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The ambition that lock man 4 is new!

The ambition that lock man 4 is new!

The lock man series > The ambition that lock man 4 is new!
The ambition that lock man 4 is new!
Genre Action game
Support model Family Computer [FC]/NES
Play Station [PS]
Mobile application (i, EZ, Y!)
WiiNintendo 3DSWii UVirtual console) [VC]
Game archives [GA]

Origin of development CAPCOM
Sales agency CAPCOM
The number of people One
The media [FC] 4Mbit ROM cassette
[PS] CD-ROM1 枚
[mobile application ][VC][GA] downloading delivery

Sale date FC/NES version
Japanese flag1991December 6
Flag of the United States of AmericaJanuary, 1992
Flag of European Union1993January 21
Virtual console (Wii)
Japanese flag2010February 9
Virtual console (3DS)
Japanese flag2012October 17
Virtual console (Wii U)
Japanese flag2013June 12

PS version
Japanese flag1999October 28
PS one Books:2003May 29
(GA:2011 two a year nine days a month)

Target age CERO A (targeted for all age)
ESRB E (6 years old or older)
OFLC: G (General)

The sales number 1,100,000 of them
I display a template

It is an action game for exclusive use of Family Computer (following FC) released in (lock man four あらたなるやぼう !!) on December 6, 1991 by CAPCOM "the ambition that lock man 4 is new". It is a lock man series fourth product. I was transplanted later by Play Station (following PS) or mobile application.

Table of contents


The stage is comprised of eight choice stages and Dr. Cossack stage (4 stages), 16 stages of the Wiley stage (4 stages) in total. Because a charge shot was introduced, game balance turned big in comparison with to a previous work, and the story-related reinforcement became remarkable, too. Other system changes have a big influence that, in addition, I gave a later work and are the work that it may be said with one turning point of this series.

Change of the system

  • I became able to shoot a high charge shot of the power by having put on the new lock buster which a light doctor developed secretly. Power of the biggest charge shot is usually 3 times as large as the bullet.
  • 最大残機数 of the lock man became one column as well as the number of the canned E maximum possession. But the number of the canned E becomes the specifications that are not recorded for a password unlike a previous work (these specifications continue to "lock man 6"). In addition, I did not consume it even if physical strength chose canned E at the time of complete recovery (I consumed it when I chose it with a previous work, the product before last).
  • Eddie who made one item in random at the specific place of the stage appeared.
  • The weapon list which the weapon equipment to a previous work changes it, and was used in the lock man World Series not model window indication is a change in a type displayed uniformly in the whole screen. Furthermore, an indication weapon name came to be described by an English word in addition to an image icon adopted with "3", but is the name of the boss whom I defeated not a weapon name except a lockbuster and a rush (e.g., :RING).
  • The system which could challenge the stage which I cleared again and again revived once. But, unlike the first product, the rematch with the boss is not possible.


After a lock man overthrew huge robot "gamma"; one year later. The robots which the Dr. Cossack created occupy 8 big city of the world suddenly and declare war against the world. Why are genius scientist admired equally with a light doctor, Dr. Cossack?…?

The lock man equipped with new weapon "new lockbuster" proceeded to the fight of the city recapture.

Main character

DRN.001 lock man (Rockman)
DRN.002 roll (Roll)
Only ending comes up.
Dr. Cossack (Dr.Cossack)
The real name, Mikhail Sergey bitch Cossack. It is not a person plotting world conquest, but originally attacks it unwillingly because I was threatened that カリンカ is held hostage and knocks down a lock man in Dr. Wiley. I apologize to a lock man when I defeat a Cossack, and Wiley appears.
The design with the star which is red to the thing that the emblem in front of the room of the boss of each stage likened C to the crescent moon.
DRN.000 blues (Blues)
Only an event comes up. I kidnapped カリンカ by an order of Dr. Wiley, but free you later.
Dr. light (Dr.Right)
カリンカ (Kalinka)
The beloved daughter of the Dr. Cossack. But I am held hostage in Dr. Wiley. It is for Play Station, and the navigator role of player serves, too.
Dr. Wiley (Dr.Wily)
The wirepuller of this case.

