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The Monkees (TV drama)

The Monkees (TV drama)

The Monkees of the Columbia Pictures production that the Monkees (the Monkees show) was broadcasted in a series of American NBC from September, 1966 to March, 1968 is an overseas comedy drama of the appearance. It is a program for 30 minutes when I take 1967 (1969) (1967) in a subsidiary of TBS [1] in Japan in January in 1969 from October and was broadcasted.

Table of contents


The slapstick comedy drama which four musicians who is not popular living in beach Wood of the suburbs of California Los Angeles City develop. I describe an event to happen around four people aiming at success in a one episode conclusion type.

Production, staff

Japanese edition


Broadcast time

  • American every Monday from 19:30 to 20:00 (September 12, 1966 broadcast launch)
  • Japanese every Friday from 19:00 to 19:30 (October 6, 1967 broadcast launch)

The cast and voice actor


A vocalist, percussion charge. I am popular with girls most in a group. The only British in the group.
A vocalist, drums charge. Mimicry is good brightly. Typical エンターティナー.
A vocalist, guitar charge. The part of leader of group. The wool hat which always covers is a trademark.
Back vocal, base charge. The part of natural blur.


  • Schneider
A mannequin. I tell it that I pull the string which a body has. As for being sometimes treated as a person, and having a terrible experience….

Main supporting role

  • Rose Mary
  • Monty Landis
  • Victor tieback
  • Joe Higgins

Main guest performer

I appear to "teen Eiji idol" in an idol, the part of Frankie Katerina.
"I hate the robot" and appear in の opening in the part of microphone. Mike appears in the part of Frank Zappa adversely.
I show a recital with a musical instrument in the ending of "the Camu Camu alien" separately from a main volume. It is the last inning substantially in this time, and in a sense it is exceptional that a real guest displays the last inning of the program.
  • Charlie Small

List of episodes

  • I stop by to Nihon Keizai Shimbun compact edition (from 1967 to 44) on the following Japanese titles and a date.
No Original title Japanese title Airdate
1 Monkees In A Ghost Town I start with youth 1967/10/6
2 The Spy Who Came In From The Cool The Mission: Impossible of Monkees 1967/10/13
3 Monkee See, Monkee Die Ghost extermination 1967/10/20
4 Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers This is group sounds 1967/10/27
5 Royal Flush Princess birth 1967/11/3
6 Monkees A La Mode Monkees fashion 1967/11/10
7 Too Many Girls (Davy & Fern) Star hunting 1967/11/17
8 Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth The pet is no use! 1967/11/24
9 Here Come The Monkees (The Pilot) スィートシックスティーン! 1967/12/1
10 The Success Story Good-by Davy! 1967/12/8
11 Monkee vs. Machine I attack a part-time job! 1967/12/15
12 The Chaperone Girls! !Girls! ! 1967/12/22
13 Monkees A La Carte I knock out a gang! 1967/12/29
14 I've Got A Little Song Here Hit song of tears 1968/1/5
15 One Man Shy (Peter & The Debutante) Go go Peter 1968/1/12
16 Son Of A Gypsy Gypsy frenzied uproar music 1968/1/19
17 Dance, Monkee, Dance Hey! Dance dance 1968/1/26
18 The Case Of The Missing Monkee Doctor stop 1968/2/2
19 Find The Monkees(The Audition) Dream of a star 1968/2/9
20 Art For Monkees' Sake Modern art 1968/2/16
21 A Coffin Too Frequent Appeared; appeared! 1968/2/23
22 Monkees In The Ring A knock is out 1968/3/1
23 I Was A Teenage Monster A monster lock! 1968/3/8
24 Monkees At The Circus Introduction to circus 1968/3/15
25 The Prince & The Pauper The prince 1968/3/22
26 Captain Crocodile It is a show in ユカイ! 1968/3/29
27 Monkee Chow Mein Spy, Operation ramen 1968/4/5
28 Monkees On The Line Telephone kiss 1968/4/12
29 Alias Micky Dolenz I am Baby Fae's 1968/4/19
30 Monkee Mother We love mom 1968/4/26
31 Monkees Get Out More Dirt Broken heart 1968/5/3
32 Monkees In Manhattan Bye-bye it is Broadway 1968/5/10
33 Monkees At The Movies Teen Eiji idol 1968/5/17
34 Monkees On Tour Life and the concert real condition of the Monkees 1968/5/24
35 It's A Nice Place to Visit Fight in Mexico 1968/5/31
36 The Picture Frame (The Bank Robbery) Gang star 1968/6/7
37 Everywhere A Sheik Sheik I break Sara Davy 1968/6/14
38 Monkee Mayor The monkey mayor 1968/6/21
39 I Was A 99lb. Weakling Introduction to bodybuilding 1968/6/28
40 Hillbilly Honeymoon (Shotgun Wedding) Oh, ヽ crazy" 1968/7/5
41 Monkees Marooned Go-go uninhabited island 1968/7/12
42 The Wild Monkees Start ユア engine 1968/7/19
43 Monkees In Texas Gunfight 1968/7/26
44 Monkees On The Wheel Viva Las Vegas 1968/8/2
45 Fairy Tale There is no tusk 1968/8/9
46 Monkees Watch Their Feet Monkees 危 うし 1968/8/16
47 The Monstrous Monkee Mash Scared 1968/8/23
48 The Monkees Paw I feel sorry for Mickey 1968/8/30
49 Monkees In Paris Splendid Paris 1968/9/6
50 Monkees Race Again(Leave The Driving To Us) Aim at the grand prix 1968/9/13
51 The Devil & Peter Tork Fall into the hell 1968/9/20
52 Monkees Blow Their Minds I hate the robot 1968/9/27
53 Hitting The High Seas Beat pirates 1968/10/4
54 The Monkees in Japan (1) Monkees in Japan (1) 1968/10/11
55 The Monkees in Japan (2) Monkees in Japan (2) 1968/10/18
56 Art For Monkees' Sake Modern art 1968/10/25
57 Find The Monkees(The Audition) Dream of a star 1968/11/1
58 Card-Carrying Red Shoes Secret love 1968/11/8
59 The Case Of The Missing Monkee Doctor stop 1968/11/15
60 One Man Shy (Peter & The Debutante) Go go Peter 1968/11/22
61 Some Like It Lukewarm(The Band Contest) Boys and girls 1968/11/29
62 A Coffin Too Frequent Appeared; appeared! 1968/12/6
63 Monkees In The Ring A knock is out 1968/12/13
64 Monkees Christmas Show Merry Christmas 1968/12/20
65 The Prince & The Pauper The prince 1968/12/27
66 Mijacogeo(The Frodis Caper) Camu Camu alien 1969/1/3
67 The Chaperone Girls! !Girls! ! 1969/1/10
68 Captain Crocodile It is a show in ユカイ! 1969/1/17
69 The Monkees Mind Their Manor Davy who loses 1969/1/24
70 Monkees On Tour Life and the concert real condition of the Monkees 1969/1/31

