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Diablo (game)

Diablo (game)

Diablo (Diablo) is developed in American Blizzard North and is hack and slash system action RPG released in 1997 by Blizzard Entertainment company and is the work that it was a pioneer of MORPG. Several can play through a server named "Battle.net" at the same time in the same world (room). The on-line service through this Battle.net can take advantage of (2014) free now without changing.

Diablo 2 of the sequel was released on June 29, 2000. Expansion packs "Lord of Destruction" of Diablo 2 was released on June 29, 2001. Diablo 3 was announced in a meeting place of Worldwide Invitational held in Paris on June 28, 2008. I repeated postponement many times, but was released safely on May 15, 2012.

Table of contents

General statement

The action RPG that was released in 1997, and recorded more than 3000000 sales throughout the world.

I had other action RPG and a common element, but a great many people play was equipped with the system which was epoch-making for those days called the possibility through the Internet through the free on-line service that blizzard company called Battle.net ran basically.

A PC version and a Play Station version were released.


A thing that the game system chooses one as a player among three kinds of occupations and searches for a labyrinth generated the cause every time random of the constant law, and to finally defeat devil Diablo. The labyrinth where the stage exists in a town of Tristram and the basement. The tree similar to the cherry tree grows in the town. There is a monastery becoming the entrance of the first labyrinth to the north of the town.

I push forward a game by the single play alone, but capture dungeon in cooperation with other players by the multi-play (I can make a multi-play alone). In addition, I perform buying and selling, the trade of the item and can offer a thing necessary each other to each other. The multi-play is available for the play in the LAN unless I play on the Internet through battle.net which is an existing formula lobby server. Degree of difficulty setting is possible, and only a multi-play becomes difficult in order of Normal, Nightmare, Hell, but an item having high performance is easy to appear.

I use communication protocol IPX in the multi-play on the LAN. Therefore by Windows Vista that IPX is not prepared on the LAN multi-; was not able to play. I can play sequentially to use the TCP/IP of the standard protocol of the Internet in battle.net. Even as for one PC which Direct Cable Connection can tie PCs with a cable and can play offline, but one wins, possible a play in the multi-play environment [1].



Warrior /Warrior
The soldier who is strong in close combat. I am usable, but the magic is inferior to other jobs, too. The exclusive skill can repair an item, but a biggest durability level decreases.
Roeg /Rogue
  • A voice: Glynnis Talken / Atsuko Tanaka
I am good at the use of the bow. I can play weapon battle and magic, both. The exclusive skill raises possibility to remove a trap.
ソーサラー /Sorcerer
  • A voice: Michael Gough / 島香裕
It is weak, but is good at a magic attack physically. The exclusive skill lets you supplement a stick with basket められた magic, but the biggest use number of times decreases.
Monk /Monk
The monk practicing asceticism who is good at the battle with bare hands and the stick. I am characterized by the range attack with a block and the stick with bare hands. The exclusive skill makes it easy to find an item falling into the ground. I was added in "Hellfire".
Barbarian /Barbarian
The class which is equipped with a both hands sword, a both hands club with one hand, and can perform a range attack axes an ax. I cannot raise Magic at all. I can raise STR, the Health upper limit in an exclusive skill temporarily. A hidden class of "Hellfire."
Bird /Bard
The class which a drinker who likes sweets as well has with a one hand sword. I can perform item judgment in an exclusive skill. A hidden class of "Hellfire."


Kane /Cain
  • A voice: Michael Gough/ Koji Ito
The professional reciter who knows a lot about the history in the town seniors. I judge non-judgment item which I obtained. 100 gold flat as for the judgment charges per one article.
Griswold /Griswold
  • A voice: Masayuki Komuro
A blacksmith's. I buy and sell a weapon and the protective gear. I ask it for an equipment-related quest and have you make the special equipment when you achieve a quest.
ペピン /Pepin
  • A voice: Paul Eiding/ Jin Yamanoi
Rev. treatment. HP all; have recover, and sell a recovery item. When it is a maid, I misunderstand Gillian.
Aid rear /Adria
  • A voice: Lani Minella/ Kanougi Shoko
A witch. I am persecuted and live in the shack of the town loser. I buy and sell a magic-related item. The recharge of the magic of the stick goes, too.
Wirt /Wirt
  • A voice: Lani Minella/ Yumi Fukami
The boy of the artificial leg. I have been twisted by a case attacked by a demon. I show a premium item when I pay 50 gold. His premium item has many things upper than a thing of grease Waldo, but is expensive by the same time.
Ogden /Ogden
  • A voice: Bill Roper/ Yosuke Akimoto
The master of the inn "sunrise bower." I ask it for a labyrinth-involved quest.
Gillian /Gillian
  • A voice: Glynnis Talken/ Yumi Fukami
The waitress of the sunrise bower. The idol of the town where I still live in with a grandmother where most of the inhabitants have run away.
Fern ham /Farnham
  • A voice: Hiroshi Otake
The survivor of the soldier who only just a drunkard could see it, but, in fact, was led by Lazarus, and went for the subjugation of the demon. I indulge in liquor because of too much a fear experience by the subjugation.
It calls "moo" when I talk. Furthermore, it is angry when I talk saying "it is just a cow".

