach" (I am isolated and pass and am shit Holbach) is a robot animated cartoon broadcasted in Fuji TV affiliated station others. The collaboration of Fuji TV and the reed production. All 36 episodes. I broadcast it in Fuji TV of the production station from October 7, 1983 to July 6, 1984.

As for the title at the preparations article stage announced to an animated cartoon magazine [the source required], the power door mer was called "a combat protector" "special duty machine soldier Holbach" again. I was introduced by a title called "triple command" "" (provisionally) with the "アニメージュ" August, 1983 issue, and, as for infinite Masato, in ムゲンキャリバー, it was "an octobus command type" (provisionally) "infinite Shinichi" [1]. To August 21, 1984 [2], all original video three volumes with a short story were released.

All 36 episodes were made DVD-BOX triggered by での rebroadcast later SKY PerfecTV. Other than the ground wave, Cartoon Network and family Theater carried out rebroadcast.

Table of contents


The Ide rear person who lost a mother star in 1999 discovered a star, the earth suitable for survival after long wandering at last. Commander-in-chief, Zoeller gives it an order for earth aggression promptly. I knew that a human power door mer-based force to wear could not be opposed to perception Gruid which was the battle machine of the Ide rear person in earth Federales on the other hand and was agonized. I establish the base at the Mont Blanc foot of a mountain, and the Ide rear military overwhelming earth Federales starts earth invasion in earnest although lacking in a force. In such situation, Special Forces "Holbach" who seemed to be a simple rescue unit stood up. Only the soldier of three infinite Masato and others who drove the barrier bloomers scene which changed into a person type from conventional arms had the power that could be opposed to a super weapon of the Ide rear.

It becomes clear that former Ide rear military commander-in-chief, Amo who left the cause of Zoeller is the race where originally an Ide rear person shares an earthian and an ancestor by an investigation of Federales incidentally while war situation falls into an agglutination state. The aim of Zoeller was "an authority" sealed in the Ide rear continent which was unexploited on the earth. アモフ toward the Ide rear military base is killed in action to stop the fight between the same races, and Pierre of the Holbach corps loses its life in an intense fight again, too. And Ide rear military Shinji law official who knew that it was used for the profit of the Zoeller individual, イデル defeats Zoeller and ceases to breathe. However, the fight was not over. Zoeller who was aggregate of the wicked consciousness plotted revival using "power". It was Federales which marched into the Ide rear continent by the hard fight of the Holbach corps, but I encounter the resistance of the unmanned aircraft, and the command bass is completely demolished, and the aroma that survived leaves for the decisive battle with one Zoeller. It was the figure such as the pure white bird, and the aroma that barely won against the fight that the person with the wicked will did not become known disappeared where it was.


Holbach corps

Infinite Masato (むげんまさと)
Voice - Toru Furuya
A chief character. A 20-year-old Japanese man. A fiery zeal type of the frankness. I am superior in ability for motor nerves, fight and steer barrier bulldog machine "キャリバー" of the Holbach corps. For racer choice, the skill in operation with the jeep form is reliable, too. It is the leader of Holbach corps.
Louis Obelon
Voice - Hiromi Tsuru
The 18-year-old American woman who operates a barrier bulldog machine to transform from a helicopter, "a gusset." I have character that I am active in short hair of the red hair. The brain is superior, too and I drive a gusset of the on the small side and show power in intelligence and analysis. I felt kindly toward Masato, but relation did not progress in products. By the introduction articles of [the source required] such as prior animated cartoon magazines, an image totally different in the impression of the Berri shortstop was introduced by a Mongoloid eye.
Pierre Bonaparte
Voice - Sukekiyo Kameyama
The 23-year-old Frenchman who steers barrier bulldog machine to transform from a tank, "Tal refuse." It is the mood maker of the Holbach corps and uses follow of Masato. I protect Louis and die of the story middle stage.
Stanley Hilton
Voice - Hirotaka Suzuoki
The 21-year-old British man who was assigned to the Holbach corps posthumously of Pierre. I steer barrier bulldog machine "Tal refuse". It is the elite of the military and has a very firm impression in the Holbach corps such as reserve forces. Masato whom Pierre was not left repeated a collision without recognizing it as Stanley. The cool guy who performs follow of Masato after having done the quarrel of the fight like an officer.
Bob Floyd
Voice - 島香裕
The maintenance chief of the Holbach corps. A 50-year-old man. The command-based operation to become the mother ship of the barrier bloomers scene is in charge.
Jackie Frank
Voice - 向殿 Asami
The maintenance man of the Holbach corps. A 14-year-old boy.
Voice - Masako Katsuki
The robot of the mascot which Bob made. It was spent for almighty plenty.

