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Mr. saddle valley

Mr. saddle valley

(Mr. saddle valley)
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This family name Kiyokazu Genji (Kawachi Genji)
Person of justice style Ashikaga branch
Ancestors of a family 足利嗣俊
Classification Samurai family
Hometown Echizen country Imadate-gun saddle valley [1] [2]
Main base Echizen country
Explanatory notes / Category: Japanese family

A school of Ashikaga that the Echizen country of the Muromachi era had Mr. saddle valley (くらたにし). It should originate in 子嗣俊 [3] of second son Yoshitsugu of 3s general Yoshimitsu Ashikaga or it is said that I am from Oshu Shiha. In any case, the family status was high in the Ashikaga school and was called the saddle valley Imperial Palace. I was treated as a guest general of Echizen king Asakura for the war-torn country period and repeated relative by marriage relations.

Table of contents

General Ashikaga noble brothers theory

Father Yoshitsugu of 鞍谷氏初代嗣俊 gave a rite to mark the attainment of manhood in the formality that followed the Imperial prince and was doted on father justice に, but it was the relationship that was serious with Yoshimochi Ashikaga (4s general) of the older brother by just that much and was made to kill by the crime that planned a rebellion later. 嗣俊 fled into Echizen and I lived in Imadate-gun taste Mano and was called saddle valley and named the saddle valley Imperial Palace it as good birth of the general noble brothers again.

The saddle valley Imperial Palace was under protection of Echizen protection Shiha, but Shiha is divided into two groups of Yoshitoshi Shiba and Yoshikado Shiba over the birthright succession before long, and this contributes, and Onin War takes place. In the middle of a revolt, commander-in-chief, governor-general of the Kanto area Katsumoto Hosokawa of the east military let Takakage Asakura who was the influential commanding officer of the west military go over in Shiha downtrodden farmers and recognized Echizen rule (it is said that it was the secret agreement of the lief-guard letter of appointment). The Yoshitoshi Shiba, Yoshihiros often filed a suit after a revolt aiming at recovery of Echizen in the Shogunate, but the Shogunate showed an arbitration proposal to be subject to "参仕 to 武衛" of Asakura. Asakura took the form to observe the condition by putting up a child of Yoshikado Shiba as the nominal Echizen king, Shiha present head of a household (武衛) here and was opposed to a claim of the Echizen recovery of the 義敏, Yoshihiro group. I perform comparing and drawing conclusions of a child (Sakae ridge priest who informs people of the meal's readiness) of this 義廉 in 斯波義俊, and there is the way of thinking that succeeded to assumption of the family name of Mr. saddle valley as a daughter's husband, but this cannot conclude.

Anyway, Echizen became the place that Asakura controlled effectively. When Asakura became the protection both in name and in reality, Mr. saddle valley became a guest general of Asakura and, as a noble family of the Echizen best, I bound relative by marriage relations together with Asakura from generation to generation again and maintained constant authority. Your precious daughter of 鞍谷御所嗣知 becomes the room among Yoshikage Asakura. When Yoshiaki Ashikaga demands protection from a justice view later and demanded the dispatch of troops to subdue Mitsuyoshi three a large number of people and Hisahide Matsunaga who defeated general Yoshiteru who is an older brother, Mitsuhide Akechi who was an attendant of Yoshiaki gains the favor of a justice view and built the power in a house, but it is said that 嗣知 does defamatory words for a justice view and avoided Mitsuhide. Because I run out of numbness in a justice view not nominating a soldier of the subjugation for Yoshiaki Ashikaga either, and Mitsuhide lost a viewpoint in the Asakuras, the master and servant relied on Nobunaga Oda of Owari, but Asakura is destroyed before long by Nobunaga who, ironically, got a just cause in this. 事績 of Mr. saddle valley of afterward is not clear, but shows the name of 鞍谷民部少輔 which served Narimasa Sassa who is a military commander of Nobunaga.

Oshu Shiha native place opinion

Because the opinion which assumed Mr. above-mentioned saddle valley a descendant of Yoshitsugu Ashikaga depended on "the saddle valley genealogy" which spread in Echizen of the Edo era, a child district manager of 斯波詮教 (Shiwa Imperial Palace, Oshu Shiha) moved to Echizen for "Oshu Shiha genealogy", and there was it when Mr. saddle valley called himself it, but he was not looked back upon.

In the influential school which from a family to inherit the shogunate as for Mr. saddle valley, pulls a flow of Oshu Shiha because the whole families of high Oshu of the family status move to Echizen in Shiha school although a high quality genealogy is not left, and Kei Sato can confirm that originally the feudal tenure of Mr. saddle valley was a thing of the Shiha head family from the historical materials not being seen at the same period indicating being the person from Ashikaga family to inherit the shogunate (descendant of Yoshitsugu) whereas Mr. saddle valley was recognized with the Shiha whole families at the time of having come core, the land document of Shiha whole families ladies and gentlemen (Sato calls it "Echizen Shiha") in Echizen at the time after Shiha head family was chased by Asakura later for the Shiha head family when came, do it.

