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ロザリーン Norton

ロザリーン Norton

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ロザリーン Norton (the 1970s) of later years

ロザリーン Miriam Norton (Rosaleen Miriam "Roie" Norton, October 2, 1917 – ) is Australian artist, オカルティスト on December 5, 1979. It was belonging to a sone (Thorn, will of the splinter) and left a work. I held a ceremony of the art of witch of of the pantheism or revival paganism principles and believed in goat god pirn. The latter half student lived on the gathering place of the Bohemian in Sydney, Kings cross. Therefore she came to be called "the witch of the Kings cross" with tabloids gradually [1], and ロザリーン oneself presided over "カヴン" (will of the witches' Sabbath) there, too.

The picture which I drew of Norton had been compared with British occult artist, the Austin Ottoman spare [2], but the figure which did the what's called act that they were a lot sometimes sexual which the supernatural existence such as gods and the daemon of the paganism was described in was expressed. Therefore, in the 1940s and the 1950s when Australia conservatized socially politically, I sparked a big debate. When Christianity was dominant faith, and the government was going to just make censorship severe in those days [3]. Therefore, it was rough, and the police handled a work of ロザリーン and removed a work from the exhibition and confiscated the book which a work appeared in. In addition, I was going to prosecute ロザリーン on the charge of public indecency wherever possible.

Neville ドルーリー where I wrote her biography later wrote, "faith of the secret service of Norton, outlook on world order, all the visual arts were connected with each other closely, and and they are reflection of the unique approach for the world of the magic". She was affected by "the night side of the magic" and emphasized darkness and studied the chestnut photo and performed a hidden ritual of the nature that I learned from English オカルティスト, writing of Aleister Crowley. [4]

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1917 –1934 age

ロザリーン Norton was born in the middle of the storm that thunder roared in Dunedin, New Zealand at early-morning about 4:30. The family where I was a born believed in Ann glycan church in the family of the middle class people whom I emigrated to forward from England for several years when she was born. ロザリーン was the youngest girl of three sisters [5]. A year was it away from セシリー and Phyllis of the older sister more than ten. ロザリーン was good later and told that oneself was a born witch. In the evidence, there was it since a bunch of the meat which hung down on a pointed ear, the left knee from a blue irregularity, body was born to one's body [6]. In June, 1925, the family emigrated at the age of 8 years old herself to Sydney, Australia. A residence point is ウォルズリー town of the Rind field. I did not like an authoritative adult like mother without hating conventional things, and liking other children too much in a childhood. The relation with the vina between mother became stiff, and Albert of father who was a sailor brought the income that family could only spend comfortably, but was not always in the house [7]. There was not the economic inconvenience, but "I watch the complexion of adult in those days, and I am scolded by a parent, and ロザリーン recollects the complexion of this child and gloomy children hating it said to that I keep company every day of inquiry ったりで, meaningless シボレス later saying it is consecutive saying I was made to always get tired every day" [8]. Therefore, she was always lonely. I pitched a tent in a garden and slept there for three years without being slept in the house. I kept the spider which named ホレイティアス (refer to Horace) at the entrance of the tent and, besides, kept a cat, a lizard, a tortoise, a frog, the goat as a pet. [9]

ロザリーン is made to enter the English national church girls' school, but teachers complain that I write the pictures such as the devil or the vampire and have a bad influence on other students, and there is finally sent saying that it is destructive. I began to attend at east Sydney college of engineering [explanatory note 1] and learned art afterwards under Rayner ホーフ (English version) of the sculptor. ホーフ appreciated artistry of ロザリーン, and ロザリーン respected ホーフ very much, too. [10]

1935 –1948 age

She decided it partly because "Smith weekly" (English version) placed some horror short stories which I wrote of ロザリーン after study of the art to put up the body by the literary profession. For 1,934 years, it was a thing at the age of ロザリーン 16 years old. "The Smith weekly" gave work of the journalist probation to her and gave the work of the illustrator soon. However, consider that the picture which I drew of ロザリーン has a problem with a rest and will lose work with the magazine [11]. When mother died, I left the house of the parents' house and did the model of the picture which a painter such as Norman Lindsey (English version) drew in search of the work of the model of the artist afterwards. In addition, because I could not live only on this, I worked in the kitchen of the hospital and did a waitress and designed the toy. And I occupied one room of "a ship and the mermaid bower" which overlooked the circular key at the same time and I read the various books about the Western esoteric religion tradition (English version) and have begun to hunt. There were cabala of diabolology and the Hermetism, the book of the comparative religion in that, too. [12]