Earth Federales

Yoichi Takagi
Voice - Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Colonel of 37-year-old earth Federales. The biological parent of the Holbach corps. Expecting the earth aggression of the person from Ide rear, I built up Holbach.
Jaws Sanders
The captain of the earth Federales Talca's corps. I board mass production type Talca's. I always regarded a Holbach corps as a rival and burnt jealousy feeling when given warm reception. His reckless action lets, as a result, Pierre result in death.

Ide rear military

Voice - Sho Hayami
The latter term commander-in-chief of the Ide rear person who is the alien who performed earth aggression. A man of appearance age around 20 years old. I scheme the erasure of the earthian according to faithfulness to Zoeller who is God for the Ide rear race. So-called beautiful woman villain of the tall thin figure. It is torn to Zoeller who became a mind body though I know the real intention of Zoeller and bury the body of Zoeller.
Voice - Osamu Saka
Commander-in-chief of initial Ide rear military. The appearance is a man of the passing middle age. I start the cause of instructions of Zoeller, earth invasion in order to save a person from 2 million Ide rear. However, I come to doubt a will of Zoeller in a fight and grow away. I am killed in action the fight with Zoeller with aroma and the person of the daughter from large number of Ide rear.
Voice - Keiko Toda
A person from Ide rear woman of appearance age 18 years old. It is イデル and lovers, and the adjutant served, too, but I join estrangement of father, アモフ and become enemies with the lover. I was protected by the Holbach corps and it was taken care all the time by Masato and Pierre and became a target of the jealousy of Louis. I defeat Zoeller who became a mind body in an inner space in the last decisive battle. Abstract expression to become a swan, and to fly away is done, and it is unknown whether you returned from an inner space afterwards.
Voice - Eiji Kanie
The existence that it is the commander-in-chief of the person from Ide rear, and should be called God. In fact, wicked existence to plot erasure of a person from Ide rear and the both earthians. A true ambition is spoiled by イデル which I knew and loses the body, but it will give Zoeller further power. I am defeated by the last story by aroma.
Person from Ide rear
I was led by Zoeller and struck the earth in order to emigrate to the earth. 2 million people were in sleep state, and only some officers were active. The sleep people who were in a state were hushed up together with facilities without waking, and, by Zoeller who exposed a true ambition, the person whom I took part in Zoeller and invaded shared a base and the fate that collapsed with death of Zoeller. The rebel army of アモフ which survived did communal living in a refugee camp, but every military unit of the earth forces which got the job of the defense by a surprise attack of ゼラノイド was annihilated. Finally 2 million Ide rear person became extinct because the aroma that remained became the figure of the bird and flew away.

Appearance machine

Earth side

Barrier bloomers scene

It is the leading role machine of this product and is a few machines which can be opposed to perception Gruid of the Ide rear military out of the work. The mainstream power door mer did not pass to the machine of the alien in this product world, but the cause of the instructions of the Takajo colonel who well knew the force of the alien, an existing weapon were remodeled so that it was transformation Robo, and the barrier bloomers scene (following VM) fully showed the power. A jeep, an anti-tank copter, tank change into a person type machine each.