Boss character

The following bosses of the Dr. Cossack produced it, but is counted among doctor Wiley numbers game in the formula because was used for world conquest of Wiley (is talked if depend on club ☆ CAPCOM even if remodeling large by hand of Wiley is done).

DWN.025 Brightman man (Brightman)
Originally a robot for the illumination that was made to light up the dark place. But the night neon is useless. "A flash stopper" letting you beam and use that you operate a safety device of the camera-focus of the robot and you cannot act temporarily and do it of 10 million watts is a weapon from an electric bulb of the head. When physical strength becomes the specific numerical value by the game, it exercises it. The powerful weapon is not equipped other than a buster to spend most of the energy only on a flash stopper, but the damage when I came into contact is very big. After a fight was over, I work in an electricity shop.
It is Yoshitaka Enomoto of the illustrator to have designed this character (14 years old). The name by the original bill postcard "soft-headed Le Mans."
DWN.026 トードマン (Toadman)
Dr. Wiley remodels the farming robot which produces artificial rain, and made an outstanding performance at the time of shortage of water. I came to bring the strong acid rain "lane flash" which adversely affected a robot.
The lane flash is a strong attack to give an effect to the whole screen, but does not have a weapon elsewhere after being able to stop it if I attack it while I wave a waist (a bodily crash is excluded). For a frog type robot, a snake man of the snake type robot is hard for me to deal with.
I had the weapon called "a タング gun" by the original bill postcard.
DWN.027 drill man (Drillman)
Originally I remodeled the excavation robot which worked in the construction spots for battles. A head and both hands become the drill. I can replace a drill depending on hardness of the ground. I go into the underground and am good at a fight to make a surprise attack from the step. I fire a special weapon "drill bomb" from both arms.
Work has an earnest character. I dug up a hot spring and have been commended once. I am weak in a calculation.
DWN.028 pharaoh man (Pharaohman)
I remodel the robot for the pyramid search for battles. I model it on Tutankhamen, and the appearance is designed to avoid the spell of the pyramid. For the trap which there may be in the pyramid inside, the durability and agility are set highly. I am accompanied by the subordinate of 1,000, マミーラ. A weapon special "the pharaoh shot" that I save solar energy and can hit.
Because I was made assuming being active in a gloomy pyramid, even feeble light is sensitive to the camera-focus so that the neighborhood is seen, but is weak for sudden light. Damage by the contact is set in half of other bosses degree.
The name by the original bill postcard "Mii Raman."
DWN.029 ring man (Ringman)
The battle robot which was developed for battles. I boast, "there is not the enemy not to be able to defeat to me" in unparalleled confident people. A weapon special "the ring boomerang" which can handle a flying distance and an angle freely. Childphobia (naughty boy in particular).
"A threat from the lock man 10 space" is chosen as representative "4" bosses of the boss "weapon archive" which copied the ability of boss robots which appeared for では, the past series.
DWN.030 dust man (Dustman)
Originally an automatic garbage collection robot to breathe in garbage, and to compress. Dr. Wiley was impressed deeply with the power of absorption and remodeled it for battles. I have a tidy character and play an active part as a cleaning position of the research institute. Besides, I love year-end general cleaning. A weapon special "a dust crusher" giving off a lump of the garbage. I seem to have bad breath (according to the explanation of the CD of the lock man & forte).
It is Yusuke Murata of the comic artist to have designed this character (13 years old).
DWN.031 dive man (Diveman)
The underwater exploration robot which integrated AI into minisub. It is easy to get seasick. I was developed, but oneself may question like a missile by a design fault to fire a torpedo "dive missile" performing homing from a chest. The person is surprised at the destructive power, too. I do not think about the trifling thing with the character that is a single cell this and that basically. After a fight was over, I patrol to keep the peace and order of the sea. I become the close friend of the lock man afterwards. I assume a Pirates man a weak point.
DWN.032 scull man (Skullman)
The battle robot which was developed for battles as well as a ring man. An owner of the character that nothing is told other than fighting, and is good at ingenuity, and is brutal. The special weapon "scull barrier" protects a user by turning it after adding special energy to a skeleton-formed bit.
Because I act to the movement of the lock man, I limit it just after a battle start, and nothing takes action until a lock man is what or acts.

