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琴沖華凛 (ember or phosphorus, July 22, 1996 -) is a Japanese AV actress. LIFE PROMOTION position [1].

I get up and do not borrow a thing
The date of birth 1996July 22
The existing age 20 years old
Official name size (2015 [1] point)
The height / weight 147cm /-kg
Three sizes 74-58.5 -80cm
Genre Adult video
AV appearance 2015 -
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Table of contents

Brief career history, person

An AV actress of Lolly who made her debut in December, 2015 line.

As for the hobby, a dish, a trip, the special ability dance [1].

Appearance work

Adult DVD

  • The first knob. アジアンロリーナ 華凛. (on December 1 a minimum)
  • I come, and the friendship of the man and woman is established female college student-limited magic mirror thorough inspection? It is other appearance the extra edition of 36 collecting number of people with eroticism ... summary version which is, and starts it in just two of us ♥ life's first reality in car MM, and completely covered all the in Ikebukuro the past series a special best the real amateur university student of 5 friend relations in Japan: Chunchon せせらHirose SeaAya Akiyama Others
  • ● student (on February 18 natural high) who is covered with body fluid (sweat, vaginal secretions, tears, the tide, slaver), and lives with the body which it is performed attending school of a pervert with a coat on by bus, and felt hot, and rolls it up other appearance: Oh, put itMisa KurusuSaya Sakai
  • The younger sister who should have aimed at the idol became an AV actress (on February 25, in the name of thumb princess )※" or phosphorus
  • I can enjoy it with a girl of the low height. Of the extreme popularity go; bedroom リフレ. I act in the same play (on March 1 a minimum): Forest star いまり, trace beauty しゅり
  • Newly of near relation father who is cut out, and dotes on 10 aspect beloved daughters to rape abnormal curiosity? I have the moment when important my daughter loses a virgin for a picture and want to appreciate it slowly and carefully!
  • I bring the street corner high school girl who found it with a punch RAS pot of Tokyo a certain place and completely take a パンチラ shyness amateur JK12 person and take it down, and others appear in 2016 spring (deep on April 7): Imai corner or 月島遥花, Chunchon せせら, 白桃心奈, Satomi eyebrows, Hirose Sea, Aya Akiyama, Kitagawa are correct; Enomoto A tree greens others
  • Without though is soup stock (改) 147 centimeters tall during the amateur middy and skirt life, matching soft body JK! of the dance club and a face; the man hair after bristle perceptiveness the soaked condition from the thread!
  • Idol pervert (on April 21 natural high) costarring: It is あおいれな, Kanae るか, 彩城 lily
  • A middle soup stock meat toilet lends the uniform beautiful girl of translucency 120%. (break techno on May 6)
  • Keep feeling it; 失神寸然! A niece kid troubled with frigidity is a spouting debut. Is surprised after a long absence when meet a niece kid; is already an adult visually. But the contents are children. Therefore chest chiller and パンチラ are over for no caution, and it is a dream come true though I advance than me if erection thinks with a child child unintentionally, and the confession of the shock was surprised saying "I want not to have felt it in the H with the boyfriend and to check an uncle whether it is me, frigidity!". But "kiss and ferraは being impossible." If when a reconciliation frigidity check start is frantic first of all if there is no help for it, and only this shows the hand man which I learned by AV, 失神寸然 is deeply moved by the niece kid for the spouting that it is the first time and embraces me, and, besides, ferra!that is no use deep kiss…If I leave the body to と thought pipe flow…It is other appearance (on May 7 Hunter): Hirose Sea,Hamasaki truth cord通野未帆Shiho Egami
  • Teenage girl (on May 7 Momotaro video publishing) of Teen's ガチナンパ [Yokohama] other appearance: Mika KonishiMiyazaki あやBeautiful star るかYuna Inui
  • The poverty milk chiller vanity girl as a bra loosens is excited at being seen, and get a crotch wet out of the sense of shame; is 6 (on May 10 DOC) other appearance: Chiaki Ena, cool air shrine のん
  • The JK pickup of the school excursion the shame of ... Welcome to TOKYO, trip feeling free to do all sorts of shameful things ... (other appearance in the name of DOC )※" るな on May 10:! MeetYuiFirewoodLightしょうこYuiいちかShineIn the summer