The activity of the Holbach corps is accepted later, and three VM is mass-produced. Because three planes of the Holbach corps were prototypes, the mass production type was gathered up by the olive-drab colors like the military weapon for yellow or an orange, blue and bright coloring. After that I was replaced from the PA-based tactics by these three types of tactics of the simultaneous use with the heteromorphic machine. Masato and Louis come to command the military manoeuvre of the military unit of each VM. In addition, what the latest F-4 Phantom fighter trusts a missile almighty theory at the time of the Vietnam War in the form called the fiction talk article with the Takajo colonel in pamphlet "Holbach news" of published by Gunze Sangyo, Inc. blindly, and was not equipped with a machine gun at all raises process that came to be equipped with a machine gun after a model for reasons of the operational top in the F-4E latter period after all for an example and is explained "why did you choose the tank copter jeep which became an old type daringly as a heteromorphic machine?".

The design is made with the idea "that the machine of the shape that an existing science of war device is near transforms to a robot without unnaturalness" like Baru Killy of "super space-time fortress Macross" where Takatoku toys made product release before this product. I constitute a robot form with parts before the transformation almost keeping a shape, and the feature is that a rough image is common in approximately transformation.

VV-54AR ムゲンキャリバー
Trial manufacture VM for exclusive use of Masato. A jeep type vehicle changes into a person type. But it is much bigger than the size of the jeep to generally remember and almost ranks with a tank. I am merely referred to "キャリバー" during the drama. "AR" of the form number end is the abbreviation of the Armour rifle; from the main armament of this plane. Among VM, I change into near form in a person type most and am superior in mobility. I can use a machine gun doing 牽架 with a jeep form above for holdings weapon. The heteromorphic toy made of Takatoku toys reproduces the setting of the animated version including the movement of the cockpit in convincible form and completely transforms it without the mounting or dismounting of all parts again. I can be equipped with the Jean Ping booster unit which is optional parts, and variableness is possible with putting this on. By the way, I can transform even a heteromorphic toy without removing additional parts. In addition, the jeep form is called "ランドキャリバー" with the toys.
VV-54A キャリバー
Mass production type キャリバー. A head shape and armament are different from ムゲンキャリバー. The main armament is a bazooka. When new member Stanley came up for the first time unless a general soldier used it of a main volume, direction to save the crisis of Masato using this was done. In the case of ムゲンキャリバー repair, infinite Masato has boarded it temporarily.
A reinforcement type of キャリバー which came up from the main volume latter half. I repaired completely demolished ムゲンキャリバー. I reinforce all parts in high ラミネードアーマー of the thickness of an average of 50 millimeters and improve a defence. And I equip a shield, the right arm with a missile with blaster cancer which can charge 15 chemical energy bullets of 20 millimeters of diameters, new development of ラピードタイプ in substitution for Armour rifle to the left arm for offensive ability reinforcement. Therefore self-respect doubled approximately two of before, but it was equipped with a power plant with a supercharger of output 8500ps instead and got human being mobility more than it by incorporating a biofeedback motor to each joint. In addition, the rocket nozzle for the turn was attached to sidepiece under a foot, the side, and jumping mobility improved, and the aircraft kilometer performed increased 10 times as much as キャリバー, and the hovering was enabled, too. In the state that attached high ラミネードアーマー although could not transform it, sometimes made a sortie in the state that removed because the desorption of the armor was possible.
The plastic model was not released, but the alloy toy which reproduced high ラミネードアーマー was released in 2009 by CMs Corporation.
VV-54AS キャリバースペシャル
I am equipped with 2 multi-launching machine gun MAC-11 モザート as a weapon. An alloy toy is released later by CMs Corporation.
VV-54B ガンキャリバー
重装型 (variation only for models) where グレネードガン MG-09 bulldog was added to in mass production type キャリバー.
VV-54E スクランド
A reinforcement improvement model of キャリバー. I am equipped with グレネードガン and a jump unit (variation only for models).
VH-64MR Obelon gusset
VM for exclusive use of Louis. A helicopter of AH-1 cobra 似 changes into a person type. I am merely referred to "a gusset" during the drama. I see it after transformation very slightly. It is VM specialized in speed and ability for searching for the enemy. The helicopter form is called "an aerogusset" with the toys.
VH-64A gusset
A mass production type gusset. I am equipped with the Vulcan gun who gave discharge speed. In addition, the silencer of the rotor was added, too. Masato and Pierre have used two mass production type gussets to rescue Louis kept to the enemy of a main volume.
VT-61LC Bonaparte Talca's
Pierre and VM which Stanley used. A tank changes into a person type. If anything, it is the shape that a tank just got up rather than a person type in fact. Because both bents do not have the mechanism such as the knee joint, there is not the bipedalism and moves in particular in the caterpillar which is in a state that half grounded the ground. I merely refer it to "Tal refuse" in the main volume. I was called "Bonaparte Tal refuse" with the plastic models, but am called by the same name after Stanley boarding. The tank form is called "APC Tal refuse" with the toys. The APC is an armored personnel carrier, and, actually, the silhouette is near APC rather than a tank, but there is not the ability of the strength of an army transportation.
VT-61A Talca's
Mass production type Talca's. A sensor and offensive ability improve. I perform the operation in three pilots. The escape scene of the crew is described in the main volume, too.

