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Molar Gosse

Molar Gosse

"Molar Gosse" / Mel call (depicted by Outcast)

The novel that molar Gosse (Morgoth) assumed a country in the center of J R R Tolkien the stage, the character of "the story of シルマリル." In one people of ヴァラール made by イルーヴァタール, I had power most. Mel call (Melkor) which is the meaning that the name of the material says with "the person who have power, and stands."

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It was the strongest existence in ヴァラール, and the Mel call had both the ability of other roses little by little. But I used this power for the bad direction and spent it on snatching a kingdom of マンウェ which was brothers by power. I take the name to be called Mel call with this treason and am left and am robbed of qualification as ヴァラール.

I feared it for his power in my are, and the person to serve emerged. People called Sauron and Balrog are them. In addition, I arrest an elf and twist it by torture and created wicked oaks, and the monster such as the dragon brings a lot.

However, the power of the Mel call that there was not of the person who lined up was originally spoiled little by little and weakened while I poured malice into many servants and flocked. It was not possible even that anyone threw away the made body if it was アイヌア and came back to the invisible figure later.


World creation

Mel Kohl often wandered with the thin air for "immortal flame" before the world began simply because I wanted to produce existing things. But I came to gradually have an original thought because an independent action was over. And he interwove one's music in music for three times and disturbed a chorus against intention of イルーヴァタール when song Ainu phosphorus anyone of the world creation was sung. When the subject of the song became real, and earth world Alda was born without changing a thought even if scolded then by イルーヴァタール, I was going to make it our one. Although I was reproved by マンウェ and retreated once, ヴァラール saw the figure which walked the beautiful ground and burnt in jealousy and challenged countrymen to a fight so that oneself waited for the body. It was superior, but was forced to an escape from Alda for a while when toe Luke's participated in the war.

Times of the light

While ヴァラール built the country of Al Mullen in the country in the center and enjoyed the peaceful times called "spring of Alda", the Mel call constructed fortress ウトゥムノ secretly in the north. ヴァラール sensed his return, but I received a surprise attack before getting ready, and two huge lights which lighted up Al Mullen have been destroyed. The damage that Alda suffered then was serious, and the world that ヴァラール envisioned first never came true.

Mel Kohl who finished revenge stayed in ウトゥムノ and was not able to afford to pursue him in ヴァラール busy with the suppression of the disaster. ヴァラール left the country in the center and moved to west continent Amman out of necessity. Mel Kohl who disappeared of the nuisance constructed second fortress アングバンド and planned expansion of the power more.

Times of two trees

The country of valinol which ヴァラール built in Amman newly was lighted up beautifully by two trees, but the thing which threatened the rule of the Mel call unless ヤヴァンナ and オロメ occasionally visited it had no light without reaching the country in the center. But ヴァルダ brightened new stars before long in the sky and let an elf wake. Mel Kohl was going to bewilder them at once and I caught somethings and have twisted it to an oak. ヴァラール which caught the report of オロメ took the field for elf rescue and captured ウトゥムノ. After an intense fight, the Mel call was pinned down by toe Luke's and was tied up by chain Ann fellow Nord of アウレ.

Mel Kohl taken to valinol was imprisoned by a fort of Mende and was confined during three quarters. I was drawn again in front of ヴァラール and was cooked and pretended to have reformed itself humbly afterwards. And I fixed on a norDole group, and a rose sprinkled a kind of the discord among them while letting the neighborhood be careless by really helping people, and turning around. It is precious stone シルマリル which fair Nord created that Mel Kohl wanted above all. It became according to his plan until I lighted spirit of rebellion of norDole, but Mel Kohl that malice was seen through in fair Nord was able to disappear once from Amman.

Mel Kohl who surrounded a pursuer successfully raided Amman with large spider ウンゴリアント. The country of valinol fell into great confusion with the darkness that ウンゴリアント gave off, and two trees have dried out. The Mel call killed father フィンウェ of fair Nord in the chance and took シルマリル and I crossed the straits Hel empty habit of the ice and escaped to the country in the center. However, even oneself much less the precious stone was almost defeated without being able to control ウンゴリアント which gave power too much and gave screaming to shake the earth. When Balrog who rushed from アングバンド sent away ウンゴリアント, and Mel Kohl who escaped death fitted シルマリル in the crown of iron, I named world King it and dominated the country in the center. He comes to be called molar Gosse, a black enemy than this.

