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Toshi Ueda

Toshi Ueda

Toshi Ueda (うえだびん, 1874 (1874) from October 30 to 1916 (1916) July 9) is Japanese commentator, poet, translator. Because I claimed "Yanagi-mura" (りゅうそん), even Yanagi-mura, Ueda name worked on writing.

Toshi Ueda
Toshi Ueda (1912)
Birth (1874-10-30) 1874October 30
Japanese flag JapanTokyoTsukiji
Death (1916-07-09) July 9, 1916 (41 years old death)
Flag of Great Japanese Empire Great Japanese Empire Tokyo
Graveyard Yanaka Cemetery
Occupation CommentatorPoetTranslator
Language Japanese
Nationality Japanese flag Japan
Education 京橋開稚小学校
Shizuoka high school (existing Shizuoka Prefectural: Shizuoka high school)
Tokyo English language school (existing: Japan school high school)
The first high school

The last educational background Tokyo Imperial University English sentence subject
Genre PoetryCriticismTranslationNovel
Masterpiece Sound of waves』 (1905)
"うづまき" (novel only for 1,910 years)
Relative 上田絅二 (as for father, the shogun's retainer era 乙骨亘)
Kyoshi, UedaMotherDoctor
Taiken OkkotsuGrandfatherConfucianism person
Taroitsu OtsukotsuUncleDutch learning person
Teiko Ueda (aunt, one of the Japanese first girl foreign students)
Saburo OtsukotsuCousinSongwriter

Position Aesthetes
I display a template

I was known for collection of poems in translation "sound of waves" published in (1905) in 1905 by Hongo study and introduced poetry of the Belgian literature and Province literature, symbolist school and Parnassian school to Japan.

"Sound of waves" When "your sky distance "good luck" (さいはひ) of the mountain lives than poetry "you of the mountain" of に put German poet Carl Busse person のいふ when Nao distance "good luck" (さいはひ) lives in you of the mountain, 噫 (like that), I person ゝ fathom めゆきて, tears さしぐみかへりきぬ "do body にしみてひたぶるにうら 悲 of the breath than poetry "fallen leaves" (らくよう) of person のいふ." and French poet Paul Verlaine for イ ゛ オロン on an autumn day.…"Is still read as apt translation widely now.

In addition, 上田絅二 (うえだ, Keiji) of father is the person whom it served as a public employee of the Edo Shogunate, and it is done with the person whom Taroitsu Otsukotsu equal to the uncle of Bin Ueda suggested "Kimigayo" that is a Japanese national anthem as a person of Dutch learning to, and it has Saburo Otsukotsu of the songwriter who is famous for "Taro Urashima" and "the carp of the pond", and it is known to a cousin for Umeko Tsuda, Shigeko Nagai, Sutematsu Yamakawa, the returnee children who crossed it with good luck gain Akiko to the United States, an older brother of father, 上田絅二 at 16 years old and the oldest age as a girl foreign student Japanese's first in so-called "Iwakura mission" which acted as a senior envoy Tomomi Iwakura as for Teiko Ueda equal to the aunt of Bin Ueda in younger sisters of person of Confucianism, mother, Kyoshi, Ueda as for inspection, talented woman acquiring a doctorate in Kyoshi, Ueda of mother, Taiken Okkotsu of the grandfather as a barber in foreign countries by the name of 乙骨亘 [1] in the so-called "Yokohama chain Port negotiation mission" which acted as a senior envoy Chohatsu Ikeda of the direct feudatory of a shogun for (Bunkyu three years) in 1864 in those days even to have been born in the native noble family.

As a novelist, I write "うづまき" which is the only novel in 1910, and, in 牧春雄 of the chief character who is an epicurean, experience of Toshi Ueda of the author becomes the motif. In addition, as for "Fukutomi appearing in full-length novel "spring" (novel) of Toson Shimazaki," Toshi Ueda is a model.

It is Toshi Ueda to have introduced poetry of Verlaine and poetry of ジョリス = カルル Huysmans to Japan [2].