about story

The fingers of the hell where the execution of the person who invaded the labyrinth was appointed. A discernibly doubtful small room is on the lower floors of the dungeon and attacks it as soon as I cry with "Fresh Meat!" (fresh meat!) when a player opens a door.
Leo King Rick
The person whom I paid my attention to as the body which oneself dwelled in when Diablo revived first. Diablo tempted King in a dream night after night, but he failed in a physical takeover, and the King went mad. The King who became a manservant of Diablo becomes Ann dead monster and I take a large number of skeletons and defend the labyrinth.
G.C. of the kingdom. I let many soldiers go to the labyrinth for the demon subjugation.
Rack Da Nang
Divisional commander Imperial Guardsman of Leo King Rick. I enter the labyrinth by instructions of Lazarus and am murdered with a subordinate. I am kept and wander around the soul now in depths part of the labyrinth in Diablo.


There are four kinds and becomes 16 classes with four classes in total each. Besides, a special place exists in a labyrinth. As for the single play, a special map increases.

  • Dungeon (Dungeon)
  • Catacomb (Catacomb)
  • Cave (Cave)
  • Hel (Hell)
  • The additional map with nest (Nest) - "Hellfire." I become able to enter when I meet a certain condition.
  • The additional map with Krypto (Crypt) - "Hellfire." I become able to enter when I clear Nest.
  • The cause that deteriorates the quality of the water of dirty water source - town. The quality of the water returns normally when I defeat a back demon.
  • The place where grave - Leo King Rick of Leo King Rick is laid in state.
  • The acquisition (or a magic level improves) is possible by magic of the Guardian when I go to the charnel -1 turn depths.
  • The place where there is - Lazarus between Lazarus.


The item has size each; of the size as for the player have possession product space stolen only. I can no longer have when I have all the possession product space stolen.

So-called money. It is 1-5000 gold in one. I can divide it and can match 5000 gold with the upper limit. The amulet which assumed the stack upper limit of the gold 10000 came up in Hellfire.
Without consumption of Mana, I can use magic of the scroll even if I do not remember magic. The expendable supplies which become extinct at once. The scroll of the magic that I cannot learn exists.
The medicine which revives HP and Mana. There is the thing reviving HP and both Mana. There is a fixed quantity recovering thing that I recover completely, and a color is red, blue, yellow each.
I learn the magic of the book if I satisfy necessary MAG by consuming it and I only use Mana and come to be able to use it. A level has 15 in the upper limit, and the effect becomes thereby higher only in the number of times to read.
I can raise a specific ability level 1 when I use it. I come to sell it in aid rear one 5000 gold when I push forward a game to Hel by the single play when a player level becomes 26 by the multi-play. But there is not a method unless エリクサー of VIT is not sold and obtains it in a labyrinth.
I raise the upper limit of the durability degree of accessories by using it and can raise damage and Armour class temporarily. I was added in Hellfire.
I install a trap in the ground, and the magic such as petrifaction or the flame wall exercises it because a character passes the top. I was added in Hellfire.


There are a one hand weapon, a both hands weapon, a stick, the body equipment, the head equipment, a shield, a ring, amulet and cannot equip the same part that I can equip each place of the body with separately with a plural number.

One hand weapon
The weapon which is usable only with one hand. Because I can be equipped with a shield at the same time, I can keep the defence high, too.
Both hands weapon
A weapon to use with both hands. I cannot be equipped with the shield, but offensive ability is very high.
The body equipment
In protective gears most of the defence become high. It becomes the basic equipment to reduce the damage from an enemy.
The head equipment
A defence is a low protective gear, but there is a benefit of the added special ability most.
A defence rises and can prevent the attack of the enemy.
The both hands equipment. Without consumption of Mana, there is the thing which I can use the magic of the stick for until a use number of times minute.
A necklace. I have various effects.
A ring. I can equip the hand of right and left with by one. I have various effects.

In addition, the accessories are turned off for a category depending on strength and a rare degree if basic, a premium are unique.

Basic item
With a normal basic weapon and protective gear, a color of the letters is white.
Premium item
A basic item was given two kinds of special effects. To a thing consisting of the things which are very powerful for an effect only disadvantageously, there are a great many kinds. It is big pleasure of this game I search a strong premium item, and to repeat a dungeon search many times to become the number of the kinds that the combination of these effects is astronomical.
Unique item
In a special equipment item, the color of the letter is golden. Various from the thing that the number ten kinds a lot of things which exist, and have inherent graphic are strong to the thing which there is not of the utility. The frequency may find the same thing of the low thing not a meaning many times alone even if I say that it is unique.


There is the event called the quest by the single play. You may ignore it, but a helpful item is available when I let you complete and search for the place of the quest.