Power door mer

パワード Armour (power armor clothes to increase reinforcement times, following PA) is the armor weapon which is a standard weapon in the work world. The thing which is equal to "パワードスーツ" where the Robert A Heinlein original comes up to "a soldier of the space."

Gunze Sangyo, Inc. which was a sponsor had pushed it from behind strongly, and popularity increased than VM which was the leading role machine in this product. With the released plastic model, MSV-like direction in the plastic model of Gundam worked and the sample of the minute diorama model came up, and a contest was carried out and was popular in those days. The variation model of the PA not to appear in a product is released. An original photo essay using the PA which I remodeled was placed in the pamphlet "Holbach news" that Gunze Sangyo, Inc. published, and the remodeling PA due to the hand of Makoto Kobayashi who acted as a machine design of ΖΖ Gundam later was placed in that.

PA-27 recon
The regulation power door mer that it is the first among the earth forces. A problem occurred in the defense sides of the glass canopy part though I was spent by a battle with Ide re-Ann and evacuated the seat of the leading role to Haack type in short run. I retired from a line, but was in this way used as recon DV equipped with PA boarding training machine and 電磁砲 in Holbach corpses. There is the episode that Masato and Pierre board recon by an order of the Colonel Takajo during a drama.
PA-58N Haack
The PA where it was strengthened armor mainly on the head in order to improve the weakness of the defence of the head of the recon type. With it, the visual system was changed from the glass canopy to the camera-focus method. The main weapon is グレネードガン.
PA-58NC Haack commander
A commander boarding machine of Haack. Basic appearance does not have the big difference, but a discal large communication antenna is equipped with by the head. As for the plastic model, the simple substance release is not done in compatible with Haack.
PA-58N Haack ソバット
Based on lack of power of グレネードガン for large perception Gruid, I am equipped with play car rocket launcher フライングソバット of the bread czar Faust model.
PA-58T Bogue &AVS-003 バッファイア
The PA only for plastic models. The PA which equipped the head with a beam gun of 2 multi-launching is Bogue. The simple storm boat which this PA boards is バッファイア.
PA-36 ノーブ
Because lack of power of the armament of the Haack type became serious; output improvement and the PA which was made big. With upsizing of the size, the part of the hand became the manipulator control.
PA-36HD-R2 ノーブ laser
Gas laser is equipped with by a right arm part
PA-36HD-R6 ノーブ Canon
Large-diameter Canon is equipped with by a right arm part
PA-36F rook &AVS-004 バッファイア
The PA only for plastic models. The thing with the nozzle unit large on the back of ノーブ is a castle. The simple storm boat which this PA boards is バッファイア.
PA-36K bar Ron
The PA only for plastic models. 重装型 with Canon long with armor additional to a bent on almsgiving, both shoulders in one 2 multi-launching Canon on the right arm.
PAM-74 ティンクル bell
Support type PA of the attack serious consideration (105 built-in missiles) equipped with five small missile launchers. In spite of being the power by the missile flight in the simple substance going away, I am good at extermination operation with the missile flight formation "fire ball" with the crowd figure by several.
PAM-74AM ティンクル Sam
Add six passing large missiles to large perception Gruid to ティンクル bell; a reinforcement type with the laser rifle large-diameter on the right.
PAM-74C dunk
The PA only for plastic models. Comprise a flight unit (F-12 Cupid) to the back; a high movement fierce attack type with the large Canon 1 gate.
The PAC-48 Guardian
PA for the support with the recoilless cannon directly large-diameter in the right arm part.
PAC-48C dollar Deanne
The PA only for plastic models. The PA which replaced a recoilless cannon with 3 multi-launching vs. empty beam Balkan.
PAC-48Z Paradin
The PA only for plastic models. I add increase Armour, an increase sensor to the head and become the sharp silhouette like a bill. I equip the right arm part with large-diameter beam Canon.