Middle boss character

Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis roux
A boss out of one of トードマンステージ. The snail model robot which was remodeled for battles. However, I was not able to move by a remodeling error. When an eyeball opens with a weak point, I am given damage.
Hippopotamus ton cue
A boss out of one of a ring man stage. The hippopotamus type robot that Dharma shooting was made by a hint. I shoot a guided missile from a mouth. You destroy a support to give damage and must lower a position.

Other boss character

モスラーヤ (Mothraya)
A boss of Cossack stage 1. A robot for the work to perform ice-breaking formerly in cold districts. That is why the power of the drill lengthening from a mouth is strong.
Square machine (Square Machine)
A boss of Cossack stage 2. It was "the intruder check shutter" which three room-formed huge parts slid, and shut in an enemy inside, but it was forgotten to remove a scaffold for the work carelessly. I repulse the intruder who shut in it by a powerful plasma energy bullet, but the discharge mouth becomes the weak point.
Cockroach twin (Cockroach Twin)
A boss of Cossack stage 3. With a robot for the building repair, Wiley and a Cossack remodel it for battles formerly. It works along a wall. Because I was sold with two sets, it was named "twin". In the game, I fight against two bodies with each.
Cossack catcher (Cossack Catcher)
A boss of Cossack stage 4. The large machine of the mark featuring a-shaped big magic hand suggesting a crane machine. I catch an enemy in the hand, and it is the design that the high place gives damage by dropping it and fires an energy bullet dispersing to three. A Cossack built up the crane game which oneself was good at for a hint.
メットール Daddy (Mettaul, Dady)
A boss of Wiley stage 1. A large machine with the ability that can produce メットール in a simple substance. The mobility by the jet jet is high; is movable. Cooling efficiency is bad and is poor at a heat attack.
タコトラッシュ (Tako Trush)
A boss of Wiley stage 2. Wiley remodeled the robot for the large-scale refuse disposal as a weapon for the anti-rock man war. I possess flame emission and high heat from a bomb, a mouth from the head.
The hit judgment of the main body disappears when I put a certain weapon.
Wiley machine 4 (Wily Machine 4)
A boss of Wiley stage 3. The weapon (but I fight against the Wiley capsule not a series on the next stage) for the anti-rock man war which became built-in with the first Wiley capsule. The diffusion beam gun which I hid to the front cover of the skeleton type is the main force. In addition, a reinforcement system exercises it when the first form is ruined.
Wiley capsule disappears, and a game does not advance when I shoot a lane flash in the Wiley capsule which escapes right after I gave the decisive blow on the second form. In addition, I can stop it with a flash stopper temporarily.
Wiley capsule (Wily Capsule)
A boss of Wiley stage 4. I incorporate an infrared detection device, and even a simple substance can fight as light arms. I will fight in darkness and I appear at regular intervals and set an attack. The lockbuster does not work, too, and there are only two kinds of effective special weapons. BGM for exclusive use of the boss is used in the series for the first time in the last. I do not appear in the comics edition of Shigeto Ikehara (I destroy Wiley machine 4, and a story is finished).


