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Hector Eri Zond

Hector Eri Zond

The actor that Hector Eri Zond (Hector Elizondo, December 22, 1936 -) is from United States of America New York. A Puerto Rican system.

Hector Eri Zond
Héctor Elizondo
Héctor Elizondo
The date of birth (1936-12-22) 1936December 22(80 years old)
Birthplace Flag of the United States of America United States of America, New York
Nationality Flag of the United States of America The United States of America
Race American of Puerto Rico origin
Height 178cm
Occupation Actor, voice actor
Spouse Unknown a full name (1955-1957)
Unknown a full name (1962-1963)
Carolee Campbell (1969 -)

Table of contents

Brief career history

Father has the origin in the Basque Provinces of Europe, and mother is a Puerto Rican. The parents emigrated in New York from Puerto Rico for better life [1]. I excelled in sports and music from childhood and I sang in a chorus and have appeared to a radio. In addition, I devote myself to baseball, and it is said that a high school was scouted after graduation by Pittsburgh Pirates.

I enter city Courage of New York to become a teacher of the history, but I get married in 1955 and quit it to feed a family. I get a divorce and study interval ballet afterwards for 1962 through 1. In addition, I learned in Actors Studio and I stood on the stage of the off Broadway in 1963 and started the carrier as the actor. I win Ob prize in stage "Steambath" in 1969.

A position arrived by the movie from the "ballad area of the pursuit", and the popularity rose in "the guys who survived" of the next year. "An American gigolo" and "a flamingo kid" became the masterpiece, and a face came to be completely known in Japan. I appear in the part of manager of the hotel helping with Vivien of the heroine in "pretty women" and it is Japanese and, "I'm sorry," puts declining when Vivien broke during the conversation with the Japanese businessman.

I meet Gary Marshal in the 1980s and become the regular customer of his work. There are many living-room gigs, too. I performed regularly on TV series "Chicago Hope" and played the part of surgery director. I won Emmy Awards in 1997.

Main appearance work


Public age The title in Japanese
Original title
Official title Remarks
1970 Ballad of the pursuit
Valdez Is Coming
Mexican rider
1971 The guy who survives
Born To Win Addict
1974 Subway panic
The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three
Mr. gray / Joe welcome
1975 New York drug investigation
Report to the Commissioner
1976 Shoot it towards tomorrow sequel to!
Wanted: The Sundance Woman
パンチョ villa Telecine
1978 Spell of the Dains
The Dain Curse
Ben Telecine
1979 さらば Cuba
Raphael ラミレス
1980 American gigolo
American Gigolo
1981 Fan letter of the homicide
The Fan
Raphael Andrews
1982 The hospital maniac era
Young Doctors In Love
1984 Flamingo kid
The Flamingo Kid
1985 Miami hot resort
Private Resort
Bullet hole of the son murder case / bizarre-hunting of Sam
Out of the Darkness
George Telecine
1986 Nuisance of the love
Nothing in Common
Nic Telecine
1987 Mischief of the sea breeze
Garbage Scow Skipper There is no credit
1988 My boyfriend is a marriage fraud
Addicted to His Love
Stiffness cancer Telecine
Foe bar friends
Judge There is no credit
1989 The re-via sun
If mom changes into her military uniform
Your Mother Wears Combat Boots
Burk Telecine
1990 Pretty woman
Pretty Woman
Bernie Thompson (manager of the hotel)
I come from behind with Filofax / trouble notebook very much
Taking Care of Business
Tor man
Avenger from dark アベンジャー / darkness
Dark Avenger
David Strauss Telecine
1991 Finals approach
Final Approach
Dr. Dio Gottlieb
The town which goes to the chains / shadow
Chains of Gold
Hesitation / Frankie and Johnny of the love
Frankie and Johnny
Supermarket touchdown
Necessary Roughness
Edo Gennaro
1992 Burden of proof
The Burden of Proof
Sandy Telecine
This pay dirt course / house, getting rich quick!
There Goes the Neighborhood
1994 Beverly Hills Cop 3
Beverly Hills Cop III
John flint
ゲッティング standing even
Getting Even with Dad
ロメイコ police inspector
B.S.J./ backstreet justice
Backstreet Justice
Steve Donovan
1995 Alibi / a; re-by
Perfect Alibi
Detective rye Carr
1996 God agent
Dear God
Vladek Vidov
1997 Turbulence / turbulence
Assistant Inspector アルド Hines
1998 SAFE HOUSE safe house
Safe House
Dr. Simmons
1999 I declare marriage of Carla
The Other Sister
Without you
Pretty bride
Runaway Bride
2001 Tortilla soup of the love
Tortilla Soup
Martin ナランハ
Pretty princess
The Princess Diaries
2004 Pretty Princess 2/ royal wedding
The Princess Diaries 2:Royal Engagement
2006 It is ... an I See You.com ... shameful peep masterpiece war
Sacred prediction
The Celestine Prophecy
Cardinal Sebastian
2007 Love of the times of cholera
Love in the Time of Cholera
Don Leo
2010 Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day
2011 New Year Eve
New Year's Eve

TV series

The broadcast year The title in Japanese
Original title
Official title Remarks
1975 Detective Colombo
A Case of Immunity
Hassan Sarah The fifth season "treason of Hassan Sarah"
1985-1986 Foley Square Prosecutor Jesse stain Bergh 14 episodes
1986 Extremely mysterious アメージング story
Amazing Stories
Prospect Uz 1 episode
1987 and Out in Beverly Hills which falls デイヴ white man 13 episodes
1991-1993 The Pirates of Dark Water Ioz 21 episodes
1994 Picket fence
Picket Fences
Philip ウォッターズ 1 episode
1994-2000 Chicago Hope
Chicago Hope
Philip ウォッターズ 141 episodes
2002 The White House
The West Wing
Danton mil gate doctor 1 episode
2003 Chase FBI missing person!
Without a Trace
Father Henry Stevens 1 episode
2004 Century City Martin Constable 9 episodes
2007 Cane Pancho Duque 13 episodes
2007-2011 Gray Anato me
Grey's Anatomy
Carlos Torres 4 episodes
2008-2009 Excellent detective Monk
Doctor ネーブン bell 14 episodes
2011-2013 Last Man Standing Ed Alzate 35 episodes

TV animated cartoon

Video animated cartoon

  • Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman(2003) - The part of ベイン


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