The first period

Over beret re-and in northwestern country in the center, molar Gosse picked a fight with elves many times. At first of the thing which attacked the Shin Dahl group who did not go over to Amman, and was repulsed caused big damage. NorDole pressed him next and sent an army to the country in the center promptly when I knew that I came over. This is "battle Dagor ヌイン ギリアス under stars". The oak group of this time was almost exterminated, but molar Gosse was pleased because fair Nord that I chased too far was killed in chief ゴスモグ of Balrog. On the other hand, I let the spirit of the shadow make a sortie against molar Gosse to obtain the month that is the last flower of the silver tree, but this one is defeated again by my are ティリオン of the オロメ subordinates who took the job of the protection in a month and is over for complete failure.

Siege of アングバンド

NorDole came to build the country in each place of the beret re-and before long, and molar Gosse set an attack again. However, the oak soldier was all destroyed, and アングバンド was surrounded afterward for 400 years. When a surprise attack to フィンゴルフィン failed the other day and I crawled out with グラウルング of the new monster "dragon" being immature and was repulsed, the plan of molar Gosse did not advance as expected. I waited for the season and saved power while draining the rumor that Shin Dahl and the human being who woke newly had malice as for him.

Dagor ブラゴルラハ

And molar Gosse who broke a siege at last set "flame style るる battle Dagor ブラゴルラハ suddenly" and it was terrible and knocked down the human being who took sides with norDole and them. But molar Gosse came to cannot but appear for the sake of subordinates because フィンゴルフィン which burnt appeared at the door front of アングバンド to be angry and proposed single combat. He held coming down hard on グロンド and a black shield in a black armor and faced a duel. I was used to cut フィンゴルフィン seven times in molar Gosse and did falling down at the end of the tether at last in the ground, but let the left foot of the enemy wound severely by the power in last moments. Molar Gosse was going to give a dead body of the king elf to a wolf, but King Solon Dole of the eagle came flying and scratched at a face in a talon and carried away a corpse of フィンゴルフィン. The victory of molar Gosse in the war was big, but the wound that him suffered was not cured after this either.

Recapture of シルマリル

Molar Gosse still less stopped submitting an offensive to an elf and the human countries. On the other hand, it let strongest devil wolf Cal halo wait in アングバンド regularly to strengthen defense. However, in his thing that I did not see even if I thought, princess roux Shien of the elf and human brave man Belem invaded an Emperor's chair. While I was robbed of eyes by beauty of the roux Shien, molar Gosse fell asleep in the comfort of the singing voice of that woman, and one of シルマリル has been taken from a crown back by Belem. Molar Gosse who woke sent Cal halo to the pursuer, but a wolf did not return.

Near nice Al noy D ad

The Mize loss that learned of even molar Gosse not being unrivaled gained momentum and I formed the big alliance and attacked アングバンド. The molar Gosse forces were cornered at one time, but they regained it later and made victory decisive by the betrayal of the savage in the eastern provinces. I name this fight it and say "tears end colander battle" near nice Al noy D ad. All progressed as molar Gosse intended, but it was hardly possible only to arrest the toe agon which I was cautious of since he was in Amman. Therefore molar Gosse arrested toe agon and friendly human soldier フーリン and detained it during 28 years and freed you with mercy afterwards. Molar Gosse who hid by an action, and caught the location of the kingdom Gon drin of フーリン to call for in a toe agon let the base of at last this elf that there was little it fall. However, air Ren Dill equal to the grandchild of a toe agon king escaped alive safely then.

Fight of the anger

Air Ren Dill and the wife L wing which grew up arrived at Amman across the ocean and they appealed to ヴァラール for the distress of the country in the center and demanded the help. The army of the unprecedented scale made a sortie from valinol and challenged molar Gosse who was optimistic if there was not the interference from the west anymore to a decisive battle in this way. Molar Gosse met it with all military power and I spent it to a flying dragon of the ultimate weapon, but was torn at last. I am tied up with a chain of Ann fellow Nord again and am cooked, and I am driven out by the thin air of the night door over there and will continue receiving watch by air Ren Dill.

Molar Gosse was not able to make passes at Alda anymore in this way, but the kind of the evil that he sprinkled on an elf and the human heart never disappeared.

When I return than the thin air in Dagor ダゴラス and am the fight with ヴァラール and others the fight of the Alda last happening before long, and heart is gone through by Turin who came back from building of Mende and falls, I am said to be it.

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