100 boo ton
Originally a mobile electric bulb to light up the road at night dark. I fire an explosion bullet splashing on the lower 5 direction, but warn you because a screen blacks out when I defeat it.
Don bread
All bipedalism-type automatic fireworks. I chase a lock man persistently. It is reverse to 100 boo ton, and a screen becomes bright when I defeat it.
A robot for the lawn mowing of the fagot worm type. I usually hang from a ceiling, but I drop and press a lock man to approach while turning. While I hang, an attack does not work.
A totem pole type robot put as a talisman against evil, security business in front of a house. I shoot a bullet from one of four faces. It is hard to imagine it from an appearance, but interferes by a jump when going to fly over it.
A grasshopper type robot. I can get on the top and, rather than an enemy, am the existence such as footing.
Shield attacker
I refer to a link.
Wall blaster
A battery to shoot an intruder in the wall surfaces of the building. I shoot a beam bullet at a lock man.
Ring ring
A robot for the space exploration that I made a figure such as the Saturn. I press a lock man slowly.
The automatic saw machine which works as I input it. Movement speed rises when I stand at the same position as well as ガビョール, but is not stopped in a lockbuster.
A mouse type robot to capture insects living in the sewer. I run after a lock man while jumping.
With a robot covered to a gelatinous special material, I did the wall cleaning of the building. I press a lock man while going back and forth in a ceiling and the ground.
A robot equipped with umbrella for the carrying to open automatically when it rains. I descend slowly from the sky and hurl an umbrella.
Suwa Ron & co-Suwa Ron
The robot for the swallow type air guard. I make formation and fly, and co-Suwa Ron makes nose dive at a lock man.
The robot for the underwater guard that played an active part in an area closed to fishing. I attack it by a great jump at a lock man.
A vehicle to use in a dangerous road race. I run after a lock man while rotating at high peed. A lockbuster does not work during a turn.

Special weapon

A blaze covers neither weapon with this product and can start it only to one in a screen.

Flash stopper (BRIGHT) - It is overthrowing - energy consumed (4) in Brightman men
I hit light of 10 million watts from a whole body and let a function stop by starting a safety device of the camera-focus with neighboring robots. When a given period of time passes, I am restored. It is the property like the thyme stopper in "2", but a buster (charge impossibility) is available during motion, and the method of the energy consumption varies in this place. In addition, I cannot stop it until the movement of the device in the stage. In addition, except a weak point boss, it is ineffective by setting that a defense device for the camera-focus is made on an other bosses grade robot.
Lane flash (TOAD) - It is overthrowing - energy consumed (4) in トードマン
I put strong, special acid in a watering cart capsule for the agriculture and remodeled it for attacks. I bring acid rain after pausing after discharge with a capsule a little in the sky and attack the whole screen. The power of the slow thing is high in the outbreak of the attack judgment and can give the enemy of the guard state damage in defiance of guard.
Drill bomb (DRILL) - It is overthrowing - energy consumed (1) in drill men
I fire a drill-formed missile. I can destroy a specific wall. When the missile touches an enemy and the wall, it explodes, and the initiating by the remote control is possible by pushing the B button during discharge again. Is played by an invalid enemy, but come into contact; when let make initiating just before that, is given it in damage in a bomb blast.
Pharaoh shot (PHARAOH) - A pharaoh man overthrowing - energy consumed (1, 2)
A heat lightball to let you amplify a little solar energy, and to convert it into enormous energy, and to compress it, and to hit. By arrow key input, 3 directions of the diagonal top and bottom can be launched for an option the front. In addition, a charge is possible, and charge shots come to always appear overhead by continuing pushing the button. Because attack judgments always occur to a floating bullet, a direct enemy can attack it even if I put it (because in this case I would not fire a bullet, the energy does not use it).
Ring boomerang (RING) - It is overthrowing - energy consumed (1) in ring men
I fire a ring-formed boomerang. After constant distance was blown off, I come back at hand. The range is short, but penetration penetrates every object including the topography and the enemy highly.
Dust crusher (DUST) - It is overthrowing - energy consumed (1) in dust men
I fire a lump of the compressed waste. I am divided in the slant 4 direction when I act as an enemy and fly to each direction. Two steps are high in damage efficiency at contact and division to make a hit. The topography penetrates.
Dive missile (DIVE) - It is overthrowing - energy consumed (1) in dive men
The amphibious homing missile which I remodeled the pursuit missile to catch a big fish into. But the invalid enemy does not pursuit it.
Scull barrier (SKULL) - It is overthrowing - energy consumed (2) in scull men
A weapon of the barrier system turning the bullet of the skeleton type which I hid special energy in around a lock man. It became movable during the barrier development, but, unlike the leaf shield which appeared to "2", cannot be launched. I can lose an enemy bullet, but the barrier becomes extinct when I contact an enemy or an enemy bullet once.
In "large scuffle smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U," I appear as one of the customization of the lower finisher of the lock man.