It is written down to "the Shiha family tree" which Yoshitoshi Shiba meets a demand of general Yoshinao Ashikaga in the same period historical materials that Sato introduces and gathered up in (1481) for civilization 13 years saying "I do a surname with Shiha because the ancestors of Shiha pass high and put the house and を in the Tomoyuki place Shiha county of Kanto (Michinoku country) [4] in people of the Sakyo right tayus of the の younger brother and という, and there is the descendant in Kanto today, and in late years the whole families move to Echizen and give it with Shiha". In addition, it is decided to take the due form of letters of the thickness etiquette according to the civilization 3-5 article of marriageable age of the Oshu judge of polemic discussion Osaki religion where "Amarume, Oshu record" of the establishment picks you up on (1514) for Eisho era 11 years and (the house and の descendant) saying "I finish writing it with Respectfully to you to 武衛様御一家, Shiha, Senboku, five articles, end of a field in Echizen". "Shiha" of Echizen here is thought to be a thing same as the Shiha clan who moved from Oshu of "the Shiha family tree". Because "Shiha of Oshu has Shiha of Echizen, I call it with Shiha and go down it to the Shiha town of the said country, and, as for "the Osakis Kashima Corporation historical records of the establishment," it should be (1511) for four generations" for Eisho era eight years and places "Shiha of Echizen" to Oshu Shiha. The times date back, but there is it saying "the descendant of Mr. house is Oshu Shiha, Osaki of the country, best of Dewa, Echizen saddle valley, Ono of the country, 武衛 of Owari (father of Shiha) and corrects it and 武衛 of Owari is the direct line of descendant of this house and says this with an Owari style", and Mr. saddle valley appears to "the Imagawa family tree" that Manager at linked-verse poet sect participated in editing as Shiha school here.

In the Shiha head family which passed through Ashikaga (Shiha) high, and became the person of governor-general of the Kanto area in descendants of の four man Yoshimasa, it was called "武衛" exclusively, but, on the other hand, with the house and の descendant or Oshu Shiha that I passed high, and it was said with the descendant of the の eldest child husband settled in the Shiha county of the hometown since north and south morning service charges and pointed to the present head of a household of them and the whole families who moved to Echizen with "Shiha". When it is "Echizen Shiha", Sato does "Shiro Shiha Saburo" (政綿) to see in articles (1465) on March 28 for "home diary" Kansho era six years of Chikamoto Ninagawa. And I see it to be "saddle valley" whom the eldest daughter of Takakage Asakura that the Sei Shiha cotton which possessed the saddle valley is seen to "the description of Soteki Asakura talk" married.

I point out the possibility from the legend that a person called 詮基 goes down Sato from Mr. saddle valley about the state that power of ruined Oshu Shiha recovered temporarily in the middle of age of civil strife being seen, and revived Oshu Shiha [5].

In addition, when there is contradiction at the opinion which Sato looks at 斯波義俊 and the Sakae ridge with the same person, and succeeded to assumption of the family name of Mr. saddle valley and should reexamine it, I do it, and parents' house Shibukawa of Yoshikado Shiba (father of 義俊) has a connection in the whole area rather from the Kaga country to the Ecchu country, and the one which the whole families were more likely to be of Shibukawa and governor-general of the Kanto area Shiha (義廉) considers the direct relations that there is not it with Mr. saddle valley in the Kaga area for the age of civil strife.


(by the General Ashikaga noble brothers theory)

      Yoshimitsu Ashikaga   ┏━━━━┫ Yoshimochi Ashikaga Yoshitsugu Ashikaga        ┣━━━┳━━━┓         梵修   清欽   嗣俊                       ┃                      嗣時                       ┃                      嗣知 

The above-mentioned genealogy referred to "系図纂要第 ten lower" (new publication) (famous book publication, 1993). In addition, between 嗣時 may be omitted in similar figure by 嗣俊.

In addition, when the third son of 斯波詮教 of Oshu Shiha, Shiha district manager (民部少輔) succeeded to Mr. Echizen country saddle valley by "Oshu Shiha genealogy" of "group book collection by categories winding 113 genealogy department eight sequel to", there is it, but the detailed relations are unknown.


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  1. ^ Imadate-gun, Fukui Pond Izumimura (storehouse valley), smart Mano-mura Pond spring, Takefu-shi Pond spring, existing Ikeizumicho, Echizen-shi. In the saddle valley, saddle Yachikami Corporation exists in the name of one district of Minowakicho, Echizen-shi elsewhere. I leave the name for saddle Tanikawa who assumes Echizen-shi, Sabae-shi a basin.
  2. ^ Uomi Hill – Among saddle Tanimura (Kuratani village), 蓑脇村 about main village, Iriya-mura
    Iriya-mura (the early modern times)
  3. Is ^; of Yoshitsugu Ashikaga 嗣俊 as the child does not appear in "group book collection by categories sequel to".
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