I take the enemy of people murdered by Butcher.
Dirty water source
I search for a causative place to return the quality of the water of the town normally.
Leo King Rick
I defeat the King who became Ann dead to kill a person invading the grave.
Signboard of Ogden
The signboard of the sunrise bower was stolen in a demon. I check why a demon stole such a thing.
(feeble garfish bat)
I give an item to exchange when I overlook his life.
(armor, Valor of Al Kane)
An armor appears in the covered room when I put three stones of the blood on the stand.
Devil stone
When I find the fragment of the stone of the sky and hand it to Griswold, I give a ring.
I look for a charnel covered by a labyrinth.
(blind hall)
I find out a blind hall and discover an item.
Rev. evil course Saar gives an item.
Black mushrooms
I pick up a special item to cure the disease of the resident of the town.
Anvil of the furiousness
I give a sword when I hand an anvil to Griswold.
General of the blood
I defeat "a general of the blood" and Rev. evil course and the subordinate whom I was reduced to.
Rack Da Nang
I find golden エリクサー and hand it to save the survivor of the subjugation corps.
Archbishop Lazarus
I defeat the Lazarus archbishop who kidnapped Al bread prince.
I defeat King Diablo of the fear.


There is only English version to the first product of the PC version. Because this is largely behind with development from a plan, and it did not let a rest to hurry completion isolate a cord and a resource (a program and indication letter data), this is because there was not the substitution of letter data for the language of each country virtually.

for Play Station

Only as for 1 item, a Play Station version was released in 1998 by Electronic Arts square (existing Electronic Arts).

I am completely Japanized. The online play is not possible, but I can play two play modes and can perform the trades such as items between two people, too. Because "the Hellfire" is non-deployment, I cannot play in Monk.


Mat ユエルメン (en:Matt Uelmen) performed creation (composition and performance) of the music of Diablo. In 2011, "Diablo 15th Anniversary Music" CD is released titled the Diablo release 15th anniversary in the United States. In addition, the downloading sale is accomplished at the official site top, too [2].

According to them, the musical piece used for Diablo becomes 17 pieces of "1 Diablo Intro (01:43), 2 Tristram(07:41), 3 Dungeon(04:23), 4 Catacombs(05:59), 5 Caves(04:56), 6 Hell(04:08), 7 Ancients(01:47), 8 Fortress(04:49), 9 Ice Caves(04:39), 10 Siege(06:47), 11 Maggot(02:22), 12 Harem(03:45), 13 Temple(04:33), 14 Sewer(03:57), 15 Docks(02:07), 16 Halls(03:30), 17 Kurast(05:12)" in total.


The rating in the United States was 15+ that is older than 15 years old from violent expression such as a bird pecking an eyeball from the human body in the animation of the opening. I am finally changed to 17+.

When I can attack other players in the game while I cooperate in the multi-player online, and a player called the PK aiming for killing other players appears and performs デュエル (duel), there is how to play not to be seen by the single play. I can enjoy that I play a multi-player alone enough.


As for the first item, the import of English version was carried out by non-official recognition of blizzard company in Japan, but it was in an agency, and SOURCENEXT sold English version afterwards.

At the end of 1997, an expansion kit "Hellfire" (Hellfire) was released by Sierra online. I assume the reinforcement of the single play that was apt to be downplayed a main purpose, and new class and magic, addition of the dungeon are carried out. But these additional elements do not appear for a multi-play at all.

"Diablo II" of the sequel released it in 2000 and became the blockbuster more than the sales of the previous work. A play field spreads through the very large area as well as dungeon, and five kinds of occupations increase to (in introducing an expansion kit seven kinds). The Japanese edition was released by CAPCOM, too (I sell it by the end in term of a contract with blizzard company and am finished now).

Issue of チート, DUPE

It was Diablo which became very popular first as an online game, but was the game that チート of the belongings was baptized for an online game again.

Character and equipment data have been going to be tampered with easily in those days by a server because the structure which saved player data was not set and I assumed a play not to use Battle.net again (LAN) and kept data in a client.

In addition, a weapon, the equipment with the numerical value that was originally impossible in the game tampered with have been going to spread out to the public player to can perform item copying (so-called DUPE) easily by picking up an item by the bug of the program in a specific timing.

Of an item made as "a high efficiency item" by the article of various magazines what accelerated this flow more in チート in "login" or "Nikkei 01" and such an item asked, and was placed, and might be protested by business BBS users at the time.

In addition, I tampered with the data of the character, and an almost unrivaled state and PK acts by "God Mode" to do were frequent, and it followed that an act (the latter becomes the bug of first Windows 95 that Microsoft accepted) to let I sent an unjust IP packet using a bug of Windows 95, and the OS of the partner crash strode and drew the life of the game.


  1. Because most were 従量制, in the net environment at the time of ^, a multi-play mode was given an important post alone in those days in time except mainstream tele Dai Ho (flat rate free at 23:00 until ... 8:00, the following day) when I wanted to play.
  2. ^ DIABLO 15TH ANNIVERSARY(us.blizzard)

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