Miscellaneous notes

  • It was all 58 episodes including the pilot version, but rebroadcast ten episodes and special program two episodes added it, and they were broadcasted 70 times in Japan.
  • Because it was broadcasted for the broadcast in the season in the United States at a stretch in Japan, broadcast order is largely different from the United States.
  • The special program which is not broadcasted includes a martial arts gymnasium performance (on October 11, 1968, I broadcast it for 18 days) in the United States, but a master saves disappearance and after that is not broadcasted.
  • There is not the narration by the edition in America basically. The narration of Kyosen Ohashi becomes available for incomprehensible nuance and explanation in those days in Japan.
  • "Pretty witch Ginie" who was produced in those days in the same studio "a gang knockout!" But に cameo appearance is not Barbara Eden who played genuine Ginie.
  • The Richard keel which plays an active part in the James Bond series of later Roger Moore Era as a jaws position "a monster lock!" I appear in the part of monster in の time.
  • I was broadcasted again in CBS, but I replaced a some music part and was broadcasted after broadcast of the NBC in the United States. Monkees moves into action after this broadcast closedown, and this is for sales promotion of the album music that I released at the time of rebroadcast in those days. VHS/LD released later in Japan uses a master at that time.
  • It is normal, but the staff and a studio are reflected in the screen and are often crowded with the current variety programs. In addition, Bob Rafelson of the production appeared in the program well.
  • Baht Schneider of the collaborator does not appear, and "Schneider" of the mannequin always appears.
  • In late years the rebroadcast in Japan is broadcasted in the music air network of the channel specialized in music in 2006. I am often broadcasted again in Fuji TV NEXT from 2009.


VHS10 winding, LD box (Class ten pieces) 40 episodes were released than bop from 1992 through 1993. (discontinuance of making)


  1. The Monkees Season1 On DVD
  2. The Monkees Season2 On DVD
  3. The Monkees Our Favorite Episodes

Than each U.S. rhino entertainment.


  1. Because a state called ^ net change, the intestinal volvulus continued for a long time, the Kansai area is broadcasted in Asahi Broadcasting

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