Table of contents

Brief career history

I am born in (1874), Tsukiji, Tokyo as the eldest son of 旧幕臣上田絅二 (Keiji) in 1874. 絅二 is the second son of Taiken Okkotsu of the Confucianism person who served a professor at Shoheiko, and, as for Taroitsu Otsukotsu of the Numazu naval academy professor, Saburo Otsukotsu of the music commentator hits a cousin in uncle (the eldest son of the eaves-resistant) [4], the children in [3], British scholars. Via Shizuoka ordinary junior high school, private Tokyo English language school and the first high school, I am a graduate from the Tokyo Imperial University Department of English literature (1897) for 1,897 years. It is said that quality of ability was praised highly by lecturer Yakumo Koizumi saying "it is just a one Japanese student of 10,000 people who can express self with English". After graduation a professor at Tokyo higher normal school, a lecturer at Tokyo University (successor of Yakumo).

During the first high school attendance at school, I do temporary lodging in the Ukichi Taguchi's house, and it is "literary world" coterie of Tokoku Kitamura, Toson Shimazaki and others through Tokuboku Hirata [3] and, during Tokyo University attendance at school, is concerned with foundation of a periodical (1895 (January, 1895)) of the first "empire literature".

I am complicated with "artistic and literary circles" and the sponsorship magazine "めざまし grass" of the sponsorship magazine of discontinued Ougai Mori (1902) in June in 1902 and launch "art and literature" (I launch "万年艸" of the reincarnation afterwards in October although I ceased to publish it by the trouble with the publishing company). I kept company with Ougai with the whole family afterwards.

I did a birch in Meiji University, but study in Europe (1908) in 1908. After returning home, I become Kyoto empire university professor. Kan Kikuchi who quitted one higher by "a mantle case" these days, and entered Kyoto Teikyo University studied under Ueda. I take office as an advisor at Keio University literature course (1910) on February 15 in 1910.

I die suddenly of (1916), a kidney disease at home of Tokyo in 1916. The age at death41。

I introduced European trends in literary theory at the time eagerly and enlightened the next generation as I saw it in the clause of the next "main work". For example, Kafu Nagai spells a reason with "the admiration to scenery civilization of Europe by the influence of the writings such as Mr. Ueda" (with a book a description of thing).

Main work

  • "Christianity (世界歴史譚)," it is (1899) in Hakubunkan, 1899.
  • "Recently overseas literature," it is (1901) in friend building, 1901.
  • "みをつくし," it is (1901) in sentence friend building, 1901. ----Collection of translated sentences
  • "Recently overseas literature," it is (1901) in sentence friend building, 1901.
  • "Literary arts essays," it is (1901) in spring sunshine temple, 1901.
  • "Poetic genius Dante," it is (1901) in gold port temple, 1901.
  • "A recently overseas literature sequel," it is (1902) in friend building, 1902
  • Sound of waves』 , Hongo study, 1905 (1905). ----Collection of poems in translation
  • Literary arts lecture," it is (1907) in Kanao sentence deep water temple, 1907.
  • "うづまき," it is (1910) in Okura Bookstore, 1910----Novel of the autobiography
  • "A short ballad" , Netherlands Publishing, 1915 (1915). ----小唄撰注
  • "Modern art," it is (1916) in 実業之日本社, 1916.
  • Goat god』 , Kanao sentence deep water temple, 1919 (1919). ----Collection of poems in translation
  • All eight "complete works of Toshi Ueda" supplement 1, remodeling company, 1928 (1928)-1931 (1931).
  • "The complete works of authentic text Toshi Ueda," it is (1981) in (1978)-1981 in all ten volumes, education publication center, 1978
The most last part is 所収 with a recreation in a rough draft, a letter, a chronological history, a writing chronological table.


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  1. Originally ^ was the name called 乙骨亘, but Toshi Ueda gave it at birth with 上田絅二 because I became the adopted child of the upper country house later.
  2. I want to know whether it is Kafu Nagai to have introduced Huysmans whom ^ has never met to Japan. - Reference cooperation database, February 13, 2017 reading.
  3. It is page 52 the ^ a b Toshiro Hattori "death certification modern times of the encyclopedia celebrity" (Hirofumi Yoshikawa building, 2010)
  4. ^ Japanese Nagoya University dictionary +Plus for digital

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