Other special weapon

It is possession - energy consumed (2) from rush coil - beginning
I can jump very much when I get on the top. Performance same as before.
A rush jet - drill man overthrowing - energy consumed (-)
I fly the sky when I get on the top. Unlike a previous work, I automatically move at constant speed forward. The operation comes to be able to slow in cross key top and bottom in the high adjustment, next. In addition, I was able to call it at the place without the scaffold, but became unusable underwater.
Rush Malin - トードマン overthrowing - energy consumed (-)
I can go ahead through a summons, the water freely underwater. Unlike a previous work, it is not appeared in the water at all. I can fire a buster from the mouth of the rush during boarding.
Because a rush jet became available underwater, a product was just abolished last by the next product.
It is acquisition - energy consumed (2) in an item on balloon - identification stage
I let a balloon-formed scaffold appear in front of the lock man. I can start it to up to three in a screen. When a lock man gets on, only some rise speed fall with heaviness. The characteristic is almost common with "2" item 1.
It is acquisition - energy consumed (2) in an item on wire - identification stage
It is available only when I stop on ground. A lock man turns to the top when I push it over an arrow key and fires a wire in the state for right above by pushing the B button. When the wire touches a ceiling, I automatically shrink and flatter a lock man at high speed to a ceiling. A buster (charge impossibility) is available and drops during dangling when I push the bottom of the arrow key. It is an item for the movement, but can use it as an antiaircraft weapon basically because there is an attack judgment in wire in itself.


  • A golden cassette and bath towel were sent to the elected candidate of the boss character open call for participants of this work, and, as for the cassette (gold cartridge) which, above all, was golden, the world had a value of 590,000 yen in a game shop of Akihabara because only eight existed, and, "TV champion," it was taken up "a trial "game arcade CX" by!" which media. The price tag is not put on this product now.
    • Yoshitaka Enomoto who is the elected candidate of the Brightman man later "good luck have appeared as a judgment product with this gold cartridge by even what judgment corps" (for August 12, 2014 broadcast). At this chance Hisakazu Hirabayashi judged it and set a value of 400,000 yen.
  • 特殊武器の傾向や一部のBGMなど、『ロックマン2』と共通する部分も多い。エンディングでは、『ロックマン2』のオープニングの曲をアレンジしたものが使われている。なお、PS版復刻シリーズはこの作品からBGMが全曲アレンジバージョンを聴くことが出来る。
  • FC版シリーズ(『ロックマン6』までのナンバリング作品)では唯一、武器装備画面呼び出しのSEが他のシリーズと異なっている(カーソルのSEも異なる)。また他のシリーズ作品に比べて画面切り替え時のスクロールやエネルギーの上昇が遅めになっているなど、演出面で他作品との違いが見られる。
  • OPデモの前半はロックマン4のストーリーではなく、『1』のロックマン誕生の過程である。
  • タイトル曲は、FCでは時間が経つとOPデモに切り替わるために曲が途切れるが、PS版でセーブファイルを選択している時か、サウンドモードで曲の最初にループする所まで聞ける(『5』も同様)。
  • 人気ゲームのキャラクター玩具やグッズが玩具メーカーなどから市販されるのは今や当たり前であるが、ロックマンシリーズでは『ロックマン4』が初めてである。
  • EDデモでボス一覧のワイリーナンバーが一部誤った表記になっている。


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