Ide rear side

Perception Gruid

The battle machine which the Ide rear military used. I flew by antigravity and tormented the earth forces with a neutron gun and beam weaponry. 「ザンダー」「ハーバラ」「マヤール」の三種の他に、マニピュレータの無い偵察用の小型機やイデリアに協力する刑務所所長が使用した大型機などが確認されているが体系的な開発が行なわれていたかは不明。 またドルバックの隊員がイデリア軍基地潜入の際に度々乗り込んでおり、その操縦は地球人から見てもかなり容易らしい。 また劇中終盤では殆どが無人化されている。





  • 製作 - 佐藤俊彦(葦プロダクション)
  • 総監督 - 案納正美
  • チーフディレクター - 大庭寿太郎
  • シリーズ構成 - 田口成光
  • キャラクターデザイン - 上條修
  • メカデザイン - 板橋克己羽原信義
  • 美術監督 - 新井寅雄(プロダクション・アイ
  • 撮影監督 - 福田岳志(三晃プロダクション)
  • 編集 - 辺見俊夫、正木直幸
  • 音響監督 - 清水勝則(ザックプロモーション)
  • 音楽 - 幾見雅博
  • プロデューサー - 前田和也(フジテレビ)、大野実(読売広告社)、梅原勝(葦プロダクション)
  • 制作協力 - 読売広告社(※ノークレジット)
  • 制作 - フジテレビ葦プロダクション


オープニングテーマ - 『地球にI LOVE YOU』
作詞・作曲 - 古田喜昭 / 編曲 - 幾見雅博 / 歌 - WELCOME
エンディングテーマ - 『君に贈るララバイ』
作詞・作曲 - 古田喜昭 / 編曲 - 幾見雅博 / 歌 - WELCOME