ロザリーン met a man called berets Ford コンロイ in 1935 and got married on December 14, 1940. And I went for a hitchhike trip to run through Australia in two people and performed it from Sydney to Melbourne. Furthermore, I continued a trip and went through yellowtails Ben to Cairns. Draft paper reached コンロイ when you came back to Sydney and came to have to go to New Guinea. He went to the front during World War II there, but a divorce was required by ロザリーン which, meanwhile, was made to do a barn living all the time when いざ returned. Named "メランガルー" in the locks district facing the east with a circular key in ロザリーン which the issue of divorce is finished in 1951, and at last became the bachelorhood decided to provide you, and to be accompanied, and to live in the lodging house. And I enjoyed "the cohabitation with eccentrics" to live there [13]. And I begin to look for the work representing the illustration once again and will be hired for a monthly of the freethinking of the foundation of a periodical in 1940 called "パーティネント" (Pertinent). The Leon bat of the poet edited the magazine, and the bat appreciated her work which came to gradually have the subject of the paganism. And I wrote ロザリーン, "it is by no means inferior to a continent, the United States, all British artists (Europe) at the same period". [14]

1949 –1950 age

It was about this "パーティネント" that ロザリーン Norton met a younger man called gay Vin green Leeds (English version) (Gavin Greenlees, 1930–1983). Green Leeds was born and raised in a middle-class family and brought up interest to surrealism since before having left the house. I relatively succeeded as a poet and placed a work in the newspaper such as ABC Weekly and Australia Monthly. By mid-1949, two people were congenial spirits. And I hitchhiked in two people and went to Melbourne to look for the place where I undertook the exhibition of the work of Norton. Two people displayed 46 points of works such as snugness, "world "magician Merlin" "Lucifer" "person of guide [explanatory note 2] where they stopped" at of the hidden ritual" in the low den white library of the Melbourne University so that anyone was seen [15]. However, the exhibition did not go well. And I opened, and the police came two days later and investigated the gallery. The police removed work four points "Sabbath "Lucifer" "victory" "individualization" [explanatory note 3] of Norton of the witch". It was a reason that there was an obscene suspicion these. I charged Norton oneself with interference with a government official in the execution of his duties successively. Lawyer A.L. which undertook defense for these prosecutions by the police in a court of Melbourne The Abrams wanted to be published before little that this trial was held and I pointed out a point authorized by an Australian censor and argued though a book called "the history of the-related magic" was much than a work of Mr. Norton more obscene. Norton won the case and received 4 pounds of 4 shillings as compensation money from the police station. [16]

1951 –1954 age

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  "フォハット" which caused controversy big in 1952 (Fohat)
The daemon whom the corner having a snake-formed pharos grew. , "the goat is vitality and a symbol of the imagination, and, according to one's own explanatory notes of Norton, the snake is power of nature and an everlasting symbol" [17].

The heated argument in the court of Melbourne was over, and Norton and green Leeds (two people became the relation to already love) returned to Sydney and moved into a house in 179 according to blue gum. It was famous by the name of "Kings cross" here as a red-light district at the time of in a known area. In addition, it was famous as the town where people who lived on an artist, composition, the lifestyle of so-called Bohemian such as the poet lived in. In this town, Norton gets to know many residents. One of those is Dulcy D Marr, also known as "Queen of Bohemia" (English version). She used the picture of Norton for an illustration of one's book of verse "branch (an original title: The Silver Branch) of silver". Besides, in the cafe in the Kings cross, the place to display a picture of Norton came to come out (e.g., there was a cafe "to be Arabian"). In this way, Norton became relatively famous in Kings cross. [18]

The number of visitors who were full of forthcoming curiosity gradually increased to encounter Norton and green Leeds. She decorated the wall of the house with an occult fresco. And I wrote for the placard worn to a door,, "wow, welcome to a wolf, a vampire, a witch, Wizard, a house of the poltergeist a ghost, a goblin". Two people were recognized as a local eccentric eccentric widely and even a police officer felt sympathy for their way of life and became the friend. But such police officer was only two or three people. Many human beings of the police power (English version) side did not admire their activity and performed prosecution considered to have sniped at them and began the investigation. In September, 1951, the police arrested Norton and green Leeds for vagrancy. Even anyone was able to haul in an aim in total whether this crime really ran the streets in those days if it was the person who was not lucky in a main occupation. However, the publicist [explanatory note 4] known as the name of Walter Glover (1911 –) held out a hand of the help to them and employed it as probation. After having seen the work of two people, Glover decided that I published the book which put poetry of green Leeds together to a picture of Norton. [19]

