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Lupin the Third From Russia With Love

Lupin the Third From Russia With Love

"Lupin the Third From Russia With Love" (Lupin result Russia よりあいをこめて) is TV special series fourth product of animated cartoon "Lupin the Third" of the monkey punch original. It was broadcasted in "Friday special first-run showing" affiliated with Nippon Television on July 24, 1992. It was broadcasted for night game extension one hour late at the TV first broadcast.

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Over the gold bullion of 500 tons of the Romanov when I ruled over former Russian Empire, Lupin family and the gold bullion contest with the RAS Pooh ton equal to the grandchild of strange priest Rasputin unfold. It is said that the title comes from "007" same name works.

In addition, Haruo Mizuno of the Class same order commentary went to the postrecording spot of our work after the beginning and the work, and the special picture which reported on the highlight of the work in Yasuo Yamada and others regular was broadcasted.


The gold bullion of 1,240 tons which former Russian Empire of 1917, the last emperor Nicolai second of the Romanoff dynasty held. The quantity of possession was proud of the second place next to the United States of the world for those days. However, the gold bullion of 500 tons began to flow just after Russian Revolution outbreak.

Lupin who came to borrow a book about the Romanoff dynasty at New York municipal library knows that there is the book to a woman called Judy living in the slums of New York. Similarly I receive good fortune and the pursuit from a combination of big mouse Joe for the book, and as a result of having decoded the code that was written down on the last page of the book although I have been robbed of it, as for the book, as for Lupin, gold bullion locates that it is covered "the bank of liberty" in Texas in a basement safe of another name "bank of バンディッツ".

I develop gold bullion seizure operation at once and it was Lupin who successfully stole gold bullion, but is swindled out of gold bullion by Fujiko and Judy who conspired. Lupin finds out two people somehow, but a mystery man takes gold bullion using a big transport completely. I took a little gold bullion, and Fujiko who survived quickly from the place was betrayed by Judy, and gold bullion has been carried away together with a car.

Founder, the RAS Pooh ton that the real nature of the man who took gold bullion establishes the head temple of a Buddhist sect in the Siberia of Russia. In fact, it was a grandchild of strange priest Rasputin who gained the favor of the Nicolai second, and committed all kinds of the evildoing, and was shot dead. Although his prediction in itself was a complete fraud, it was true that the heart of the person was readable by telepathy and held the hearts of the people of not only poors of the Siberia but also various national high-ranking officials by using the ability skillfully and was the degenerate priest who coveted a vast excessive profit. Because I ground 斬鉄剣 with a blunt sword all too soon and had been returned, five ェ gates which declined the request of the bodyguard couldn't but follow it, and, by the trick that five ェ gates hit, the dimension played dead with Lupin first of all, and they got out of trouble.

As for four people of the good fortune that loses Joe of Lupin, a dimension, Fujiko and the fellow, and promised revenge to RAS Pooh ton, RAS Pooh knows that ton is in the head temple of a Buddhist sect of the Siberia by the communication from five ェ gates and I purchase a worn-out Cessna and leave for the Siberia immediately. On the other hand, Judy who betrayed Fujiko, and took gold bullion gained the favor of RAS Pooh ton using it and was looking for the gold bullion which there was in a mansion. Lupin came over at gold bullion at last, too, but because ドンビーノ which was the boss of the New York Mafia who was an original owner of the gold bullion, a nephew of カルシオーネ took gold bullion away back, they took a subordinate and got in it.

With the unexpected fact that and was covered to gold bullion with Judy whether Lupin outwitted RAS Pooh ton and ドンビーノ, and you could really recapture gold bullion?