The number of the stories 放送日 サブタイトル 脚本 絵コンテ 演出 作画監督
第1話 1983
October 7
1999年戦いの序曲 Shigemitsu Taguchi 日高麗 大庭寿太郎 Osamu Kamijo
第2話 10月14日 総攻撃・スタンバイ! 吉田浩 横山広行
第3話 10月21日 鳥が死んだ日 大関雅幸 池上和彦
第4話 10月28日 霧に消えたルイ 日下部光雄 大庭寿太郎 田中保
第5話 11月4日 理由なき失脚 高垣幸蔵 横山広行 金沢勝眞
第6話 11月11日 密林の戦士ミランダ 寺田憲史 吉田浩 和田卓也
第7話 11月18日 走れ!ジャッキー 小出一己 日下部光雄 Osamu Kamijo
第8話 12月2日 潜入!イデリア基地 野田作樹 池上和彦 田中保
第9話 12月9日 地下道のメロディー Shigemitsu Taguchi 日下部光雄 大庭寿太郎 Osamu Kamijo
第10話 12月16日 ボブの向けた銃口 寺田憲史 横山広行 和田卓也
第11話 12月23日 悪魔の赤い花 小出一己 吉田浩 Osamu Kamijo
第12話 1984
烈火のイースター島 Shigemitsu Taguchi 大関雅幸 池上和彦 西城明
第13話 1月20日 地獄におちたチャンプ 寺田憲史 横山広行 田中保
第14話 1月27日 響け!野性の叫び Shigemitsu Taguchi 吉田浩 和田卓也
第15話 2月3日 戦火に散った恋 寺田憲史 日下部光雄 Osamu Kamijo
第16話 2月10日 秘められた警告 Shigemitsu Taguchi 大関雅幸 池上和彦
第17話 2月17日 レーニア神殿の謎 寺田憲史 日下部光雄 横山広行 和田卓也
第18話 2月24日 あばかれたイデリアの秘密 Shigemitsu Taguchi 吉田浩 田中保
第19話 3月2日 脱出!アルプスの拠点 寺田憲史 日高麗 池上和彦 Osamu Kamijo
第20話 3月9日 緊急指令!北海の要塞をつぶせ Shigemitsu Taguchi 日下部光雄 和田卓也
第21話 3月16日 さらば友よ!戦士が死ぬ瞬間(とき) 寺田憲史 吉田浩 田中保
第22話 3月23日 モアイの光放つ時 Shigemitsu Taguchi Osamu Kamijo 上條修(キャラ)
第23話 4月6日 1999年地球最後の日 日下部光雄 横山広行 川筋豊
第24話 4月13日 暗黒への序章 吉田浩 田中保
第25話 4月20日 恐怖!新たなる敵 日下部光雄 池上和彦 和田卓也
第26話 4月27日 ひとりぼっちのアロマ 寺田憲史 吉田浩 Osamu Kamijo
第27話 5月4日 墓標に隠された過去 並木敏 浜津守 和田卓也
第28話 5月11日 はるかなる想い 荒木芳久 日下部光雄 横山広行 工藤柾輝
第29話 5月18日 愛と憎しみの谷 久保田圭司 吉田浩 田中保
第30話 5月25日 肖像画のジャンヌ 寺田憲史 日高麗 大庭寿太郎 和田卓也
第31話 6月1日 恐怖!閃光に浮かぶ影 Shigemitsu Taguchi 池上和彦
第32話 6月8日 絶叫の淵からの脱出 並木敏 吉田浩 Osamu Kamijo
第33話 6月15日 悪魔につかれた男達 荒木芳久 日下部光雄 大庭寿太郎 和田卓也
第34話 6月22日 終末へのイリュージョン 久保田圭司 横山広行 Osamu Kamijo
第35話 6月29日 決断!最後の上陸作戦 荒木芳久 吉田浩 田中保
第36話 July 6 復活への奇跡 Shigemitsu Taguchi 日高麗 大庭寿太郎 Osamu Kamijo






放送対象地域 Broadcasting station 系列 放送日時 備考
関東広域圏 フジテレビ フジテレビ系列 金曜 16:30 - 17:00 製作局
北海道 北海道文化放送 日曜 10:00 - 10:30
山形県 山形テレビ 当時フジテレビ系列
中京広域圏 東海テレビ
広島県 テレビ新広島
福岡県 テレビ西日本 日曜 10:00 - 10:30 2日遅れ
青森県 青森放送 日本テレビ系列
京都府 KBS京都 独立UHF局 金曜 18:30 - 19:00 7日先行ネット
兵庫県 サンテレビ
和歌山県 テレビ和歌山 34話で放送打ち切り


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  3. ^ 2007年にアニメ音楽事業はフライングドッグに移管されている。



フジテレビ 金曜16:30枠
前番組 番組名 次番組
Special equipment machine soldier Holbach
(1983年10月7日 - 1984年7月6日)
(1984年7月13日 - 1984年9月28日)

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