As a result, "ロザリーン Norton anthology" (an original title: The Art of Rosaleen Norton) was published in 1952. The picture which I described existence corner daemon "フォハット" where a picture and a pharos such as "black magic" "festival [explanatory note 5] of the Saturday baron" became the snake in is included in this anthology. In addition, the poetry of green Leeds is taken up in a work such as "angel "study [explanatory note 6] of the esoteric religion" of ツィッザーリ" [20]. In addition, ツィッザーリ refers to the bad dreamland of the different dimension. "The ロザリーン Norton anthology" was published with 500 copies of limited editions and became the gorgeousness that made foil push of the money on a red leather cover. However, the publication of the anthology sparked a very big debate. The police arrested Glover for the crime that produced an obscene publication. I was summoned, and Norton was made to explain the property of the work by the court. Because two work "demon kings" and "フォハット" [explanatory note 7] in the anthology were obscene, by the judgment, they were said in light of a law of Australia that they must remove these two works from all anthologies which existed. In addition, the law enforcement authority of the United States of America really took the disposal action against all introduced anthologies more strictly. The debate contributed to raising the popularity of the work of Norton, but the problem was an alane cross of Glover who went bankrupt and the binding shop. When the cross did not have possibility received payment, and it was said that, on the other hand, anything might choose one thing to like from a work of Norton, I chose "フォハット". [21]

1955 –1959 age

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  Work of Norton titled the seance

One vagrant [explanatory note 8] who suffered from disease of mind named Anna Karina Hoffman used terrible abusive language to a police officer, and 1955 was arrested. After her being a court, and stating that my life was ruined after I participated in Black Mass of the Satanism that ロザリーン Norton held, a tabloid took this up humorously. Because I did not think that it was サタニスト even if Norton was a pay queen crab strike by oneself, I denied these claims. And Norton took the opinion to be a demonolater, and the newspaper has begun to spin a suitable story from this incorrect idea from this time though Hoffman oneself admitted that one's talk was a frame-up. For example, it is the story that she performs a sacrificial ceremony at the cost of an animal. And, there is really it though I avoided that Norton kills an animal shockingly. [22]

Backed by protest of the public for the work of Norton, the police have begun to move for supporters with her again. They succeeded in hauling in the manager of the restaurant in the Kings cross named Kashmir successfully in 1955. It is that the guilt turns a work of Norton publicly and displayed it. I searched Norton and the house of green Leeds in the same year. The guilt is "to have done unnatural sexual intercourse". They obtained one piece of photograph that green Leeds of ritual clothes hit buttocks of Norton against the whip in evidence. This photograph was photographed later at a party on a birthday of Norton, and knew what I had stolen by two people of the participants of the meeting at that time, Francis ホウナー and Raymond ray jar. Two people intended to sell a photograph to "the sun" for 200 pounds. [23]

I shared time with an above-mentioned disturbance, and it was a composer of the successful British classical music, and Sir Eugene Goosen's of the leader (from 1893 to 1962) wrote a letter to Norton. He acted as a leader of Sydney symphony orchestra and Institute of New South Wales music [explanatory note 9] from 1947 and was in Australia. In addition, I was interested in the occult and read "ロザリーン Norton anthology" and made up my mind to send a letter. I invited Goosen's to the house, and Norton that received a letter deepened friendship with green Leeds. However, the Goosen's is arrested at an airport when I was going to enter from London Australia by air on March 9, 1956. When I performed a tour in Europe from the beginning of the year and I finished a tour and returned home. There was what criminal, 800 pieces of obscene photographs and masks (rubber mask) for film winding once and the ceremony which I was going to bring in corresponded to in light of Australian Customs Act Article 233 for reasons of the arrest. The Goosen's accepted the crime that I was going to bring "unchasteness of profaning it or an obscene work" into in a court, and a fine of 100 pounds was inflicted. He resigned as both Sydney symphony orchestra and Institute of New South Wales music and returned to the U.K. His international carrier was terminated in disgraceful form. The association with the Goosen's of Norton was finished, too. And the life with green Leeds collapsed just after that, too. This is because green Leeds was admitted to the Caron park Hospital by schizophrenia. Norton went for a meeting well to green Leeds and continued supporting him. Return is permitted him temporarily in 1964, but I suffer from an attack of schizophrenia and am going to suppress Norton with a knife ahead of rehospitalization. It was about 1983 that permission to be allowed to leave the hospital constantly was given to green Leeds, and approximately four years have been already over after Norton died. [24]