  • Tickled it with a swimsuit, and patience Dharma fell down amateur-limited; is game (on May 19 ATOM) other appearance: Starlit sky もあ, Shiho Egami, Hirose Sea others
  • Meat pot (for exclusive use of me) 華凛 (phosphorus) (on May 25 a llama)
  • The small-sized でちっぱいな younger sister a no makeup oriental beautiful girl or 147 centimeters of phosphorus (on May 29, live Kate)
  • The niece who came that a hotel bill soared because of the staying of the foreign visitor who flocked and stayed at my house unwillingly. However, it is openmouthedness in my life of the bath pear? Even if it is said, "never see it!"…If I look at the body of the niece who grew…(other appearance in the name of DOC )※" or phosphorus on June 1: るな, bell
  • Back option is too dangerous; uniform JK manners and customs petit 援交 (on June 10 TMA) of the w honor student
  • I sleep in the ロリパンツ girls who wore it exhaustively (on June 19, in the name of Lamachos )※" or phosphorus
  • You are practical if for money, and please do SEX though it is a friend! 7 (on June 21 DOC) other appearance: I look after Ayase and amDo not say HimekawaGo to FutabaKazuka NinomiyaDance field ItsukiGreens leaf
  • A chance a chance Mr. decaJapanese spaniel (on June 24, plan space)!
  • Cannot wait immediately to shaku \ 交 - hotel everywhere in JK, and may do a naughty thing in such Toko; ... (on July 8, DOC )※" phosphorus or name et al. appear:? RikaMikaFragranceAyanoまなKanaYukaOh, do I hate it?
  • Wearing no makeup glasses beautiful girl and secret room metamorphic date or phosphorus .21 years old university student (gymnastics department) 147 centimeters tall (on July 10, in the name of Kate live )※" or phosphorus
  • The good friend family whom a town goes to father of the family thought over there of the general man and woman monitoring AV magic mirror challenges mother daughter bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs 3P, and though an accidental discharge is just before, and the JK ま ○ こに virginity older brother of the son ち ○ ぽは younger sister whom full erection sees for the first time unintentionally is the very front of father, stimulated three people start sexual desire to the breast of big breasts mother whom 1 million yen touched after an interval of 19 years when the younger sister of the mother & high school girl comes by continuation ejaculation writing brush lowering among super forbidden W, and does incest do a virginity son? (deep on July 21) costarring: Enjo eyes other appearance: Paulownia island MinakoAyase small birdThe Nana Hirose beautyEna lapis lazuli
  • No makeup soft body beautiful girl (on September 4, in the name of Kate live )※" or phosphorus of the baiban Lolita angel miracle
  • The JK pickup of the club activities return, please give a whiff of a fragrance of 4 youth (other appearance in the name of DOC )※" なな on September 9: Manami, みらい, collar, あや, Yui, Misaki, Maria, Miki
  • The beautiful girl student who found it in Urawa gives average, and AV makes its debut (on September 25, in the name of Toyohiko )※" Rena Sasamoto
  • I borrow a room near mountain ○ line size ○ station which is famous for last train refugees and bring you to the home only at a pickup slight intoxication female office worker, and sexual intercourse 3 (gentleman club metamorphic on November 1) others appear to the first train: Mizuno ChaoyangAkizuki young bird Others
  • Ikebukuro - Kita-ku [summary] individual photography downtown area downtown 22:00 ☆ under Komi de pickup ぷらちな immoral sexual act walk expeditionary party w 2 (on November 25 MERCURY) other appearance: Trace beauty しゅり, just river Chihiro
  • Man enthusiast きにしていいよ ♥ つるぺた nature beautiful girl and secret room metamorphic date (on December 4, live Kate)
  • I try out girls knowing it who are different in Yokohama walk [a beautiful girl rate magnificently the first place] (on January 7 Momotaro video publishing)
  • A bullied child. The pretty girl is unclothed from a teacher. (on January 7 a minimum)
  • The soup stock out of the first genuine article. An implantation decision memorial day. 華凛 アジアンロリーナ (on March 13 a minimum)
  • Standing matter (on March 21 Kate live )※ summary version eternal for miraculous 美少女琴沖華凛 (18) premium best four hours
  • Wrong caretaker - brother-in-law and same ... (on April 28 FIEST STAR)


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