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Max von Sydow

Max von Sydow

Max von Sydow (Max von Sydow, the real name: on Max Carl Adolf von Sydow, April 10, 1929 -) is a Swedish actor.

Max von Sydow
Max von Sydow
Max von Sydow
The real name Max Carl Adolf von Sydow
The date of birth (1929-04-10) 1929April 10(88 years old)
Birthplace Swedish flag スウェーデルンド
Spouse Christina Olin (1951-1996)
Cathrine Brelet (1997-)

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I am from Sweden, スコーネ prefecture ルンド. A professor, mother ethnological as for father a teacher [1].

I stood and put up an amateur theatrical company with a friend at the age of the teens. I learned later in conservatorium of Stockholm, and a movie made its debut in 1949 at school. I meet Ingmar Bergman in 1955, and after that I become the regular customer of his work, and it is an actor on behalf of Sweden. I go into the United States in "the story of the grand life" of 1965. I appear for various movies from a drama, art system to megaflick and SF taken in Hollywood afterward.

I played aged メリン father in spite of 44 years old at the time of "in exorcists" of 1973 and gave the popularity at a bound.

I was nominated for academy Actor in a Leading Role Award in "Pele" of 1987.

Private life

I marry a Swedish actress in 1951 and get two children, but get a divorce in 1996. A filmmaker and a remarriage French in 1997. I acquire French citizenship in 2002.

Main appearance work


Public age Japanese title
Original title
Official title Remarks
1951 Miss Julie
Fröken Julie
1956 The seventh seal
Det sjunde inseglet
Knight Antony block
1957 Wild Strawberries
Henrik アケルマン
1958 The woman is waiting for it
Nära livet
Harry Anderson
1960 Virginal spring
1961 As if there is it in a mirror
Såsom i en spegel
1962 Splendid world trip
Nils Holgerssons underbara resa
Winter light
1965 Story of the grand life
The greatest story ever told
Die in Mexico
The Reward
Scot Swenson
1966 Light of Goodbye to Berlin
The Quiller Memorandum
1967 Diary of Anne Frank
The Diary of Anne Frank
Otto Frank Telecine
1968 The time of the wolf
Shame of Manager Bergman
1969 Silent island
En passion
1970 Kremlin letter / secret letter
The Kremlin Letter
Knight visitor
The Night Visitor
1971 People of emigration
Curl Oscar
Wandering of the love
1973 Exorcist
メリン father
1974 Wolf of the ステッペンウルフ wasteland
1975 Condor
The three days of the Condor
Giant of the SF last
The Ultimate Warrior
1976 Beast person 2
Cuore di cane
I am scattered to Rome
Cadaveri eccellenti
Secretary of Supreme Court リケス
Fox trot
Desert of the Tartar
Il deserto dei tartari
Horthy's captain
Wandering voyage
Voyage of the Damned
Captain Schroder
1977 Exorcist 2
Exorcist II: The Heretic
メリン father
Glory of the Major Foreign Legion Foster
March or Die
Circle no
1978 Brass target
Brass Target
Sherry Martin Webber
1979 Hurricane
Daniel loss doctor
1980 I broadcast an SF death
La mort en direct
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon
The ミン emperor
1981 Escape to victory
Curl phone Steiner
Carved seal of the rose
She Dances Alone
The part of person
1982 Conan the great
Conan the Barbarian
Ozy King Rick
Top command, surprise suicide attack order
Jugando con la muerte
1983 The daughter / prohibition of Don Corleone
Le cercle des passions
Never say ネバーアゲイン
Never Say Never Again
Ernst スタヴロ プロフェルド
1984 Samson and Delilah / love and treacherous legend
Samson and Delilah
Dreams cape
Planet of the dune / sand
リエト Kinds doctor (empire planetologist)
1985 New detective Kojak / Bellali's file
Kojak: The Belarus File
Peter Barak Telecine
The code name is emerald
Code Name: Emerald
Yul gene
1986 Hannah and the sisters
Hannah and Her Sisters
Dream of golden body Gauguin
Johan August Strindberg
Duet four one
Duet for One
Lewis Feldman
The second victory
The Second Victory
1987 Pele
Pelle erobreren
ラッセ Winning the prize for European movie Actor in a Leading Role Award
1989 Ghostbusters 2
Ghostbusters II
Vigo Appearance of the voice
The red King ★ red star which was aimed at
Red King, White Knight
1990 Father
Morning of Leonard
Peter Ingram doctor
Hiroshima: Out of the Ashes
Father Telecine
1991 Kiss of death
A Kiss Before Dying
Sole Carlson
Narrator Appearance of the voice
涯 てまでも of the dream
Bis ans Ende der Welt
1992 Scenery of the love
Den goda viljan
Johan オカーブロム
A giant and young man
Dotkniecie reki
1993 Need full things
Needful Things
Leland ゴーント
The novelist who dreams
Time Is Money
Joe Kaufman
1995 Judge dread
Judge Dredd
Fargo Director General
52 Russian slaughter criminal / チカチーロ
Citizen X
Alexander ブハノフスキー doctor Telecine
1996 Jerusalem
1997 Hostility area of the sea
Hostile Waters
1998 Miraculous brightness
What Dreams May Come
1999 The snow which falls to a deodar
Snow Falling on Cedars
Flannel Gad Mansson
2001 Sleep reply
モレッテイ police inspector
The great war rear
A one-1,000,000,000th man
2002 Minority report
Minority Report
Director Lamar Burgess
2004 Children of the chase Holocaust of Gestapo, the hell
La fuga degli innocenti
Ring of Nibelung
Ring of the Nibelungs
Ray Vin
2005 Heidi
2007 The diving suit dreams of the butterfly
La Scaphandre et le papillon
パピノ (father of the Jean dough)
Rush hour 3
Rush Hour 3
レイナール chairperson
2009 Solomon Cane
Solomon Kane
King Cane
Letter of 100-year-old boy and 12
Oscar Et La Dame Rose
Dr. Dusseldorf
2010 Wolfman
The Wolfman
Old man of the train
Shutter island
Shutter Island
Jellet Mair ネーリング doctor
Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Sir Walter Roch three
2011 Is extremely noisy, and is impossible; is close
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
2012 Buran dead
Marketing conspiracy
2015 Awakening of the Star Wars / force
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Low sun ticker

TV series

Public age Japanese title
Original title
Official title Remarks
1985 Columbus / great life
Christopher Columbus
The Joan second (Portuguese King) Mini series
Four episodes appearance in total
2000 Nuremberg military tribunal
Rosen man legal counsel Mini series
First part appearance
2009 Crown ... of the THE TUDORS - immorality
The Tudors
Otto トルフゼス phone Wartburg cardinal Four episodes appearance in total
2016 Game of Sloane's
Game of Thrones
Crow 〉 of 〈 third Three episodes appearance in total



  1. It is film reference. ^ "Max von Sydow Biography" October 4, 2012 reading.

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