Guest character

Judy Scot
Voice - Yuko Sasaki
It is the woman office worker who worked for a certain company of New York, but, in fact, "the mystery of the Romanoffs last" is the descendant of the Anastasia princess (during the drama "a grandchild"). I gain the favor of Lupin and Fujiko to save people of the mother country which became poor with economic confusion with 500 tons of gold bullion of the Romanoffs and obtain long-cherished gold bullion finally.
RAS Pooh ton
Voice - Tamio Oki
A grandchild of Grigory Rasputin. I like, "I force things on a person" after there is vice to shove a hand and a finger in the hole (a mouth and nose, ear) called the hole of another person. I am worshiped as medium by the celebrity of various fields to do a famous prediction so that the President of the United States visits it incognito. The real prediction reached until smuggling of cocaine for the fund-raising of the religious community other than a prediction using fame by trickery. However, "the telepathy is genuine", and a person reason can read a heart of another person (I seem to use this ability for the above-mentioned bogus prediction and take part to raise the rating of the prediction). In addition, it is barehanded, and the vice to shove the above-mentioned hand and finger in crushes a human bone by his original 殺人技, human body destruction art and lets a partner result in death by hitting a vital part. I return and make later ドンビーノ and subordinate several whom I took slaying in this and drive good fortune into the instant death at a blow. I let you completely give up dimensional shooting in a mind reading by the last decisive battle in the flying boat and fear him, but I am defeated by "having no center tactics" (I make anything empty in a head without thinking and shoot) of Lupin, and the middle of the forehead is fired through. However, still I still lived and caused a human body ignition phenomenon as soon as I shoved a finger in the mouth of the lion of the cross which I had and advocated an incantation, and I was going to travel with Lupin, but only failure, oneself were burnt to death (it may be said with the suicide virtually).
Lucky McDonald's
Voice - Unsho Ishizuka
In killers of the freelance, I act in partnership with big mouse Joe. The favorite weapon is a shotgun and, for a big mouse of the power push, has the superior insight that calm and is quite good. While I am swung around, I take a book of "ransom money of the Romanov" and I snatch 500 tons of gold bullion which Lupin stole more entirely and accomplished a request smoothly, but a fellow is killed by betrayal of the RAS Pooh ton, and oneself suffers a critically ill serious wound in self-centeredness of the RAS Pooh ton that a request is important, too. I do Lupin and a temporary joint struggle, guidance to the head temple of a Buddhist sect of the RAS Pooh ton in order to do the revenge of the fellow and corner RAS Pooh ton later to the precious place, but I wake up running out of bullet in an important scene and it is done to just return, and to defeat it and dies afterwards.
Big mouse Joe
Voice - Shinpachi Tsuji
In fellows of the good fortune that is a childhood friend, it is the very big man of the skinhead. The nickname "is big" and uses a shotgun habitually as well as good fortune. I often go for a bold action by the roughness according to appearance with the good fortune of the cutey adversely. However, comical behaviors with some amiability occasionally appear contrary to the stern appearance. It is hired for RAS Pooh ton and snatches gold bullion, but I am crushed under the debris which collapsed and die by bombing of the RAS Pooh ton.
Voice - Masao Imanishi
In the godfathers of the New York Mafia, it is a believer of the RAS Pooh ton. I possessed "gold bullion of the Romanoffs" which RAS Pooh ton aims at, but I make ドンビーノ of the nephew who increased the dissatisfaction to かねててから uncle in what I was going to part with according to advice of the RAS Pooh ton angry and am shot dead.
Voice - Akio Otsuka
In nephews of カルシオーネ, it is New York caporegime. I always felt the uncle who grew old, and came to believe a bogus prediction of the RAS Pooh ton bitter and I gave up カルシオーネ which was going to part with gold bullion at last and shot it dead. I pick a dynamite with the head temple of a Buddhist sect of the RAS Pooh ton with subordinates and get in it, and I press it for return of the gold bullion, but I am deceived to RAS Pooh ton and am defeated by single combat, and both eyes are smashed afterwards (however, they let you blow up the dynamite which you set right before you die all at once and ruin the head temple of a Buddhist sect, and, as a result, one Lupin makes the situation that is easy to take gold bullion away).
Duke brown
Voice - Rokuro Naya
It is the president for the third generation of bank "bank of liberty" (the Texas San Antonio location) of the thief government contractor going from the custody of stolen goods to money laundering. Because I made a human being of the demiworld the trading partner, information and the knowledge about people concerned of the way which I did including Lupin gangs were rich and were going to stop Lupin who was going to steal gold bullion. I am shut up in the fireproof safe after being broken into Lupin gangs, and having been made to have a terrible experience when I do not die from blasting in the end. But when a dimension promised not to publicize the face of the back of the bank with Lupin, I seemed to feel relieved and I said "Good luck." and entered the oneself safe.


Gold bullion of the Romanov
A large quantity of gold bullion which Nicolai II held. 500t was given guard captain イノフスキー which I helped with an overseas escape of the imperial family and did among the gold bullion. The gold bullion of 500t takes it later and is left; the present of New York Mafia カルシオーネ become owned, and is kept by the safe of the local bank "bank of liberty" of Texas under the ground.
Ransom money of the Romanov
The book which above-mentioned guard captain イノフスキー wrote. I located the whereabouts of the gold bullion of 500t that I was robbed of for passion and wrote down the place in the end of a volume in cipher. Originally there are considerably few circulations, and it is only this one book to exist.
Bank of liberty
The local bank in the San Antonio city of Texas. Seemingly it is just a local bank, but it is a famous bank called "bank of バンディッツ" (thief bank) in the darkness society and keeps the thing which I obtained by a crime and undertakes the money cleaning of the dangerous money. The underground most of the town become the very large safe of this bank under the ground, and various treasure is kept including gold bullion of 500t of the Romanov.
Emperor of the tundra
The popular name of the former Soviet Union army supermarket convoy ST601 type machine. RAS Pooh ton buys a thing sold illegally in the midst of the confusion of the principle of company flag collapse and uses it though I transport 500 tons of gold bullion of the Romanoff dynasty.

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  1. A nom de plume of ^ supervision, Osamu Dezaki.
  2. In ^ Nagaoka, four others are credit in ending in an opening.

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