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Yonezawa is free

Yonezawa is free

Yonezawa is free
Yui Yonezawa at USA International Ballet Competition, Jackson, -30 Jun. 2006 a.jpg
In the award ceremony of the USA international ballet contest (2006)
The birth (1987-03-31) 1987March 31(29 years old)
Japanese flag Tokyo
Alma mater Yoko Tsukamoto ballet studio
Occupation Ballet dancer

A ballerina [explanatory note 1] who is raised in Tokyo birth [2], Nagoya as for Yonezawa mere (よねざわゆい, 1987 [1] March 31 -). I belong to a new national theater ballet of Tokyo from the autumn of 2010. The current rank principals [3].

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I am born in Tokyo as a daughter of director Toshiharu Takeuchi [4]. The parents were remarriages together, and "Yonezawa" was a family name of mother. I moved to Nagoya-shi at the age of 3 years old [4] and have begun to learn it soon in Yoko Tsukamoto ballet studio [5].

In February, 2003, I went into the final of the Lausanne international ballet contest at the age of Aichi feminine virtues tenth grader. モニク Rudy Yale [6] who instructed a variation of "Giselle" then although I missed the winning prize described "the point that was difficult for a Japanese as it about a dance of Yonezawa saying I interpret Giselle in a program by free expression faithfully" [7].

In July, 2004, the following day, it becomes the woman first place in the youth section of the Varna international ballet contest [8]. I appeared for the dance performance of the Aichi art Cultural Center plan after returning home in local Nagoya.

I win a bronze medal for women in the senior section of the USA international ballet contest held once in four years in the end of June, 2006 [9]. I contracted with American San Jose ballet triggered by this [10]. I was registered at San Jose for four years until the summer of 2010 and danced the leading role in "the September" of "The Nutcracker" and the contemporary work.

In the autumn of 2010, I transfer to a new national theater ballet under the David bottle tray supervision and join it as a soloist. About the reason, "置 came with the body in strictness to be able to whet the expression of the slight movement one foot"; fold it, and speak it with [1].

The new production with the bottle tray is "the prince of the pagoda" and, in November, 2011, is selected as Princess leading role Sakura [11]. I danced first part to play オデット / オディール in "Swan Lake" in May, 2012, the following day. It is the first soloist from the autumn of 2012. "Giselle" danced the leading role in "Don Quixote" in June of the year in February, 2013 and was promoted to principals after a season [12].

Person, style

The parents' house did not have TV by a policy of Takeuchi and was a bookworm when I entered the elementary school. I read a book while holding a bowl in the breakfast [13]. I learned a piano and the long song other than ballet at the age of a sixth grader [14].

As of the high school summer of 1 the exercise time for ballet in a week 16 hours [15]. After having participated in Lausanne in 2003, I practiced that it became a ballet ray 365 days without taking a rest in those days for New Year holidays [5].

The dance is often described with "growth" [16]. I told you, "I want to become the dancer who did not terminate in the technique, and lived from the inside" about the aim of oneself [17].

Main appearance career

Year Program Position Companion Choreography Ballet / sponsorship
2004 In the open air [18]
A, シルヴェストリン Aichi art Cultural Center
2005 ウズメ
Akira Kasai
2006 The Nutcracker Maria
D, ナハト San Jose ballet
2007 September (lover) M, カリファノ Ben Iida
2009 9 Sinatra songs (a second music "night alien") T, Tharp
2010 Symphony in C (the first movement principals) Hideo Sugano Balanchine New national theater
2013 Concerto バロッコ (the first principals for women) Atsuji Yasuo
Apollo Calliope C, Walsh
2014 Symphony in three ムーヴメンツ (principals) Hideo Sugano
2015 A theme and variation (principals)
2011 Aladdin Sapphire
Bottle tray
Silver Yutaka Shimizu Saburo
Prince of the pagoda Princess Sakura Hideo Sugano
2012 Sylvia Sylvia
2013 Take five (take five)
E=mc² Energy
Penguin cafe Bighorn sheep of Utah Taku Emoto
2014 Cal Mina ブラーナ Fortuna Yudai Fukuoka
[theologian 3]
2011 The Nutcracker Spirit of the confetto Atsuji Yasuo 改訂
2013 Yudai Fukuoka
2012 Swan Lake オデット / オディール Hideo Sugano
2015 V, ムンタギロフ
La bayan Dale ガムザッティ
Niki-ya Yudai Fukuoka
2012 Bat Zardas
2015 Seawife Hideo Sugano
2012 Cinderella Cinderella Atsuji Yasuo Ashton
2014 Hideo Sugano
2013 Giselle Giselle Atsuji Yasuo Sergeyev revision
solo for 2 (partita second allemande, sarabande) Yudai Fukuoka Jo Kanamori
Don Quixote キトリ ファジェーチェフ revision
Firebird Firebird Hideo Sugano Four Kyn
2014 Be let loose by darkness
Kaikawa Tetsuo others J, Lang
Large fugue (four women) Wajima Takuya H, fan マネン
Sleeping Beauty Aurora princess V, ムンタギロフ イーグリング revision
フロリナ princess Shun Izawa
[blue bird]
2015 I laugh at a flower
Yudai Fukuoka Treasure Naoya
Do Ende (pastorale) Wajima Takuya Do atto-

※The purple expresses the leading role of the program. ★Although it is not the first day, appearance ,☆ to the premiere, the first day of は 当該作品 expresses what I appeared in a series of premiere [explanatory note 2]. The appearance of the same program in the same position, companions wrote down only the first age.

Explanatory note

  1. Because I spent it in Nagoya from ^ childhood period, it is written, "I am from Aichi" in the official sites.
  2. I assume only ^ world premiere a problem, and so-called "ballet premiere" that has been staged on other ballets and stage assumes it no mark.


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