1960 –1979 age

1950年代終盤にはノートンを取り囲むタブロイド紙の注目がいっそう強まってしまったため、キングス・クロスにやってきて彼女を探そうとする観光客すら出るようになった。当時、ニューサウスウェールズにおいては、未だに魔女術ウィッチクラフト)が違法であった[注釈 10]。このような法的環境にも関わらず、ノートンは開けっぴろげに自分は魔女だと宣言した。彼女は、自分の信念は汎神論にあるのだということを強調しながら、自分の信仰を説明しようとした。描いた絵を売る傍ら、収入の足しにするため魔女術を使い、お守りを作ったり人々のためにまじないを行ったりした。[25]


ノートンは1979年にシドニー、ダーリングハーストにある、セイクリッド・ハート・ホスピスで、大腸癌のため亡くなった。亡くなるときもパーンへの信仰を保持しており、死ぬまでペイガンであった。いまわの際に「わたしはこの世界に勇気をもって生まれて来たわ。出て行くときも潔く行くわ」("I came into the world bravely; I'll go out bravely.")と言ったと伝えられる[要出典]。ノートンが亡くなった時以来、彼女に捧げるプラークが、キングス・クロスのダーリングハースト通りに埋め込まれている。



1982年12月には、シドニーのサリー・ヒルズ英語版にあるトム・マン・シアターで『ロザリーン - クロスの邪悪な魔女』というタイトルの演劇が行われた。劇中の登場人物としてノートン、グラヴァー、グリーンリーズ、牧羊神がそれぞれ役者により演じられた。観客席の中には、存命していたウォルター・グラヴァー本人とゲイヴィン・グリーンリーズ本人もいた。ただし、グラヴァーに招待されて観劇したネヴィル・ドルーリーによると「演劇それ自体は、素人芝居のよくないところが多々あり、納得のいかない演技だったし、会心の成功と呼べるものではなかった」という。[28]

1988年には人類学者のネヴィル・ドルーリーにより『牧羊神の娘:ロザリーン・ノートンの奇妙な世界』(原題: Pan's Daughter: The Strange World of Rosaleen Norton. )と題されたノートンの伝記が刊行された。ドルーリーは、魔女術や魔術を主題にした本を数多く出版している人物である。伝記はのちに『キングス・クロスの魔女』という題で再版された。さらに「大幅加筆して実質的に再執筆」して、『牧羊神礼賛:ロザリーン・ノートンの生涯・作品・性魔術』(原題: Homage to Pan: The Life, Art and Sex-Magic of Rosaleen Norton )が2009年に出版された[29]。ドルーリー自身は一度だけ彼女に面会する機会があった。1997年に彼女のアパートを訪ねた折には、彼女は既に半分世捨て人のような生活を送っていた。[30]

2000年には、オーストラリア東方聖堂騎士団のキース・リッチモンドとバリー・ヘイルといった数多くの熱狂的なファンによりオーガナイズされたノートン絵画の展覧会がキングス・クロスで開かれた。この展覧会に伴って、『ロザリーン・ノートンのオカルト的幻視』(原題: The Occult Visions of Rosaleen Norton )というフルカラーのカタログが出版された。

2009年にはテイタン・プレスが、ノートンの書いた詩(ユーモラスなものが多い)と回想録、オカルト的な書き付けを集めて、オーストラリアのノートン研究家、キース・リッチモンドによる序文を加え、『肉体の中の棘:悪夢の回顧録』(原題: Thorn in the Flesh: A Grim-memoir )として出版した。この本には、ノートンを写した美しい写真が2枚載っている。また、1頁に6枚の体裁で彼女の作品を、多くはカラーで、数頁にわたって紹介している。[31]



ノートンの宗教的信条は独特のものである。彼女は、自己流に解釈した新異教主義的魔女術(ネオペイガンウィッチクラフト)を次第に発展させて、一つの流派を作った。イギリスの魔女ドリーン・ヴァリエンテ英語版によれば、それは「山羊の群れ、"The Goat Fold"」と呼ばれる。[33]



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