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A younger sister work as a neighbor!

A younger sister work as a neighbor!

A younger sister work as a neighbor!
Author 森乃葉 りふ
Publishing company 一迅社
Publication magazine Comics 4 top ぱれっと
Label 4 top KINGS ぱれっと comics
Announcement June, 2012 issue -
The reel number Four foregoing volumes (as of May, 2016)
Template - notebook
Project Comics
Portal Comics

"Perform a younger sister of a neighbor!"; (phosphorus cost pitching a camp Mai) is comics work of 森乃葉 りふによる Japan. 『Comics 4 top ぱれっと』(一迅社Under the serialization which is).

Table of contents


Eto まとり which moved in to apartment Minami Zhuang. I describe scene of bloodshed within days in a reason that そのまとりに, a family name are the same more than the friend who described the life that the younger sister is with Minami Inui whom I would be called "older sister" by in a childhood friend with Tatsumi Eto whom I would be called "an older brother" by.


Main character

Tatsumi Eto (Tatsumi who obtains it, and asks it)
The boy of the free west eleventh grader living as one in Minami Zhuang Room 103. It was born in November 23. There is the direction that is afraid of an older sister. It is pestered for Eto まとりから which moved in to the neighbor, the reason called the same family name and I become able to call it and contact with "an older brother" as oneself もまとりを younger sister or a legendary younger sister and I take care in various ways and worry and show the one side like father having a pubertal daughter rather than an older brother. I do not seem to be conscious other than a chest for Minami of the childhood friend very much and do not notice approach. I like a considerable beautiful girl game.
Eto まとり (えとうまとり)
The girl of the freedom west tenth grader who moved in to neighboring Room 102 alone. It was born in January 1. I call 巽 "an older brother" for the reason called the same family name and I call Minami "older sister" for the reason of being close to 巽 and come to love it. It is the figure that is small, and is on the small side, but there are 50 grips in owners of the strong physical strength. Most of the meals settle the cooking with bag ramen with a weak point, and the yogurt which the favorite drinks in a refrigerator again is kept in large quantities. I feel lonely of the other side of the bright character, and I hate it. All the language is honorifics.
Minami Inui (sewing Minami)
The girl of the free west eleventh grader with the acquaintance looking like a family in childhood friends of 巽. Big breasts. I belong to the track and field club. I doubted 巽 とまとりの relations, but receive the relations first by having been called "older sister". I do not do the emotional display obediently, but the まとりの existence seems to be complicated a little, but I ask for Yagi Hill にまとりのことを that is a younger student of the track and field club and I worry about 巽以上 にまとりを and show the one side that seems to be an older sister because I am conscious of 巽 as the opposite sex and occasionally approach it. I lived at first in a home, but the backer of Maki comes to live as one in Room 101 that there is, too. Parents are owners of Minami Zhuang.
Maki (firewood)
The girl of the classmate of 巽 and Minami. The big breasts that father is the daughter of the businessman, and are as good as Minami. I am called "a princess" from some boy students, and the existence of bodyguards is suggested. It keeps a smile, but there are always many mysteries, too. It is the behavior proudly to read a state of mind of another person and often surprises people. I sense the thought for 巽 of Minami and work as the backer and plan to have, well, you call it with Rika and others "older sister". I keep a horse, a condor wild boar as a pet, and the name is a "cherry tree" "oak" "peony" each. I live apart from a home, and there is a contracted maid called Kurata.
Usanagi wing (rabbit wing)
The boy of the classmate of 巽 and Minami. I do a feminine figure for judgment. Study grows well and seems to have the above-mentioned special feelings toward 巽 as a close friend with methodical character. There is the remote younger sister of the year. Father is a doctor.
もこ / meal crossroads net (いいつじあみ)
The girl of the まとりの classmate. Because, as for the origin of the nickname, a head is bulky. I belong to the softball club. I see transfer してきたまとりをひと eye and come to like you and made friends, but I call 巽 with a false older brother and avoid it. It is small as well as まとり and loves cakes. If the end of a word "makes it and," it often becomes.
Yagi Sakanobori (the goat slope overcharges)
The girl of the まとりの classmate. It was もことは close friend, and existence でまとりともすぐ of the protector became friendly. I am pretty and love small children and am good at the making of cake and help cafes of the business well. I belong to the track and field club and am asked for senior のみなみからまとりのことを. Maki is hard for me to deal with. It is like the inferiority complex that the height and a chest are not so big, but it is to compare it with Minami and Maki about the latter, and, as for the good point of the style, 巽 and Minami admit, too.
Eto person tiger (I obtain it, and father is moist)
Novell writer light in older sisters of 巽. It is small and makes a color of the hair the same as the character of the work writing and wears a color contact. I dote on 巽 and go for the action that is strange to draw attention, but I annoy 巽 and receive sanctions by the use of force from Yasuko for it. I recognize it as まとりを younger sister, but always call Minami avoiding it "a cow". I was made to do odd-man-out of Miyako Miyama who was a friend of Yasuko before.
Yasuko Eto (えとうねいこ)
I do a company work in 巽 and the older sisters of the person tiger. I have character that it is serious and austere and am a memo buff or am afraid from 巽 and a person tiger, but it is flip of the deep love for 巽. But it is really severe for the person tiger. On the other hand, oneself and others is a person who has no sense of direction recognizing it together. I recognize it as まとりを younger sister and trust Minami unlike a person tiger. I make it it is from the same school as Miyako Miyama, and close to Saki Saeki who is a teacher of freedom west Senior High School.

Freedom west Senior High School

Saki Saeki (Empress)
A class teacher of the 巽 Class 5 of the second grade. I doze off in homeroom with leisurely character. I do not like the animal including a dog and the bird. It is from the same school as Yasuko and Miyako Miyama and is familiarly.
Kasai Kaede (there is a shade Kaede)
A friend of Minami and Maki. I know the love feeling of Minami and support you. Oneself has goodwill for Ono, too.
Yukawa lily (ゆかわゆり)
A friend of Minami and Maki. As well as Kaede, I support Minami. There is the place that I am apt to dream of, and I am made fun well by Kaede.
Ono (おの)
A friend of 巽. It is small and is mega. One of three fool trios on behalf of a class. An act is sent by Kaede, but does not notice.
Nakano (that)
A friend of 巽. A shaven head. It is a chef de file in one of three fool trios on behalf of a class.
Ono (おおの)
A friend of 巽. Tall. One of three fool trios on behalf of a class.
Miyako Miyama (Miyama Miyako)
A class teacher of the まとりたち Class 3 of the first grade. I have difficulty dealing with もこの action. I made it it was from the same school as Yasuko and Saki Saeki, and close and made a person tiger odd-man-out before.


Kurata (くらた)
A maid working under Maki. It is 20 years old, but does not let you feel that you are too older. I am assigned to an absurd swing of Maki and can put it together.
Usanagi ear (rabbit ear)
The younger sister of the wing. 1 year old. Very friendly.
Misaki Inui (sewing Misaki)
Mother of Minami. The big breasts of Minami are this mother concession. The character that doubts a flirtation of husband, Naofumi to hear calling it まとりがみなみのことを "older sister", and is careless.
Naofumi Inui (I am and sew it and still step)
Father of Minami. I am troubled seriously how I should cope and am upset to hear it when Minami brings 巽 in a house. It seems to be father concession that Minami cannot become positively for 巽.

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