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Shinonome Yuko loves short stories

Shinonome Yuko loves short stories

Shinonome Yuko loves short stories
Genre Love story
Author Forest Bridge bingo
Illustration Nardack
Publishing company ENTERBRAIN, INC.
Label Authority of ファミ library
Publication period 2011September - 2012May
The reel number All three volumes
The original, original bill Forest Bridge bingo
Drawing Chisato Naruse
Publishing company ENTERBRAIN, INC.
Publication magazine Authority of ファミ comics clear
Announcement period 2012May 25 - 2013August 30
The reel number All one volume
Template - notebook
Project Light Novell

(しののめゆうこはたんぺんしょうせつをあいしている) where "Shinonome Yuko loves short stories" is Japanese light Novell by the forest Bridge bingo. Nardack is in charge of the illustration. All three books were published from an authority of ファミ library (ENTERBRAIN, INC.) from September, 2011 through May, 2012.

Table of contents


After it was published serially from 4 issue to 8 in 2011 of "FB Online" which was the official Web magazine of the authority of ファミ library, I corrected it and revised it and, in Vol. 1, was published a library. After the Vol. 1 release, a release memory op-ed page was shown in FB Online [1] and a nightjar library version book jacket of "the open world of ロミエマリガナ" that was the product out of the product was time-limited and was delivered PDF again (until October 26, 2011).

It became the sequel in December, 2011, and "Shinonome Yuko began to love love stories," but it was conclusion in May, 2012, and "Shinonome Yuko continued loving all novels," but was published. The title "to love short stories as for Shinonome Yuko" as for the forest Bridge as the reason that changed a title of the winding sequel to was made for a story of Vol. 1 without numbering it as the series, and did not assume a magnificent story and writes it down in the afterword of Vol. 2 when this is because what start a feeling of long piece in an ordinary everyday story is pleased and embarrassed.

Between the chapters of products, a part of the short story which Shinonome Yuko of the main volume character wrote in 西園幽子名義 is inserted, and feelings of Yuko are expressed indirectly. "Is dear, and, as for the inserted short story, "the open world of ロミエマリガナ" is witty" in Vol. 2 in Vol. 1; in Vol. 3 "a love school building" (sketchbook).

A caricature work by Chisato Naruse was shown in the web comic delivery site "authority of ファミ comics clear" that ENTERBRAIN, INC. delivered. Episode 0 (prologue) was released on May 25, 2012 and was published serially until (the last story update) on August 30, 2013 from July 27, the same year.

"This light Novell is great; was ranked the eighth place with 2013".


Eita (I saw all and was) at the same level as three
The first grader of the 私立央生 (excellent) high school. A basically simple common boy without the characteristic. I fall into self-hate well negatively when I think about things. The position to club activities became essential in the school regulations, but the club activities of both physical education system, culture system were troublesome, and it was in club position and the book committee where I became handled, and activity was comfortable of the same class. I do work of the rental in a reading room on every Wednesday and Friday. Because the parents live concerning work in the United States, Keisuke and two people of the older brother live in the house. I had love feeling towards Yumi helping with housework in the days of a primary schoolchild, but do Yumi with a weak point after Yumi realized the truth to be a lover of Keisuke. In addition, there is a place drawing some circumference and line from bitter experience at that time.
Because I know that Yuko is a novelist by an unexpected coincidence and asked for a signature whimsically, I am "to go out" with Yuko for coverage as a bargaining point. I put embarrassment on Yuko who does not know what you think about, but come to gradually hold goodwill.
It is promoted in Vol. 2 by a second grader. It becomes the class again same as Yuko. A feeling to Yuko does not have shaking, but, because of the aggressive approach of slump and the picture dream of Yuko, comes to gradually pass Yuko. It was the same as before that interest interest was light and did not remember even the name of the girl of the classmate other than Yuko and was grieved saying it was saying "it is curt other than Shinonome frankly" from a picture dream. I was irritated with oneself who cannot readily cut down relations, but notice one's stupidity by having been seen in the place that is to Yuko with picture dream and two. And I am prepared for it and make up my mind and notice a feeling of Yuko by having read "it is dear and is hateful" and confess thought some other time. I become true lovers.
It is promoted in Vol. 3 by a third grader. I drop inferiority complex もなりを to Yuko and Keisuke whom I had before. I become often troubled about one's course as conscious of graduation and I was not able to only understand in advancing to the university slightly, but I notice depth of the thought to Yuko and make a certain decision. It is 悶 えたりなどしている in the low passion that it may be said that relations with Yuko are the winds, and seems to be occasionally a pubertal boy.
Shinonome Yuko (しののめゆうこ)
A classmate of Eita. I like books and belong to the book committee. Quiet character reticent in the beautiful girls of the modest figure. I loan it out with Eita in a reading room on every Wednesday and Friday and am the turn of the counter. I read while walking in readers on the way back as well as the class average in the classroom and the work average of the book committee. I make my debut as a writer in a nom de plume called "西園幽子" and win "the nightjar literature rookie of the year title" in literary arts magazine "nightjars" two years before it was an eighth grader. The work that there is contemplation in the short story than a full-length novel and writes is a short story exclusively. It makes a secret other than Shiina of the librarian at school that oneself is a writer.
Triggered by a secret having been known to Eita, I beg Eita for "going together" under the pretense of coverage. I did not understand even a date well, but learn love feeling with "I go together" with Eita first. Because awkward approach to Eita was twisted around, relations terminated temporarily, but came back to the again original relations by Eita having read "the open world of ロミエマリガナ" where Yuko reflected own feelings.
It is promoted in Vol. 2 by a second grader. It becomes the class same as Eita, but the days of the rental of book committee turn become separate with Eita. It has been becoming the slump for a long time and does the intimate state of Eita and the picture dream in one of eyes there and comes to gradually mope. However, I notice strong feelings in oneself whom I have not embraced in it so far and just describe the heart in "it is dear and is hateful". And make sure of each other's feelings with Eita; of the true lover came to it-affiliated, exchanged a kiss. In addition, it is faintly likely that I had love feeling for Eita since before "having gone together" according to "it is dear and is hateful".
I increase before in Vol. 3, and reticence fades and comes to show the behavior that seems to be a common girl seen from "a love school building". I decided university entrance into a school of higher grade and hoped that Eita went to the same university secretly. The thought to Eita did not fade, too and was going to go telling a family a lie when I was invited to a trip.
Keisuke (Minami Keisuke) at the same level as three
Five older older brothers of Eita. I am taciturn and have a calm character, but am unconcerned about housework. They manage the cost of living supported financially by parents, but most of housework entrust Yumi who is a lover. A reader as I pile up the book which I do not finish still entering even if there are three big bookshelves in one's room and buries them exhaustively. Heavy smoker.
At the time of Vol. 2, it is a senior. I quarrelled with Yumi for the first time, but offered a glimpse of the first aggressiveness among products to return relations on this occasion.
Yumi (there is see)
A lover of Keisuke. I go out with Keisuke from high school days. Housework is left by the parents of three rows of houses and goes in and out of three rows of houses frequently. I lose parents early and receive look like a family treatment now in three rows of houses. I receive it like an older sister for 栄太.
Shiina (Shiina)
The librarian of the reading room of 央生高校. I make news from book stretching on the bulletin board of the school on every Wednesday. I may have a student help with work with the slow character that is slightly natural. It is a woman of the 30 years old this side and is popular with some boy students. The person who knows that Shinonome is "西園幽子" alone at school.
Yoji Aikawa (meet a river a maggot)
In the editors of the literary arts magazine "nightjar", it is in charge of Shinonome. An openhearted man in his mid-twenties. I suggest to write a full-length novel in Shinonome.
Ikehara (go and swell)
The boy of the book committee of the first grader. In the class where is different from 栄太, I hold the turn of the counter on the other day.
I was absorbed in Shiina in the days of the first grader, but become madly in love with Soejima of the new pupil when I become a second grader.
Kitagawa picture dream (きたがわえむ)
The school girl who belongs to the drama club. I become a second grader and become Eita and Yuko and a classmate. It is tall, and a style is good and acts as a reader model with a fashion magazine. It is a gorgeous beautiful woman, and clear popularity is number one in the class.
I know that Yuko is a novelist and ask Yuko for a script of the stage which drama club performs in a school festival. In fact, I had love feeling towards Eita and approached you to pick quarrel positively, and to make a lunch (because Eita was indifferent to a picture dream, I completely terminated in the wide swing). I took in the strength of the thought to Yuko of Eita, but I am detonated by contact by the curtness of the manner of Yuko, and I am half confessed impulsively by Eita. I invited you to a date and took an aggressive approach, but was finally rejected by Eita.
Yuka Soejima (そえじまゆか)
I am 1 year Eita's junior. The new pupil of the bookworm holding an additional post of a book committee and drama club. A school girl only in new pupils of the book committee. I am in charge of rental in a reading room on Wednesday and Friday same as Eita. So-called "today's high school girl" who is interested in a love banner.
Aruga (ありが)
The boy who became Eita and a classmate in second graders. It becomes the assigning rooms same as Eita by a school excursion. Kitagawa was the same class since the days of a first grader.
Ueda (うえだ)
The boy of the class same as Eita after one year. It becomes the assigning rooms same as Eita by a school excursion.
Ritsuko Endo (pea Ritsuko)
The school girl who belongs to the drama club. I become a second grader and become Eita and Yuko and a classmate. I am well together with Kitagawa belonging to the same girl group. I am called "Rico" from a friend.
It circulates through Hara (become pregnant conspiracy)
The school girl of the type bashful in front of strangers to belong to the drama club. Only as for Kitagawa, three people this with Endo in the fellow scholar year as for the member of drama club of the second grader.

List of foregoing volumes

Forest Bridge bingo (work), Nardack (illustration), authority of ファミ library (ENTERBRAIN, INC.), all three volumes

  • Shinonome Yuko loves short stories (October 12, 2011 first edition publication, September 30, 2011 release, ISBN 978-4-04-727522-5)
  • Shinonome Yuko begins to love love stories (January 5, 2012 first edition publication, December 26, 2011 release, ISBN 978-4-04-727720-5)
  • Shinonome Yuko continues loving all novels (June 11, 2012 first edition publication, May 30, 2012 release, ISBN 978-4-04-728077-9)


A caricature work by Chisato Naruse, Episode 0 (prologue) was released on May 25, 2012 in authority of ファミ comics clear (ENTERBRAIN, INC.), and serialization was started on July 27, the same year. I released the last story on August 30, 2013. All stories were released for free during serialization, but, as of November, 2013, only Episode 1 is shown. A part of the product short story "open world of ロミエマリガナ" out of the product is inserted between chapters like an original novel with the book. In addition, a guest illustration by Hidetaka, Yu Takigawa and comment are contributed.

List of foregoing volumes

Chisato Naruse (comics), forest Bridge bingo (the original), Nardack (character original bill), coverage cooperation: Tokyo Metropolitan Musashi hill Senior High School, design: Centipede shop Yuko (ムシカゴグラフィクス), authority of ファミ clear comics (ENTERBRAIN, INC.), all one volume

  • Shinonome Yuko loves short stories (September 26, 2013 first edition publication, September 14, 2013 release, ISBN 978-4-04-729131-7)


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